[Atsuko_love’s Fanfic] The Ultimatum – Chapter 18

Chapter 18 : Goodbye Dear Friend

Takamina remained kneeling in front of Romeo’s dead body. He was still laying on top of the patch of dirt in front of a tombstone made for him. His body was a little out of shape as the ribs were completely broken into tiny pieces by Sayanee. Takamina still hadn’t gathered enough courage to bury her dear companion yet.

Seeing Takamina kneeling there motionless, Atsuko sighed. “You’ve been kneeling here for about an hour, Minami.. It’s time to bury him.”

“Just give me a few more minutes! Don’t rush me.” Takamina obviously wasn’t ready to bid Romeo goodbye just yet.

Rena too knelt beside Romeo’s dead body. But of course she wasn’t just kneeling there motionless like Takamina. She was poking Romeo again and again.

“Leave Romeo alone, Rena.”

“……” Not fully understanding Takamina’s words, Rena continued tracing her fingers on Romeo. “Doggy….”

“Rena, I’m not going to repeat again. Don’t touch him.” Takamina raised her voice this time.

That time, Rena removed her finger from Romeo but her finger was covered with Romeo’s blood. Tilting her head a little, she brought the blood covered finger towards her mouth slowly. “Blood…..”

That action alerted Takamina right away. She immediately got up and dragged Rena away by the back of her collar and slammed her onto the wall hard before screaming loudly inches away from her face. “DON’T YOU DARE PUT THAT FINGER IN YOUR MOUTH, RENA! DON’T YOU FUCKING DARE DO IT! I’M NOT GOING TO FORGIVE YOU IF YOU PUT HIS BLOOD IN YOUR MOUTH! HE DIED FOR YOU, DAMN IT! DON’T YOU DARE DISGRACE HIM LIKE THAT!!”

Rena’s whole body trembled in fear looking at Takamina acting like this. Despite being a mindless monster, her mental state was no different than of a 2 year old girl. Being scolded badly by one of the two person she recognized was a little too much and terrifying for her brain to accept and process. And it happened. As her whole body trembled, a wet patch started to form on Rena’s pants at the groin area.

Yuki was the first to notice the wet spot between Rena’s legs. She immediately dragged Takamina away from Rena who was obviously scared off her wits right now. “STOP, SENSEI! SHE’S AFRAID!”

Atsuko too noticed the wet spot on Rena’s pants and glared back at Takamina. “Stop it, Minami! She’s literally frightened right now! Can’t you see!?”

That was when Takamina’s eyes shifted down towards Rena’s groin area and saw that Rena had wet her pants out of tremendous fear. Her whole body was still trembling hard as her legs loose strength and slowly fall onto the ground. Atsuko was there holding Rena in her arms tightly. Takamina then calmed down and nudged Yuki away. “….”

Atsuko continued. “I understand you’re upset, Minami.. I’m upset too. Yuki is upset too. Romeo had been with us for almost 15 years.. But you can’t let it out on Rena like that! She doesn’t know what she’s doing!”

Rena then slowly squirmed out of Atsuko’s grip and crawled into the corner of a large stone and continued trembling there. “….”

“….” Takamina sighed and walked over towards Rena. “I’m sorry, Rena.. I’m really not in the best of moods to entertain you right now.. I hope you understand what I’m saying.”

Hearing Takamina’s apology, Rena slowly turned her head and looked back at Takamina. “Un………der….standdd……..” She then pointed at Romeo. “Doggy…..die….”

“…..” Takamina was a little heartbroken when Rena said it. She then continued. “Do you remember who that doggy was?”

Softly, Rena nodded her head and opened her mouth. “Do….ggy…..Ro……Ro……meo……”

“She remembers…” Atsuko looked at Takamina.

“Do you wanna say goodbye to Romeo?” Takamina asked as she held out one hand to Rena.

Once again, Rena nodded slowly and grabbed Takamina’s hand. As Takamina led Rena towards Romeo, Rena sat down beside him and brushed his fur slowly. “Ro…meo…..good…..doggy……”

After Yuki and Atsuko bid farewell to Romeo, it was Takamina’s turn. She knelt right in front of Romeo’s body and stared at him for a long time.

“Thanks for sticking around all these years, Romeo..” Takamina thanked her companion as she traced the back of her fingers on his face. “You were by far the bravest Reaper I have ever seen.. Forgive me if my incompetent self failed to take good care of you for all these years.

“Minami…” This was one of the rare moments of Takamina. Even Yuki and Atsuko rarely saw this soft and compassionate side of her.

“See you, buddy…” Takamina brushed Romeo’s fur for the last time and slowly placed his body inside the small hole and covered it up with dirt. Romeo would officially be the first body among her family members that she buried. He was placed beside Juliet’s tombstone.

As Takamina stood back up, Atsuko placed an arm around Takamina’s shoulder. “You know, Minami… You can cry it out if you want..”

Takamina then looked at Atsuko and removed her arm before replying with a straight face. “I’m not going to cry, Atsuko. I’ve already abandoned my tears for more than 15 years. I swore never to cry again. I’m not going to let anything bring it back, even if it’s Romeo’s death.”

Despite saying that, Yuki and Atsuko could see the sadness in Takamina’s eyes. Yuki wanted to give Takamina a hug but she knew Takamina would never want it so she kept it to herself for now. “…”

“It’s already night time. We should get some rest for tonight, then figure out what’s next when we wake up tomorrow..”

“Alright.” Atsuko nodded and continued. “You should take a rest.. I need to find Jurina.. She’s still out there somewhere..”

“Don’t look too hard. If you’re not back within two hours, I’m gonna look for you.” Takamina said as Atsuko made her way out of the cave.

It’s almost two hours since Atsuko left, Rena was still hyperactive and rolling around the bonfire. As expected, Takamina couldn’t sleep at all. She sat just right at the entrance of the cave and staring up at the bright moonlight alone but not for long. Yuki who noticed Takamina sitting there alone walked towards her and sat beside. “Sensei..”

Without even looking at Yuki’s face, Takamina started. “If you’re gonna ask how am I doing right now then you can go back to sleep. I’m fine.”

“No you’re not.” It didn’t even take one second for Yuki to answer. “Why are you lying straight at my face when I know exactly that you’re not the least bit fine?”

Takamina then looked at Yuki. “Even if I’m not fine, I don’t need any comfort from you.”

“Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not going to comfort you.” Yuki shrugged. “I just wanna sit here.”

“How about you sit somewhere else? This is such a huge area.” Takamina stated.

“I already planned to sit on this very spot since earlier.. Maybe you’re the one who needs to sit somewhere else.”

“Tch-” Takamina immediately stood up and sat a few feet away.

As expected, Yuki stood up and sat down beside Takamina once again. “…”

Yuki was replied with Takamina’s glare. “Don’t get on my nerves right now, Yuki. I’m not in the mood at all.”

“I’m not getting on anybody’s nerves. I just want to sit here..”

“….” Takamina shook her head as she tilted her head up to the sky again.

Yuki too followed suit. The both of them remained silent for a period of time before Yuki started a conversation once again. “Truthfully……how do you feel right now?”


“Hm. Knew it.” Yuki nodded.

“I’m still not going to let this stop me from moving forward… I’m going to kill that Sayanee one day..”

“Well, she definitely knew the best option to break your spirit by not letting you avenge for Romeo..”

Takamina raised her brow. “Best option? You mean worst mistake.”

“You miss him don’t you?”

“…..” Takamina remained silent.

“Me too.. But of course you missed him more.. He likes sticking to you all the time no matter what I tried.” Yuki smiled a little.

“Romeo’s a strong dog.” Takamina then shot a side eye at Yuki. “Of course he’d stick to the strong one.”

Yuki laughed a little. “Yes, of course.. I still remember that time when I accidentally slid down the cliff and dragged Romeo down with me. I was really injured and yet you punished me to 1000 push ups just because Romeo got a few scratches from the fall..”

Takamina turned her head and squinted her eyes at Yuki. “You dragged him down. It doesn’t matter if you were injured or not. You deserved that punishment.”

Yuki giggled. “And Romeo was sitting by my side the whole time during the punishment.. He probably felt guilty that I was punished by you.”

“Wrong. He was there because I told him to keep an eye on you just in case you stop to rest mid way.”

“Don’t destroy my dream. Can I at least have my own fantasy on how Romeo actually cares for me that time?” Yuki rolled her eyes.

“Fantasy huh?” Takamina looked up to the sky once again. “Now it’s just a memory.”

“Not just a memory, sensei. A happy memory. It’s already carved deep within us. So you could say he never left… He died protecting Rena despite lacking in human skills.. And I think that’s the most honorable way of leaving this world.. And I will make sure that Sayanee will pay for what she did.” Yuki assured before chuckling a little. “Romeo’s a lucky dog, having so many people fighting for his sake.”

“Yeah…. You know what, I’m not going to continue talking about this.” Takamina nodded and stood up. “It’s been two hours. Atsuko isn’t back yet.. I’m gonna go find her.”

“Without me?” Yuki asked.

“Yes, without you. Go back to Legion or whereever you want to go.”

“Alright then.” Yuki too stood up. “Let’s go find Atsuko sensei together.”

“You’re not a very good listener, aren’t you?”

“You said I could go whereever I want to. And right now I want to go find Atsuko sensei. What coincidence that you wanted to find her too.. Since we’re going to the same place, I’ll get Rena and we’ll find her together. Then we’ll get Paru and Mayu back.”

“I understand for Paru.. But that Cyber friend of yours?”

“You saw what Paru could do.. If she could somehow control her powers, she could be a great ally in defeating the Spectres and Cybers. And Mayu is the only one who is smart enough to understand Paru’s powers in depth. I need her.”

“Fair enough.” With Yuki and Takamina’s bond slowly restoring once again, they head off to find Atsuko.

Paru slowly opened her eyes and found out that she was in a dark and gritty place. Her sight was still hazy, but she could see a silhoutte standing in front of her, leaning on the wall. As her sight became clearer, the silhoutte standing before her turned out to be none other than Katsuzetsu. When she tried to move, she found out that she was chained onto the wall in a dungeon-like place.

“Hey, let me out of here!” Paru started shouting at Katsuzetsu.

“……” Katsuzetsu ignored Paru’s request as she looked upon the chained girl silently.

“I said let me out!” Paru retaliated. “Let me out!!!”

Instead, Katsuzetsu took out a piece of lollipop from her pocket and pointed it at Paru’s face. “Lollipop?”

“You want to poison me with that thing?” Paru flinched her head away and screamed right at Katsuzetsu’s face. “Get that out of my face!”

Katsuzetsu then stood back up and shook her head a little. “You really are a loud one aren’t you?”

“Shut up!” Paru continued screaming. “I don’t need you to teach me how to live my life! I’ll raise my voice however I want! You Spectres have no power over me! You were just lucky that time when you fought Yuki sensei.. She could have wrecked you easily!”

Katsuzetsu smiled a little. “That’s where you’re wrong.. You see, Yuki is a great fighter. I’m not going to deny that.. But she’s not powerful enough to protect you.. The fact that I managed to grab you fom under her nose proved that fact.. Her time as your guardian is over.. You’re under MY protection now.”

Paru raised her brows sarcastically from Katsuzetsu’s weird statement. “And I’m supposed to feel safe under your protection?”

“Well, in fact I don’t even need to be taking care of you. You’re a big girl now, Paru. You can protect yourself from now on. You don’t have to depend on them anymore.”

“What, so you’re asking me to depend on you Spectres instead? Please.. I’d rather depend on them for the rest of my life than to depend on you monsters..”

Katsuzetsu then continued. “I saved you from the hands of the Cybers.”

“Excuse me?” Paru was unamused. She wasn’t ready to believe the words of a Spectre. “So you, a Spectre, are saying that you protected me from the Cybers after kidnapping me from the humans? Nice try but I’m not buying it..”

Katsuzetsu then leaned back and smirked a little. “Believe what you want. I’m not even going to force you.. But one thing I’m sure you would believe.. That you are far more powerful than you can ever imagine.. Which is why you are wanted by all sides..”

Paru’s eyes widened a little. “Wait.. You know what’s going on with me?”

“Have you ever done something that no common teenager could do? Like knowing how to control a drone only seconds after seeing it for the first time?” Katsuzetsu then stopped and looked into Paru’s eyes for a moment. “Or carving out an exact replica of a diamond necklace from pure glass and metal? A little too complex even for an elite Reaper to accomplish, don’t you think so?”

“I never really thought about-” That was when Paru realized something was very weird and frowned back at her. “Wait a minute… How did you know about the drones and the diamond necklace?”

Katsuzetsu smirked as she rolled her lollipop in her mouth and tilted her head. “I wonder..”

“Please tell me! You know something about me!”

“I will..” Katsuzetsu then continued. “But first I need to know whose side are you on.”

“What!? I don’t even have to answer for that! You know very well whose s-”

“Then that’s all you shall know for now..” Katsuzetsu then turned around and slowly walked towards the exit.

“Wait, at least answer me something!” Paru called out. “If both Cybers and Spectres wanted me alive… Then why was my name listed in the Cleansing plan? Isn’t this Cleansing plan made by both Spectres and Cybers? My name being inside the list shows that I am wanted dead.. And because of this, I almost got killed once by Jurina.. I’m confused..”

“Good question..” That was when Katsuzetsu smiled a little. “Why, I wonder…”

“Just tell me already! You know the answer!”

“The less you know, the better.. Besides, your curiosity will keep you around…. And oh yeah… Before I forget..” Katsuzetsu then turned her head back. “Happy 18th birthday.”

“H-Huh?” Paru blinked back at her with a confused expression. “How did you… Wait, who are you!? How do you know so much about me!?”

“So many questions, so little time… I’ll see you around, little girl.” Katsuzetsu shot a wink before making her way out of the dungeon once again.

“Hey, wait! Wait!”

“Ah, yes before I forget… Just on a personal note.. If I were you… I’d stay away from Legion..”

“Why would I stay away? Come back! Hey!!” Paru was ignored completely as Katsuzetsu walked up the stairs.

As Katsuzetsu was walking out of the dungeon, she met with Sayanee who was walking towards the dungeon. As Sayanee walked past her, she stopped in her tracks. “She’s awake. I’ve already checked on her.”

“Good for you that you checked on her.. But I haven’t.” Without even stopping in her tracks, Sayanee continued making her way down the steps into the dungeon. Katsuzetsu had a bad intuition of what Sayanee will do down there but she just tried her best to brush it off.

Paru was then alerted by some footsteps entering the dungeon once again. She hoped the footsteps belonged to Katsuzetsu but to her dismay, it turned out to be Sayanee. “Oh.. It’s you….”

“You look like you were anticipating someone else..” Sayanee said as she stood in front of the chained girl. “Disappointed?”

“I’m not going to talk to anyone other than Katsuzetsu..” Paru looked away.

“Are you sure you have nothing to say?” Sayanee asked once again.

“…..” As Paru said, she wasn’t gonna have a conversation with anybody other than Katsuzetsu right now. She wasn’t even looking at Sayanee at all. She was just looking at the ground silently.

“Really nothing to say?”

“……” Once again, Paru replied with silence.

“Hmm….” Sayanee suddenly raised her right boot and stomped it hard on the wall right beside Paru’s head, causing the whole dungeon to shake for a moment and startling the chained girl. “Take a look at my boot and then tell me if you have something to say.”

Unwillingly, Paru slowly rolled her eyes towards Sayanee’s boot which was inched away from her face. Something on the boot caught her attention. There was a patch of blood on it. Still not understanding what message Sayanee was trying to convey, Paru remained silent. “….”

“I believe you have a dog as a companion?” Sayanee smirked a little while she asked this question.

That was when Paru realized that Sayanee was trying to tell her that the blood on her boot belonged to Romeo. Her eyes widened in shock from the sentence. “No…. You couldn’t have…” Her eyes shifted towards Sayanee’s eyes this time as she glared angrily at the Spectre. “What did you do to Romeo?”

“So Romeo was his name, huh?” Sayanee smirked and placed her foot back on the ground. “Silly little dog don’t you think so? He think he could take me on..”

“You…..couldn’t have..” Paru’s breathing got harder as if she was finding difficulty to breathe.

“Would you like to know how I killed him?” Sayanee leaned in and whispered softly. “I broke every single bone in his body.”

“No you didn’t……” Paru’s heartbeat got faster. “NO YOU DIDN’T!!”

“He didn’t even get the chance to whimper for the last time..”

“No! Stop! Stop it! I don’t want to hear any of this! I don’t want to hear anymore!!” Paru covered her ears and screamed.

Sayanee provoked even further. “I wonder if he even felt any pain when I kicked him so hard.. Did he die right away or did he live for a few more seconds..”

“STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” To Sayanee’s surprise, Paru released a very powerful force from her body blowing away the torches within the dungeon and pushing Sayanee back a few feet. As soon as the force was released, Paru started coughing out a lot of blood and felt like choking.

Seeing the side effects of Paru activating her powers, Sayanee smirked a little and stood in front of her once again. “Better think twice the next time you use this power, girl. Chances are, the next one will be your last. Make good use of your powers while you still have them.” She then shoved Paru onto the wall hard as she fell back onto the ground and continued coughing blood out.

“I WILL *cough* I WILL KILL YOU!!” Paru forced the words out of her bloody mouth.

Sayanee chuckled. “I heard this sentence more than a hundred times before.. And I’m still waiting for the day it actually happens. Stick around. The Omega will be back soon..”

The main door of the halls opened to reveal the four Cyber Commanders along with Mayu who was trapped within a plasma shield. As they walked further front, they were greeted by the sight of the ever elegant Nao sitting on her throne.

“Mayu Mayu….” Nao shook her head she looked upon Mayu’s condition.

Kawaei told. “We were interfered by….”

Before Kawaei could get the chance to finish her sentence, Nao completed it for her. “You were interfered by the Alpha Spectres and they managed to take Shimazaki Haruka away. I know.” Nao replied with an elegant smile. “I have made an arrangement to meet up with the Omega later on. Don’t worry about that for now. What matters is that the four of you came back alive.”

“We weren’t even fighting in our full potential yet..” Smoke escaped from Umeda’s exhaust pipes out of anger. “I didn’t even get the chance to use my ultimate and that girl sent my flying to a country called China? I’m so pissed off right now..”

“I understand, Umeda. There’s no need for explaination. The four of you can leave for now. I want to have a private chat with Mayu here.”

Mayu was released from the plasma shield by Kawaei and the four Cyber commanders then left, leaving Nao and Mayu alone in the hall. Silence echoed around the hall for a short moment before Mayu gathered her strength to stand up slowly and started a conversation. “I know why you want Shimazaki Haruka.. You have a lot of explaination to do.”

“….” Nao remained silent at Mayu’s blurt.

Rie who is sitting on Nao’s shoulder whispered into ear. “It’s best not to reveal anything for now, Nao. We don’t know what else she’s planning.”

“Best not to reveal anything? Listen here, you silly little arachnid. I’m not stupid. I saw with my own eyes what she can do. YOU.” Mayu stated before pointing her finger directly Nao’s face. “It’s time to explain.”

“How dare you point your finger at the Core like that!?” Rie raised her voice.

“Now now, Rie..” Nao patted the spider a little and said in a soft tone befitting a queen before smiling back at Mayu. “Come here, Mayu.”

“I feel more comfortable standing here.” Mayu remained standing there.

Hearing Mayu’s resistance, Nao held out her right hand and smiled. “I said come here, Mayu.”

“!!!” Mayu was suddenly pulled in by an incredible force and fell right in front of Nao with her head facing Nao’s feet. For a moment, she felt like a metal being pulled in by a super magnet.

“You see, Mayu… For all these years, whatever you want and need, I gave them all to you. You wanted freedom, you have it… You hated coming back here, so I allowed you to live outside as you already were. It didn’t matter to me at all whether you’re stubborn or not. None of the other Cybers have this kind of privilege but you, Mayu. All I’m asking for is one thing and one thing only. Your allegiance and respect for me.”

Mayu slowly tried lifting herself up. “I don’t think I need to answer my allegiance to anyone… Even to you.”

Nao then slowly lowered her hand and at the same time, Mayu felt an invisible force pushing her down onto the ground with an extreme pressure. She couldn’t lift herself up at all. She was stuck in the kneeling position. Nao smiled a little and shook her head softly. “You speak like you actually have a choice, Mayu.”

“I do have a choice…” Mayu tried to stand up but couldn’t.

“Do you now?” Nao tilted her head a little and smiled. “Do you realize I could have reprogram you into a mindless monster? And yet here you are with your own mind….trying to go against me and even questioning my authority… It seems that you’ve forgotten something, Mayu.. Did you think you were born naturally like the other Cybers? You should know very well you’re not like them… You’re different. Just like Rie.. You were made……by me.”

Chapter 18 : Goodbye Dear Friend


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  1. Wooooooooowwwwww great!!! thank you for the update!!
    Lots of revelations in this update, me likey!. Is still sad that Romeo died, but I’m really happy as I told you before that he died like a Hero, honestly if you told me that he died old just like any other animal I most likely felt sad and a little disappointed about it. He was an amazing dog and deserves a meaningful death.
    Ahh Rena, poor kid, she really remembers the people close to her heart. Taka was a little too hard on the poor kid. Scold her to the point that she wet her pants! oh my oh my. Well I can understand Taka a little, your life companion just died and well Rena was being a little impertinent.

    Katsuzetsu …. I wonder who are you and what you know and for how long have you been looking after Paru. That kinda gives me a weird feeling, why of she is in charge of Paru she let her join the legion …. ahh many questions now… //sigh// I wonder now many many things. Like this reunion of Omega and Core. I dunno why now I have the feeling that the Legion are the bad guys. This is getting more and more interesting. And the most SHOCKING revelation I had today was…. Mayu is Core’s daughter!!!! lol tho I’m confused…Mayu knows that she is core’s creation or she just found out now?
    Nao really cares and is fond to Mayu, she did give her lots of privileges. I like Core and the queen air she has going on!!
    AH!! I want to know what will happen in the Omega/Core reunion.
    Also….. WHAT HAPPENED TO JURINA!!!! I’m pretty sure she is alive laying somewhere in the forest. ahhh Jurina please liveeeeee!!!!
    Also I have to thank you for TakaYuki moment!! Yuki being stubborn and trying to sheer up Taka is cute!.

    Again. Thx for the update kevs kevs!!!

    (ahhh if you wonder why I’m writing here is …. because I feel like it LOL. it looks so lonely to have 0 comments here and also. It was easy to read here.)

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