Their Love Story [OneShot]

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I want to go back,
to the way we used to be.
I want to feel your skin,
your lips so close to me.
I want to go back when,
I called you mine all the time.

I need you like the air I breathe,
you make me feel alive.
You’re the best part
of my everyday and every night.
If I could take it all back…



They’ve enjoyed a wonderful relationship for so long, but it only gone to waste. For a while, a long while Rena tried to stay away from her. “For their own benefits”. But couldn’t afford to do that. Something in her just draws back to Jurina. No matter what bad has come between them, she was always drawn to the other Matsui. It’s baffling and Rena have never quite been able to put a finger on it.

If they happened to pass…

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[Atsuko_love’s Fanfic] The Ultimatum – Chapter 14

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Chapter 14 : The History Of Team Taka – The Mysterious Black Button

Yuki let out a loud breath as she stood there motionless with a blindfold over her eyes. Slowly, she reached for her Judgement and activated a scythe. “Ready.”

Soon after, a loud bang was heard as a sniper bullet pierced through the air heading straight towards her face. Hearing the gunshot, Yuki immediately knew the direction that the bullet came from. She tilted her whole body gracefully, dodging the bullet before swinging her scythe. The tip of the scythe blade glided accurately on the bullet, slowing it down and manage to direct it to the ground. Already knowing the direction the bullet came from, Yuki dashed towards it. The sniper released a few more shots but the young lady still managed to deflect them successfully despite having a blindfold on. The next second, she had the tip of the scythe touching the sniper’s neck. She let out a smile and greeted the sniper. “I found you~”

Yuki just managed to locate a sniper who was few hundred meters away and deflected every single bullet while having a blindfold on. Immediately, Takamina came from the top and swung down her sword at her. Without even removing her blindfold, Yuki lifted her scythe up to defend against the slash. The strength used was monstrous as it made Yuki got down on one knee. She then defleceted it away and Takamina hopped back. “Not bad, kid.”
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ANGEL of Mine [JuriMayu]

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There was something inside of you.

Something I thought that I would never find.

Angel of mine…

I look at you, lookin’ at me.

Now I know why they say, the best things are free.

I’m gonna love you, girl you are so fine…

But Matsui Jurina was not as lucky as they are, when she was born. Sadly, she was raise in a poor family and had three older brothers to boot. Indeed, they were a source of comfort; when one would beat her up, Jurina would always have another shoulder to turn to.

Her parents barely had money for food, much less for education or anything else like that. However, she grew up fine, and quite healthy, if she may say so herself.

And thinking about that, she must put her god givin’ talents to good use. Jurina could run really fast, so she had to apply them…

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[Atsuko_love’s Fanfic] The Ultimatum – Chapter 13

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Chapter 13 : The History Of Team Taka – The Birth of the Strongest Team

Yuki slid open the door as everyone in the room stopped what they were currently doing and started back at the newcomer. ”…..”

“A new student!” Rena shouted and pointed.

“…..” Yuki was really shy since everyone was staring at her and wanted to escape but there was pretty much nowhere else to go. So she just walked slowly with her head down, towards an empty seat beside Rena.

“Hey! You look really young! What’s your name? How old are you?” Rena immediately bombarded Yuki with questions.

Yuki shyly nodded. “My name is Kashiwagi Yuki. 7 years old. Please take care of me.”

“Oh~ 6 years difference.. I’m Matsui Rena. 13 years old.” The raven haired girl introduced.

“Rena senpai..” Yuki nodded her head a little in respect.
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[Atsuko_love’s Fanfic] The Ultimatum – Chapter 12

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Chapter 12 : The History Of Team Taka – The Child Prodigy

“Hiyaah!!” Takamina swung her right leg with full force, slamming onto the instructor’s kick pad hard. It was a really strong kick for a 12 year old girl. The impact literally made the instructor took a few steps back. If the kick pad wasn’t there, the instructor would have been heavily injured by that kick.

“Alright. Let’s call it a day.” The instructor smiled back at the young girl as she bowed. “You’re really strong for a twelve year old girl aren’t you?”

“I have to be.. My dad always told me that if I have a strong body, I won’t die.. I don’t want to die.”

“Yes, of course.. You’re a very strong girl, Takamina.. You’re a true prodigy in fighting. You can even take down a full grown adult at this age. But having so many classes will burden your own body.. I mean you have about three martial arts classes altogether?”
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[Atsuko_love’s Fanfic] The Ultimatum – Chapter 11

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Chapter 11 : The Cyber Four

“It’s been two days since Yuki and Paru left. Still no signs of them..” Mariko said as she looked out the window. “I already told her to bring few people with her to help find Paru, but she just had to be so stubborn, insisting on going alone..”

“That kid… She never listens..” A lady standing in front of Mariko’s desk sounded. “So what’re you gonna do about this matter?”

“I still have to take care of all the reports about that Spectre wearing a Legion cloak, commiting crimes. Now the media really thinks it’s one of us.. I need to clarify this matter with them before it goes out of hand.”

“Don’t worry too much about it. They’ll know the truth sooner or later..”

“Now back to Yuki. She usually doesn’t take this long to find someone. Something must have happened.” Mariko turned around to face the lady. “I want you to find her. If anything goes wrong, report straight back to me. Got it, Katayama?”

“Got it.” Katayama smirked. “I brought her back once, and I’ll bring her back again..”

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[Atsuko_love’s Fanfic] The Ultimatum – Chapter 10

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Chapter 10 : Reunion

Paru clicked on the mic button on the drone. “Are we there yet?”

“A few more kilometers.” Mayu said as she detected Takamina in her radar within her head.

As Paru brushed Romeo’s fur, he twitched and whimpered. “*whimper*”

“Hey, Mayu. Do you have a medicine or something for Romeo? He’s seem to be in pain.” Paru voiced out.

“Nope.” was all Mayu said. Her tone doesn’t even seem interested in curing Romeo at all.

“You can heal Yuki sensei’s leg but not an unconscious dog?” Paru raised her voice.

“….” Mayu merely ignored Paru and continued flying.

“Hey, heal him!” Paru shouted.

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