[Atsuko_love’s Fanfic] The Ultimatum – Chapter 16

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Chapter 16 : Enemies of another level

Paru blinked again and again. “That has to be the most bizzare story I have ever heard in my entire life….”

“Probably.” Yuki shrugged.

Paru then nudged Yuki playfully. “So Yuki sensei does this mean you once had a crush on Takamina sensei?”

That was when Paru was met with Takamina glaring back at her silently. “….”

“Ok, got it. Not the best timing in the world.” Paru stood up and slowly walked over to where she thinks she would feel more welcomed. She stood in front of Jurina holding onto Rena tightly and looked at the unconscious lady. “…”

Jurina looked back at Paru and asked. “What?”

“She’s gonna survive, right?” Paru asked.

“What a load of crap. Of course she will.” Jurina scoffed.

Paru then kept looking at Rena with her eyes gleaming brightly. “…”

Feeling uncomfortable with Paru’s stare, Jurina voiced out. “Why are you staring at Rena like that?”

“Well… It’s kinda a large contrast isn’t it? Based on the story, she was a very cute person.. I just feel a lot has happened to her..” Paru kneeled down beside Rena and brush her bangs to the side to get a better look of Rena. There were some scratches and wound left by Mocchi from the fight earlier on her forehead. “She looks calm.”

To Jurina’s surprise, the scratches and wound closed up on the spot from Paru’s single touch. Jurina literally had her eyes wide open. “What did you just do?”

Paru blinked her eyes at the scene. “That’s what I’d like to know too.”

Jurina answered with a shocked tone as she gazed upon Paru being confused and said softly. “You shouldn’t be having that ability..”

“That sounds dangerous..” Paru said. Nobody seemed to be paying attention to their conversation.


Mayu’s watch suddenly beeped loudly, alerting everyone in the cave. Mayu’s watch beeping only meant one thing. “An enemy is approaching.”

“What!?” Takamina was surprised and immediately ordered. “We have to get out of this place now! I can’t let anybody mess this place up! If we were to fight, we must take it a little further away from here. Let’s move!”

“Romeo, it’s a little inconvenient for you to come along so you stay here with Rena and Paru. Alright? We’ll come back soon.” Atsuko ordered Romeo. “Guard them well, ok?”

“So, he’s gonna guard me?” Paru pointed at Romeo.

“Yes, Paru. And don’t worry. We’ll try our best not to allow any of them to come close to this place. This place is precious to Minami as well. We’re gonna protect it.”

“Bark bark!!” Romeo nodded and wagged his tail before sitting by Rena’s side.

Right after Jurina slowly placed Rena’s head on a rock, Takamina, Atsuko and Jurina immediately ran out of the cave to confront the enemy. Mayu on the other hand was still clicking on her projected computer, uninterested to involve herself in a battle just the way she had always been. She didn’t even bother to check out the nature of the enemy. She merely brushed it off, thinking it was a common enemy. Yuki stood there and placed a hand over her waist. “You’re not gonna come?”

“Come on, love.. The three of them can take care of whatever it is out there. I won’t be too worried about that.” Mayu then shifted a little to the side and patted on the rock before smiling slyly at Yuki. “Why don’t you sit beside me and wait for them to return?”

“No.” Yuki rejected immediately. “I’m a Reaper. I do not just sit around like that. I’m gonna take care of the enemies.”

“I’m a Reaper too!” Paru stood up. “I mean soon-to-be Reaper. Let me help!”

“True, but the circumstances this time is different. Whoever they are, you might be their target as well so you must stay hidden. Understand?” Yuki ordered.

“No! I want to fight!”


Mayu’s watch suddenly rang. Somebody was contacting her. As she looked at her watch to see the caller’s name, she was silent for a moment. After a few seconds of contemplating, she finally clicked the button and answered the call. “What do you want, Kawaei?”

“Oh? Hello there, Mayu.. I’m surprised you would pick up my call.” Kawaei answered.

“Get straight to the point.” Mayu said

“Boy, you’re one impatient Cyber aren’t you?” Kawaei chuckled a little.

“If this is about bringing Shimazaki Haruka back, I’m ending this call right now.” Mayu answered.

“You’re only half right, Mayu.. It’s not only Shimazaki Haruka that we want.. Core is looking for you too. She wants to have a little chat with you..”

“I think I’ll pass.”

“Well… Suit yourself… But I’m telling you this out of kindness, Mayu. It’s a little too late for you to make your own choice.”

At that time, Mayu looked at her watch again. As she looked upon the little dot approaching closer and closer, she frowned and clicked a few more buttons. This time, her watch showed a satelite view of the approaching enemy. Mayu’s eyes suddenly shot wide open and stood up. “Are you serious…….”

“I believe you noticed by now, Mayu.. But it’s never too late to surrend-”

Mayu immediately ended the call with Kawaei and not letting her finish her sentence. “Damn it!”

“Why!? What’s wrong?” Yuki and Paru too were surprised with Mayu’s reaction.

Mayu immediately dragged Paru over. “Come!”

Paru was suddenly confused with Mayu’s sudden gesture. “W-What? Why?”

“We can’t stay here! I’m taking you away with me.” Mayu said in a rushing tone.

“No, you’re not leaving with her!” Yuki immediately gripped on Mayu’s arm tightly, not trusting her completely. “What’s going on?”

“Damn it, this isn’t the time to play!” Mayu raised her voice at Yuki a little.

“I’m not playing.” Yuki answered in a serious tone as her grip tightened. “If this is some trick you’re trying to pull on me, then I say forget it. You’re not taking Paru anywhere.”

“You don’t understand the situation here.” Mayu rolled her eyes and sighed loudly. “Alright, you don’t want her to leave with me now, fine. But make sure she doesn’t get taken by any cost. I have something that I need to deal with.” Mayu immediately dashed out of the cave.

“What the hell??” Yuki was still confused with Mayu’s chopped up words. But of course even without Mayu keeping Paru safe was her number one priority.

“What is she saying, Yuki sensei?” Paru seemed confused.

“I’m not sure too… But I have to check this out…”

“Well then I have no choice but to come along. I mean, what if they come find me here? I can’t have an unconscious Spectre and a dog to protect me, right?”

“Means we’re just leaving Rena senpai and Romeo here alone?” Yuki was contemplating.

“It’s alright. It’s not like the enemy is looking for them. They want me.” Paru said.

Yuki sighed out loud. “Alright, you’ll come with me but try not to get yourself in trouble, get it?”

“Yes!” Paru ran out this time.

“Romeo, make sure Rena stays safe, get it!?” Yuki ordered before she dashed off.

As Mayu, Yuki and Paru reached the scene, they saw Takamina already armed with two swords, Atsuko also with two swords and Jurina with all six of her blades out. They seem to be on high alert. “Watch out.. There’s something really really fast…”

Upon hearing, Yuki got in her stance with her scythe while Paru activated a sword. They felt a strong gust of wind as if something flew past them with an incredible speed. Mayu clicked on her watch again before opening her mouth. “It doesn’t show anything in the radar… This can only mean one person…. Umeda..”

As soon as Mayu uttered her name, the five of them got knocked off the ground almost immediately. Something just ran past them and took them down. Even Yuki with her fast reflexes got caught off guard by the speed of the enemy which she had never encountered before. This was by far the fastest thing Yuki had ever seen, or felt. Umeda was actually detected by Mayu’s radar but the dot was moving so fast that it seemed as if there was nothing in the radar at all. “What the…”

They immediately got off the ground and back on position. “….”

Mayu pointed at Paru. “You…. Stay with the group. Do not separate or we won’t be able to protect you.”

Paru nodded. “Got it.”


“Right here!!” Yuki swung her scythe down and finally came in contact with the enemy’s hand.

Umeda smirked at Yuki. “Not bad for a mere human. I have to admit you’re fast.”

“What are you doing here, Umeda?” Mayu questioned.

“Carrying out Core’s orders of course.” Umeda shot a smirk before disappearing in an instant. She was incredibly fast.

“We need to be careful.. She is not the common Cyber you fought before.. She’s on another level.. A commander.” Mayu said.

“Where did she go this time…” Atsuko asked.

“Forget about that… Do you feel something?” Yuki asked.

Takamina squinted. “It feels like…….a tremor..”


“The sound is getting louder…” Yuki asked. The sound got louder and louder as they felt the tremor getting worse.

“Is an earthquake happening or what??” Jurina frowned.

“No…..” Mayu’s watch started beeping loudly. “It’s definitely not an earthquake..”

“KASHIWAGI YUKI!!!!!” A scream was heard as they saw someone running towards them.

As soon as Yuki heard the name, she turned around. “Sasshi!?!?”

“RAAAAAGGGHHHH!!!” Sasshi used her leg strength to kick the ground hard and in an instant, she was able to propel herself 100 meters front. Right when she landed near them, she slammed both her fists on the ground, causing it to break apart.

“Shit!!” All of them were forced to separate and hop out of the way. The crater caused by the fist slam was humongous. It was very deep and probably about 50meters in diameter. The ground literally cracked wide open. The crater seperated them all.

Yuki was with Paru. Jurina was alone. Takamina was alone while Atsuko was with Mayu. “Well, this is not going well…”

Sasshi then got back up and faced Yuki. “You’re not going to survive to see tomorrow!”

“We’ll see about that..” Yuki said.

“You……” Paru’s eyes shot wide open from the sight of Sasshi. She seem to recognize Sasshi for some reason.

The drone on Sasshi’s shoulder then zoomed in at Paru. Sasshi then smirked. “How’s mummy?”

Agitated by the sight of Sasshi, Paru ran towards her with a Judgement she had been keeping. “I’m gonna kill you!!”

“Paru, stop!” Yuki tried to pull Paru back but was too late.

Sasshi merely stood there as Paru dashed towards Sasshi and swung her sword down with all her might. It came to a complete stop upon contact with Sasshi’s shoulder. Paru was shocked that the hit did absolutely nothing at all. There was not even a single scratch on Sasshi’s solid armor. “What the…”

“Pathetic.” Sasshi immediately grabbed Paru by the neck but tried not to squeeze too hard because the Core said to keep her alive. Even that, her little squeeze was more than enough to make Paru choke in pain.

Right at that moment, Yuki appeared from the side and swung her scythe down on Sasshi’s arm. It did very little damage to Sasshi but the impact was enough to make her loosen her grip on Paru. “You’re not laying a finger on her, Sasshi..”

The blue fluids on Sasshi’s arm bubbled hard. “RAAAGGGHHH!!!” Sasshi swung her arm with full force at Yuki.

With her enhanced reflexes, Yuki tilted her head to dodge against it before using her scythe to deflect her punch to the ground. Upon impact, it broke the ground into pieces. “That was close…” She then immediately dragged Paru and leaped back few feet.

“It’s not very nice to shut the call on me, Mayu..” Kawaei suddenly appeared standing on top of a drone and snapped her fingers, causing a few drones to appear and started shooting their gattling guns at Mayu and Atsuko.

At the same time, Mayu too snapped her fingers to summon her drones to defend using a plasma shield. “Kawaei….”

“Forgive me to tell it straight to your face, Mayu, but I’m gonna have to bring you back along with Shimazaki Haruka. Even if it’s by force.. Core’s orders.” Kawaei explained.

“She’s not literally taking my words to heart, is she?” Mayu said.

“Why don’t you come back and find out for yourself?” Kawaei said with a smile on her face.

“I have a better idea. How about this..” Mayu simply smiled back and gestured at Sasshi who was rampaging like a mindless monster. “Why don’t you take that barbaric king kong with you and scoot home.”

Kawaei chuckled. “Why did I even think words could get through to you… You’re a stubborn one after all.”

At that time, Atsuko shot a laser at Kawaei’s direction. Upon noticing, the drone that Kawaei was standing on drifted to the right, missing the attack completely. Atsuko then switched the laser back into a sword. “And you’d think I’ll just stand here and do nothing about it?”

“It’s not called stubborn, Kawaei. I believe the term is called acting by my own rules without restrictions.” Mayu answered with a sly expression.

“You’re not much of a fighter, Mayu. You know that. Don’t make me resort to forceful actions.” Kawaei told politely.

“You’re right. I might not be much of a fighter but I will if you force me to.” Mayu challenged.

“The question is, Mayu…….” Kawaei smirked as she traced her finger across something on her waist which seemed to be a silver titanium belt with a metallic dragon’s head as the buckle. “Are you powerful enough to withstand my force…”

Mayu actually gulped for once. There was something about the belt that intimidated her badly but of course she will never show this side of her out in public. “…..”

“What’s that belt?” Atsuko asked.

“Something you wouldn’t want to ever see..” Mayu replied.

“What the!?” Something flew past Takamina’s eyes.


Suddenly, Takamina felt something coming at her from the back. Using her fast reflexes, she turned around and defended against the thing which happened to be Umeda’s fist. “…”

Umeda smirked. “Wow… If it isn’t the legendary Reaper, Takahashi Minami.. Impressive..”

“Cut your bullshit.” Takamina parried Umeda away and went in straight for a slash. And of course her slash met the air. Umeda was simply too fast for Takamina to land an attack on.

“Cut my bullshit? Alright then. I’ll just go straight for my target.” Fumes escaped Umeda’s exhaust pipes as she dashed straight towards Paru, ignoring Takamina.

Right when she reached for Paru, Yuki was already prepared for her. Using her enhanced speed, she swung her scythe at Umeda’s direction. “Nice try. But you’re not the only fast one around.”

Umeda had to defend using both her arms. “So Kumi and Yuria were right about you.. You’re really fast. I’ll give you that.”

“RAAAGGGHHH!!!” Suddenly, Sasshi appeared above them and was about to land with her fists but was stopped almost immediately.

Takamina appeared with two Judgement shields on her hands in front of Sasshi. She then landed a punch using the titanium shield right on Sasshi’s face, sending her flying few feet away. It did a little damage to Sasshi as electric shocks were seen escaping from Sasshi’s face for a moment. “You like fighting like a brute, don’t you?” Takamina cracked her neck and slammed both her shield together. “Let me play brute with you.”

At that time, Jurina felt something sliced through the air and coming towards her with her Spectre senses. Noticing it, she immediately tilted her body to the side and happened to dodge what it seemed to be a sniper bullet embedded onto the ground. There was almost no sound of gunshot at all. Luckily Jurina was quick enough, or else she would have a bullet penetrating her head. “What the… There’s a sniper around too!?”

“That has to be Ami.. She’s the problematic one..” Mayu answered from another side.

“I’ll get to her.” Jurina immediately ran towards the direction where the sniper bullet came from.

As Jurina was running towards the direction where the bullte came from, another bullet came slicing through the air towards her. Using her enhanced senses, she tilted her whole body to the side and continued running. It seemed as if she had been running and dodging for a long time. After running for close to 1.5km, only then Jurina saw what it seemed to be someone standing on a tall tree branch. As Mayu said, it was Ami. She just shot a few bullets at them from a distance of almost 2km away. As expected of a weapons master, her bullets were all completely on target. It’s just that Jurina was fast enough to dodge it.

Upon noticing Jurina in sight, she raised her sniper rifle and laid it on her shoulder. “….”

“Didn’t think I would get to you before you did, did you?” Jurina said.

“I should expect nothing less from a Beta Spectre.” Ami strapped her sniper on her back.

“You know… Only cowards assassinate from this far back..”

“Really?” Ami raised her brows. “You seem to know a lot about assassination, I pressume?”

“…” Without uttering another word, Jurina shot a series of fireballs at Ami.

Ami then shook her head. “Is that all you have?” Her shoulder pad opened up and released a few mini missles, each and every one of them destroying Jurina’s fireballs successfully.

“I have more!” Jurina leaped towards Ami and raised her blades.

“You’re a hinderance to this mission. I’m gonna have to kill you, Jurina..” Ami aimed her missles at Jurina and fired it.

Kawaei placed her hand on her dragon buckle and turned it upside down before a click sound was heard. She then smirked a little. “Knowing your character, Mayu…. The longer I drag this, the longer time you have to think of an escape plan. I’m gonna go all out from the beginning, Mayu. And I’m gonna make sure you come back with me whether you like it or not.” She then pulled down her goggles from her forehead and covered her eyes.

“What’s she gonna do, Mayu?” Atsuko asked.

“I think you’re about to witness it with your own eyes….” Mayu said. “Kawaei’s strongest creation.”

Kawaei slammed her hand on her buckle and then it started lighting up. “Come forth…Bahamut.”

A bright light engulfed Kawaei, blinding the whole area and even attracted attention from everyone there. They could see something forming from within the light. Something very large in size. Once the light slowly faded away, all of them were shocked to see a giant mecha dragon before their very eyes. It was so huge that it has a size comparable to 5 Andromedas combined. Kawaei was seen engulfed in a spherical plasma shield situated at Bahamut’s torso. Bahamut then released a loud mechanical roar.

“What the…” Atsuko has her eyes shot wide open from the largest Cyber she had ever seen.

“Bahamut.. Kawaei’s very own invention.. The strongest mecha ever created. And it’s piloted by herself… And I have to admit, being the Commander of the Mechanics, she is by far the best pilot for any drones or mechas.”

“There must be a weakness somewhere.. Right?” Atsuko asked.

“Of course.. Anything that exists has weaknesses.” Mayu nodded and pointed right at Kawaei who was engulfed in the plasma shield on Bahamut’s torso. “That is the weak spot for Bahamut… All we need to do it just break through that plasma shield surrounding Kawaei and drag her out.. Despite being the strongest mecha, Bahamut is the only one of Kawaei’s mechas that can’t move by itself. As long as it doesn’t have a pilot, it can’t move. But…”

“Let me guess… It won’t be that easy to even get close to the plasma shield, and even if we did manage to get close, it’ll be hard to destroy the shield. Am I correct?” Atsuko stated.

Mayu smirked. “A bright one as always. But then again… Have you forgotten? I’m Mayu… And I will always find a plan.”

Kawaei voiced out from within her shield and stretched her hand out, commanding Bahamut. Bahamut was seen charging up a flamethrower inside its mouth. “You leave me with no choice, Mayu…”

Takamina panted a little from the amount of strength she has to use to damage Sasshi. Her body armor was simply too hard to even put a scratch on so Takamina can only attack her head, which happened to be quite a difficult task knowing that Sasshi was no common Terra. “You’re a troublesome one, aren’t you?”

“…” The fluid on Sasshi’s arm tubes flowed quickly as she looked upon Yuki who was standing far back from where Takamina was standing.

“Where are you looking at!?” Takamina appeared in front of Sasshi’s face and slammed her with her Judgement shield. Sasshi replied with a punch of her own. As soon as Takamina’s shield came in contact with Sasshi’s fist, Takamina got thrown back a few meters. Sasshi’s strength was definitely not something to be joked about. Takamina felt some strain on her arms as well from the impact despite it being a titanium shield. There was a huge dent on it.

“Prepare to die, Taka..” Sasshi then started charging towards Takamina like a rhinoceros.

Jurina’s side

All of a sudden, a gust of wind appeared as an air bullet came in contact with the missles and exploded in mid air, shocking both Jurina and Ami. As they turned their head towards the direction, they came in contact with a person standing a few feet away from them cladded with a dark aura.

Jurina had her eyes wide open from the sight of the person. “You…”

Jurina’s eyes were still wide open from the person who shot the air bullet standing before her. “Annin…”

“A Cyber Commander against a Beta Spectre.. It’s not really a fair fight isn’t it?” Annin then took a step closer towards Ami and smiled a little. “Mind if an Alpha joins in?”

Takamina’s side

When Sasshi was still on her way towards Takamina, someone else suddenly appeared right in front of Sasshi with her hand grabbing onto Sasshi’s face and slammed her down on the ground hard.

“What!?” Takamina was shocked by the sight.

As the person wearing a long coat stood up from Sasshi’s body after slamming her down, she cracked her neck. “Let me test if you are actually worthy enough to battle Taka..”

Sasshi stood back up in almost an instant as the blue fluid in her arm tubes started bubbling. “You…”

“Yuko..” Takamina was a little surprised to see that the one who stopped Sasshi’s attack was none other than Yuko.

Yuko then clenched her fist at Takamina’s direction. “Remember this, Taka! I am the only one who is allowed to defeat you. Don’t you dare lose before I beat you or I will make sure regret doing so!”

That sentence made Takamina smirk a little. “I never had the intention of losing any battle..”

Mayu and Atsuko’s side

As Bahamut was ready to fire, someone suddenly appeared on top of Bahamut’s mouth and punched its mouth shut, causing it to fire in its own mouth. The person must have an incredible strength to be able to punch Bahamut’s mouth shut like that. Bahamut didn’t really sustain much damage from the punch because of its high durability but it didn’t manage to fire its flamethrower.

As that person landed on Bahamut’s mouth, the three of them were shocked. “What the…”

Standing right on top of Bahamut was none other than Sayanee as she gave Atsuko the side eye and glared angrily. “As much as I was completely against this, I need to keep you alive and bring you back, Atsuko.. Omega’s orders..”

Yuki and Paru’s side

Everybody was busy fighting their own battles and so is Yuki. She was still fending off the super quick Umeda. Yuki had never fought an opponent that moves this fast before. She had to be alert and guard Paru at all times because she might get taken away in just a split second. Once again, Umeda reached in towards Paru only to be met with Yuki’s scythe. Yuki had to admit that Umeda’s was actually stressing her out a lot because of the fact that she moves at the speed of a sniper bullet. Yuki was still able to catch on to her speed but barely. That speed was literally Yuki’s limit. She had to concentrate at Umeda’s movemets at all times. If Umeda was any faster, Yuki would have lost sight of her immediately. Given the speed Umeda possess, the impact of her hits were as heavy as a small explosion. “Ughhh….”

Umeda smirked at the lady who was able to catch on to her speed. “Boy, you’re not easy aren’t you?”

Once again, she disappeared before Yuki’s very eyes. This time, Yuki was not able to detect Umeda at all. She had just let her guard down for a mere 0.1 second. As for Umeda, 0.1 second was more than enough to make herself disappear. “What the…”

That time, Umeda caught Yuki off guard and appeared where she was not looking. She managed to get closer to Paru. “You’re mine!!”

“Shit!” Yuki didn’t even have the time to turn her head completely yet.

As Umeda reached her hand out to Paru with a satisfied expression on her face, she was stunned by an electric shock and got repelled away from Paru and crashed onto a rock. Yuki and Paru immediately turned around, shocked by the scene. At first, Paru thought that she did something unknowingly again but in fact, she didn’t do anything at all. Someone else zapped Umeda with an electric shock. “What the.. That was a very weird electromagnetic pulse..”

Footsteps of a lady were heard closing in towards Umeda and stood in front of her. A little electric was seen escaping from her whole body for a moment. “Nice try, but she’s mine….”

Yuki and Paru were also alert when she said the sentence. “Why the heck is everyone hunting for me!?”

The lady turned her head a little, just enough for Paru to see one side of her blood red eyes and stared at her silently for a short moment. After the appearance of three Alpha Spectres Sayanee, Yuko and Annin, here stood yet another Spectre whom her identity is completely unknown. “….”

Umeda cursed as she looked up to come in contact with a lady with short hair whom she did not recognize at all. “Who the hell are you!? And how are you able to catch up to my speed!?”

“Me?” The strange lady grinned widely, revealing her razor sharp teeth with her blood red eyes gleaming and placed a hand on her waist. “I’m just someone who came back after a long holiday..” As the Spectre looked upon Umeda, she placed a small lollipop in her mouth and her grin grew wider. “I’m a little rusty so please go easy on me..”

Chapter 16 : Enemies of another level


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