[Louise-sama] Babysitting (MariHaru OS)


Sets after Tasty and Thin WallsPlain Ceiling series, Mariko and Haruna (who is now married to Yuko) wonder why their relationship ended while babysitting Jurina’s and Mayu’s daughter.

“Hi, Aunt Mariko-sama.”

Mariko slowly opened her eyes when she heard Louise’s voice.

“You were supposed to be looking out for her.”

“I was watching her, Haruna,” Mariko sighed.

“She scratched Yuko’s car with a bottle cap.”

“Really? Good job, Louise-chan.”

Mariko commends and raises a hand for a high-five to which the little girl proudly hit with her own.

“Honestly, why do they always leave this poor little girl in your care.”

Haruna feels her hand being tucked and looked down on to see the girl shaking her head in protest.

“Mariko is the best babysitter in the world.”

“Listen to her,” Mariko taunts while pointing at her niece proudly, “she knows what she’s talking about.”

Louise tries to pull her tiny arm free from Haruna’s grasp. After a few attempts, Haruna lets her go. The little girl hops on her Aunt Mariko and gives her a hug.

Mariko glances at Haruna’s pouting face and snickered.

“Oh, don’t be offended, Haruna,” she says, “I’m sure she likes you too.”

“You should really act like your age, Mariko.”

Mariko shakes her head.

“Why so serious? Seriously, you’ve become such a cranky old lady after marrying Yuko,” the older woman teases, “you were never like that when we were still dating.”

Haruna rolls her eyes and Mariko takes this as a victory.

“I’m serious,” Haruna growls.

“Aren’t you tired of being the mean auntie here?”


“You’re mean. This is why Louise-chan doesn’t want you watching her.”

“I’m not.”

“Louise-chan, do you think Aunt Haruna is mean?”

“Oh, good grief,” Haruna sighs at her ex-girlfriend’s immaturity.

Meanwhile, the little girl stares at her Aunt Haruna and back to her Aunt Mariko. She holds her chin while analyzing the situation like a well-functional adult to which the two women found cute. Suddenly, her eyes lit up and frown at her Aunt Haruna.

“A little.”

“Told ya,” Mariko mocks triumphantly, “it’s Mayu’s and Jurina’s roles to be the mean ones as parents. Chill.”

Haruna scoffs in annoyance but kept a calm face.

“Your babysitting skills will get your niece killed, one day.”

Mariko rolls her eyes and stands up from the couch where her niece is sitting.

“Oh my god, you’re no fun today. What’s wrong with you?”

“Nothing,” Haruna reacts, “and I beg to differ. I’m fun.”

“Do you believe her, Louise-chan?”

Louise turns to her Aunt Mariko and her face drops.

“Aunt Haruna is…boring.”

Mariko couldn’t stop herself from laughing. Louise smiled but seems unaware of what is funny.

Meanwhile, Haruna is already prepared to smack someone in the head.

“You should spend the rest of your day with us,” Mariko offers with a genuine smile, “We’ll show you how we have fun, right Louise-chan?”

“Yes, Aunt Haruna. Mariko-sama is really fun.”

Mariko is pleased with her niece’s comment and carried her in the air. Louise’s innocent giggles filled the living room and somehow, Haruna remembers how Mariko also held her up in the air before.

“I know,” whispers to herself.

Haruna didn’t know that Mariko heard her remark and also unaware that it made the older girl blush. Mariko brought Louise down on the floor beside Haruna.

“Alright, you guys wait for me outside while I get the car,” Mariko instructs. Louise jumped in excitement and pulled her Aunt to the door. Haruna almost tripped at the little girl’s unexpected speed.

Mariko could only smile at the cute sight.

Louise climbs to the backseat of the car and wears the seatbelt. Haruna is about to accompany the little girl in the back but a hand stops her.

“You’re sitting beside me,” Mariko orders.

There was something in Mariko’s voice that made Haruna blush. She shifts uncomfortably in the passenger seat. This is the first time she’s going to sit beside Mariko in the car since she married Yuko and somehow it feels weird.

Mariko notices the discomfort in Haruna but continues to drive despite her own nervousness. There was a rule when they were still dating that whenever Mariko drives, Haruna should sit on the passenger seat even if they’re fighting. Mariko wonders if this is still okay since Haruna is now married to Yuko but judging from the occasional glances that Haruna is giving her, Mariko feels that it still is.

The two adults snapped back to reality when Louise started talking from the back.

“Where are we going, Mariko-sama?”

“We’re going to buy you clothes.”

“Ohhh,” Louise took a moment to digest what it means, “shoppiiing.”

“Yes, Louise-chan, shopping,” Mariko affirms and both of them laughed as if there’s a code between them that Haruna doesn’t understand.

Inside the clothing store, the three girls marveled at the new clothes on display. The three of them share a love of clothes so Mariko thinks that it is a good idea to take them here after all.

“What do you want, Louise-chan? Do you want to look kakkoi or do you want to be pretty?” Mariko asks.

“Hmmm,” Louise thinks for a second, “I wanna be pretty like Aunt Haruna.”

“Oh,” Haruna says with a blush on her cheeks, “thank you, Louise-chan.”

“Your Aunt Haruna is really pretty, huh,” Mariko remarks.

Haruna blushed just a shade deeper because—of course—Yuko had told her that countless times. But to think that it came from an ex-girlfriend who never stopped loving you after all these years, who wouldn’t blush.

“Cool is nice too though,” Louise contemplates.

“You can be both,” Haruna advises, “like your Mariko-sama.”

Haruna glances at Mariko who was already staring at her with a flush on her face.

Louise looked at the two women and wonders what’s with their sudden exchange of compliments.

“Why don’t you pick clothes that you like and we’ll help you decide?” Mariko suggests.

“I can do that,” the little girls answers and hopped to one of the many racks that she plans on exploring.

The adults watch their niece in amusement. Mariko stares at Haruna in an attempt to ask her what went wrong in their relationship. They were doing so well before that it’s impossible for Mariko to accept that she let such a wonderful woman like Haruna go.

Haruna is still staring at Louise in awe, half-aware that Mariko is practically boring her eyes to hers. She doesn’t turn around because she doesn’t know how to properly tell Mariko that it’s Mariko’s fault for not running after her when they had the worst fight of their relationship. Haruna thinks she’s wrong too for keeping her pride and never coming back. Too bad she only realized this now that she’s married to someone else.

“She’s cute, huh,” Mariko breaks the ice.


“One day, you’ll raise your own daughter too.”

Haruna pauses at the thought.


She remembers the day she brainstormed a baby name with Mariko when they were still together. Mariko sounded as excited as her.

“I’m sure she’ll look as pretty as you,” Mariko says.

Haruna finally looks at her and smiles. Mariko never thought she could fall in love with the same woman twice.

On the ride home, Louise fell asleep at the back seat. Haruna still sat beside Mariko, enjoying the comfortable silence and the remaining time that she get to be with her.

“Did you have fun?”

Mariko asks.

“Yeah,” Haruna admits, “You’re always fun to be with.”

Mariko seems content with the answer and focuses on the road. She has so much fun too.

“Haruna,” she starts to Haruna hummed in response, “You’re always fun to be with too.”

Haruna smiles at her sweetly and took out her phone from the bag on her lap. Mariko doesn’t realize what she was doing until the camera flashed across her face.

“Selfie?! Really?! You’re going to get us killed!” Mariko freaks out but Haruna just laughs at her.

“It was a good shot though. Give me your phone,” Haruna says.


“I’ll send it to you.”

Mariko blushes a little and motions to the dashboard. Haruna picks up the phone prepared to send the file. Upon opening the screen, she sees Mariko’s wallpaper and she blushes of way deeper shade than she did today.

Mariko confirms that Haruna finally saw her wallpaper of Haruna and her in swimwear at Haruna’s silence. She wishes she could see Haruna’s reaction though.

“Did you send it?” Mariko says, pretending to be unfazed.

“Y-yeah, hold on a sec,” Haruna lies and sent the pictures from her phone. After sending the images, she placed the phone back on the dashboard.

“If you’re wondering why it has to be us in swimwear, I just don’t have pictures of us in my phone anymore,” Mariko says defensively.

“I-I sent you something of better quality,” Haruna stutters, “the one on your phone is a little unflattering.”

Both of them blush and focus their eyes on the road.

They dropped off the sleeping girl in Jurina’s and Mayu’s house first before driving to Yuko’s. When they reached the gate, nobody was talking or moving a muscle, for that matter. And it’s okay because they love each other’s company.

Haruna was the one who broke the silence when she said,

“I hope we could do this again.”

Mariko beams at this and nods.

Yuko appears and opens the door for Haruna. The small woman hugs her wife as soon as Haruna lands to her feet.

“Thanks for driving her home, Mariko,” Yuko waves at her.

“Sorry for borrowing your wife,” Mariko yells from her car.

“No problem,” Yuko shakes her head, “but if you laid your dirty fingers on her, I’m going to kill you!” Yuko screams with a middle finger.

The three of them laughed and Mariko drove back to her place.

Upon reaching her room, she opened her phone and searched for the pictures Haruna had sent. What Mariko thought was an innocent image was actually Haruna on her stomach wearing nothing but sunglasses and sand.

Mariko didn’t get to sleep that night.


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