[Atsuko_love’s Fanfic] The Ultimatum – Chapter 15

Chapter 15 : The History Of Team Taka – Despair

“YAAAAHHHH!” Atsuko swung her swords at the Spectres, decapiting a few. She then hooked a Spectre by its leg and started hurling it round and round, knocking off a few more Spectres out of her way. Her spin was so fast that the hooked Spectre died from the monstrous amount of force exerted on it.

“Woo!! Nice one, Atsu nee-chan!” Rena cheered.

“Just like a gymnastic ribbon. You have to spin it fast.” Atsuko shot a wink at Rena.

“Cool! Teach me some gymnastic sometimes!” Rena hopped in excitement, before she was ambushed by a Spectre. As Rena was really quick, she managed to tilt her whole body backwards and used the ground to pivot a powerful double kick right at its face. “It’s not nice attacking someone while they are talking!”

That time, another Spectre came from behind Rena and tried to grab her. Noticing this, Rena hopped and used the Spectre’s head to pivot herself behind the Spectre and decapitated it right on the spot. Just then, another Spectre managed to release a headbutt on Rena’s forehead. “Ouch!” Rena merely took a step back before pulling the Spectre’s head back in and gave it a powerful headbutt that sent it crashing onto the rock few feet back and showed her tongue. “Think twice before you play the headbutt game with me.”

Akari then came with a spinning blade attack on Takamina. As she was busy fending off some Spectres, she almost wasn’t able to defend against Akari’s attack. “You think you can win this fight, Taka!? Maeda Atsuko will soon end up with us, so why bother fighting!?”

Takamina smirked. “It’s because of ego Spectres like you that your species will always lose. That’s why I fight. Because I KNOW I will win.”

“Hmph! Still acting so confident, huh?” Akari leaped away and aimed her blades at Takamina before shooting a series of ice beams at her.

Takamina dodged them successfully by lunging herself from left to right, causing the ice beams to freeze some of her own Spectres. Takamina slowly got closer and closer to Akari while dodging and was finally able to get in close proximity with her to land a fatal blow. Takamina leaped towards Akari and thrusted both her swords at Akari’s face. As the strike was really fast, Akari didn’t have enough time to dodge or use her blades, but she managed to grab onto both Takamina’s wrists.

Takamina was literally using her whole strength to push the swords into Akari’s head. Both Takamina’s hands were trembling from the amount of energy used. Akari too was struggling against Takamina’s brute strength but of course she wasn’t the Alpha for nothing. She managed to hold firmly onto both Takamina’s wrist tightly, not allowing the short Reaper to plunge the swords into her head.

As Akari was holding onto both Takamina’s wrists, she was completely vulnerable to attacks. Akari grinned widely as she raised both her blades at Takamina and lifted her up by her wrists. Takamina’s feet were literally floating in mid air now. She wasn’t the heaviest of people. “What are you gonna do now that I held both your hands in place, Taka!?”

“You forgot I have legs too!!” As soon as Takamina finished her sentence, she released a powerful knee kick on Akari’s chin that sent her flying back few feet. “Moron.”

“Ugh….” Akari shook her head to get rid of the drowsiness and wiped the little blood stain on her mouth.

“Double check all four of my limbs the next time you even try to land an attack on me.”

“Don’t mock me!” Akari got angered by Takamina’s comment. She couldn’t stand a human looking down on her like that. She was an Alpha after all. She hated being degraded by a mere human.

Just then, a rock hit Akari on the side of her head, enraging her even more. She turned her head towards the direction to come in contact with Rena showing the tongue to her. “Hey, why don’t you come at me instead, you donut!”

Akari growled at Rena. “You little…”

“Don’t taunt her too much, Rena.” Atsuko said as she was fending off a few Spectres.

“What’s wrong? You don’t like it?? A boo boo boo…..” Rena said in a mocking tone as if she was talking to a baby.

“That’s enough taunting, Rena.” This time, Takamina sounded.

Rena then faced her back to Akari and slapped her own butt. “I have a nice butt. Wanna to touch it?”

“RAAAGHHH!!” Feeling mocked by Rena to the max, Akari leaped towards Rena in an incredible speed.

Takamina who saw this, wanted to block Akari’s attack but was interfered by a few Spectres that got in the way of her and Rena. “Shit!”

Akari swung both her blades at Rena. The latter managed to tilt her whole body and dodge against the first blade while the other one grazed past her butt.

“Ouch!” Rena rubbed her butt in pain before squinting back at Akari and whispered to herself. “She touched the butt…” Rena then showed her butt at Akari’s direction and continued. “Do it again.”


“Wow!” Rena jumped and sommersaulted behind Akari before swinging her swords at her. “Take this!!”

Akari immeditely swiped her blade behind and managed to block against it. “Not fast enough..”

“Yeah? Eat this then!” Rena aimed a fully charged Judgement laser right at Akari’s face and fired it immediately.

Luckily Akari was fast enough to tilt her whole body sideways to avoid the lethal attack even from such a close range. The laser blasted off a few Spectres behind her instead. Even though Akari dodged it, the force from the laser was still powerful enough to push her back few feet. “Why you…”

“Oh man, why don’t you just fall already!?” Rena was starting to get really frustrated.

“You’re gonna pay for mocking me!” Akari swung her blade at Rena once again, this time with an incredible speed.

Rena almost wasn’t able to evade. All she could do was simply let her body fall onto the ground to dodge. “Shit that was close.”

“RAAGHH!!” Akari thrusted her blade right down at Rena’s direction.

“Wow!” Rena manged to pull herself back just enough to avoid the stab.

“Gah!!” Akari stabbed once again, only to hit the ground. Angered, Akari started a barrage of blade thrusts on Rena who was still on the ground.

“Shit shit shit shit shit!” With every word that came out of Rena’s mouth, she dragged herself backwards to evade against the barrage of blade thrusts. They were so fast that Rena could barely avoid them all. Luckily, Rena was incredibly swift like a monkey and got back to her feet. “Phew.. That was really close.”

Rena had no standard fighting style at all. Unlike Takamina and Atsuko who tries to stand their position and wait for the enemy to come towards them, Rena was simply all over the place. Perhaps that was Rena’s speciality. She pretty much uses every single thing present as her way of movement, including her enemy. She could very well hop around the same enemy and pivot herself back and forth and still nobody was able to lay a hand on her. She was simply too fast and cunning especially. Of course Akari knew that fact. Rena is her number 1 problem now. She snapped her fingers and a few Spectre came by her. “She’s a problem. Incapacitate that monkey.”

As soon as the Spectres heard their orders to take Rena down, they leaped towards her immediately and landed an attack. Rena who already saw through their movements jumped out of the way. “Ohohoho…. Someone is desperately trying to get rid of me~ Ganging up on a poor little princess like me, eh? Well then swords will not do any good for this situation. I shall use Yuki’s trademark weapons instead. Time to go CRAZY~~!!!” Rena transformed both her Judgement swords into scythes. She spun the double scythe on her respective hands and pointed them at the Spectre’s direction.

Truthfully, scythes were harder to handle compared to swords because they require a high amount of skill in handling them, but once you master them, they can very well be deadlier than swords. As the scytheswere much lighter than swords, Rena was able to move even swifter than before. Now, she’s just slaying off the Spectres like nobody’s business.

“Let me borrow your skill for one time, Yuki.” Rena said as she ran towards a large crowd of Spectres and jumped right into the center of it. Immediately upon landing, Rena held both scythes far out and gave her body a vigorous spin, tranforming herself into a spinning top of death, slicing off the entire crowd into pieces with that single attack.

“I’m on fire~~!!!!! WOOOOOO~~~!!!!” Rena cheered loudly. “Hey look! Atsu nee-chan! Minami nee-chan! Look at the amount of Spectres I took out with that attack!” Rena called out excitedly, attracting both their attention.

The next second, Rena stopped in her tracks suddenly. The smile on her face slowly faded away. Her surroundings became really slow and silent as she felt an extremely uncomfortable feeling on her chest. It was a feeling of excrutiating pain that she had never felt before. So painful that no words could escape her mouth. “Ugh……” Rena’s eye twitched a little as blood could be seen flowing out from her mouth. She slowly tilted her head down and saw a thick Spectre blade impaled right through her chest.

Back few feet, Akari was seen smirking by herself. “Caught the little monkey..”

“RENA!!!” Atsuko and Takamina were both shocked completely shocked by the scene before her very eyes.

“Ughh….” Rena slowly fell on her knees and toppled flat onto the ground as Akari pulled her blade out of her chest.

If Atsuko and Takamina weren’t there, they wouldn’t even believe the size of the hole engraved on Rena’s chest. It was so large that they could literally see Akari through the hole on Rena’s chest. Takamina cursed out loud as she immediately threw a bomb at the Spectre’s direction and ran towards Rena. “SHIT!!”

“Nononononono……. This can’t be happening…” Atsuko ran over and held Rena tightly in her arms as her whole body shook in disbelief.

“Tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk….” Akari smriked and shook her head. “Pity..”

The single word from Akari made Takamina extremely furious. No words could explain the amount of rage exploding from within Takamina right now. “AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” With that scream, Takamina went on a complete rampage. A literal rampage.

Screaming her lungs out with every swing, she killed off the Spectres that appear before her mercilessly. There were a few times where she was damaged by some blade piercings and even got stabbed on her shoulder once, but none of those bothered her at all. All the pain was completely numbed by a single motive, which is to make Akari suffer and then kill her off.

Akari was a little surprised looking at the rage bursting out from within Takamina. The way she killed the Spectres, and the amount of blood splattered all over her body. There were even a few Spectres who were attempting to make a run for it after seeing seeing Takamina’s torturous kills but to no avail. None of them were successful in escaping. None of them were able to even lay hands on Atsuko and Rena. None of them were even allowed to beg for mercy.

Shocked by Takamina’s burst of fury and brutality, Akari actually trembled a little in fear despite being an Alpha. Truthfully, she did not see thing coming at all. Akari thought that her army of few hundred Spectres were more than enough to win but she was wrong. In the next minute, the only enemy left standing was Akari. The field and the trees were painted in Spectre’s blood. Takamina shot a fierce glare at Akari with her body completely drenched in Spectre’s blood. On that day, during the war, the legendary Takahashi Minami had SINGLE HANDEDLY killed more than 150 Spectres. That was something that nobody had ever done before. She had fresh wounds and scars all over her body.

“H-H-Hahahahaha… You don’t scare me!” Akari forced a laugh because her pride as an Alpha was still blinding her.

Without uttering a single word, Takamina slowly walked towards Akari without even breaking eye contact. With every step closer to Akari, the latter took a step back as she felt a very bad energy coming from Takamina.

“S-Stop!” Akari shot an ice beam at Takamina but to no avail as Takamina transformed her Judgement into a shield and defended against it successfully. “What the..”

As Akari was about to make another ice beam attack, she was shot by a series of fireballs on her back, disrupting her attack. “Ugh!!” The fireballs did not seem to stop at all and she was not able to tell where the fireball came from. She was continuously getting shot again and again. By the time Akari shook off the fireballs, Takamina was already right in front of her face with a sword pointing at her torso. With a thrust, Takamina stabbed her sword right through Akari’s chest, earning a scream of pain before Takamina slammed her body onto the ground and pinning her down with her sword pierced into the ground through her chest. “ARRRRGHHH!!!!”

Without even waiting for another second, Takamina pulled out four Judgements and stabbed them right through Akari’s four limb joints respectively as they were Spectre’s weak spot.

“ARRRRRGGGHHH!!!! SHIIITTT!!! SHIT!!!!! ARRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!” The pain was almost unbearable for Akari as she screamed in agony.

Takamina held one final Judgement on Akari’s neck. One word came out of her mouth finally. “Pity..”

Akari felt a chill up her spine with Takamina’s statement. “H-Help…”

Right before Takamina could land the fatal blow, someone else came in the way and blocked the attack with a blade. Appearing before Takamina was yet another Alpha, Sayanee.

“S-Sayanee!” Akari was definitely relieved and happy to see that Sayanee came and saved her at the brink of death.

Sayanee used her brute strength to hit Takamina away and pulled all the swords out of Akari’s joints. “Get up, Akari!”

“Y-Yes!” Despite being seriously injured, Akari got a boost in her confidence suddenly as she hopped back up on her feet.

“RAAAAAAAGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!” Takamina slammed her swords on Sayanee’s blades in anger. She wanted to kill Akari so much and she didn’t want anynody to interfere with her plan.

“What the..” Sayanee could feel the impact pushing her back a little. It seems that Sayanee too had underestimated Takamina a little.

“AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRGHHHHHHHH!!!!” Takamina slammed again and again until her Judgement swords broke. That didn’t stop Takamina from forming yet another two swords and continued fighting.

For the first time in forever, Sayanee’s strength was actually challenged quite badly. This wasn’t a good time to be fighting Takamina at all. After a few blocks, Sayanee manged to slam Takamina away and grabbed onto Akari’s collar. “Leave now.”

“What!? With you here, we can defeat them!” Akari protested despite being injured.

“I said leave now, you fool!” Sayanee dragged Akari forcefully and leaped away from the scene.

“SHIT!! FUUUCK!!!!!!” Takamina punched the ground in anger and frustration as she didn’t manage to claim Akari’s life for Rena’s sake. After huffing and puffing, she slowly walked towards Atsuko who was still hugging Rena tightly in her arms.

Atsuko slowly tilted her head up and said in the softest tone. “She’s gone, Minami…”

Takamina dropped her Judgement and fell on her knees. “….”

“I could have changed everything…” Jurina finally appeared at the scene and looked at Rena. “Yet, I just stood there in the corner and watched……”

“There’s nothing you can do, Jurina. It’s not your fault.” Atsuko said.

“You…” Takamina got up and grabbed Jurina on her collar. “You get the fuck away from Rena now!!! You fucking Spectre! You and your Alpha are the same!!”

Hearing Takamina’s sentence, Jurina got infuriated and smacked Takamina’s hands away and in return punched her right in the face. “You shouldn’t have accepted the fight in the first place! Who the hell are you to agree to a war against hundreds of Spectres with only 3 people!? This was all YOU! You are the cause of Rena’s death!”

“How dare you say that in my face after what YOUR ALpha did!” Takamina was enraged.


“…….” Both of them became silent.

“Wait a minute….” Takamina suddenly remembered something and unziped her waist pouch before taking out a Judgement. It was the completed Judgement that she took from Minegishi the other day. She then looked at Atsuko. “Atsuko… There’s still hope..”

“Minami.. You don’t suppose-”

“I have to try.”

“Try what?” Jurina asked.

“Transforming Rena into a Spectre. It might work. Spectres cannot die from a chest injury. So if I were to use this Spectre Serum on Rena, her chest wound will heal itself and she might come back.” Takamina clicked on the black button and activated the serum.

“Wait!” Atsuko grabbed onto Takamina’s wrist.

“Don’t worry, Atsuko. Minegishi said that Rena has a very high compatibility with the serum, so it will work.” Takamina said.

This time, Jurina grabbed Takamina’s wrist. “What if it doesn’t work?”

“I said it will work.. It has to work. She’ll come back… She’ll definitely come back.. Definitely…” Takamina was so desperate to get Rena back alive that she even resort to transforming Rena into the very thing she hated most. She stabbed the needle into Rena’s neck and clicked the button again.

“……” Nothing seemed to be happening even after awhile.

“Why is it not working!? This has to work! This has to work!!” Takamina stabbed Rena’s neck and clicked the black button again being really desperate.

“Stop it, Minami! It’s not gonna work!” Atsuko pulled Takamina’s hand away being heartbroken.

“It has to! It has to!!!” Takamina was about to inject Rena once again but was stopped by Jurina.

“Stop it! There’s no use forcing it if it doesn’t work!”

“Rena is not gonna die! She’s the closest thing to family for me!” Takamina argued.

“If it doesn’t work, it means it doesn’t work! Why can’t you let Rena go in peace!?” Jurina pulled Takamina by her collar.

“RAAAGHHHH!!!!” Takamina punched Jurina on the face and a scuffle began.

Suddenly, Atsuko noticed something off. Something seemed a little different about Rena. Atsuko’s eyes were then widened in shock. “Minami…. Look….”

The two immediately ended their scuffle. Jurina too was shocked with what she just saw. “Her wounds… They’re closing up…”

Spectre HQ

“Damn it, Sayanee! If we work togther, we could have killed that Takahashi Minami and get Maeda Atsuko back! Why did you insist to escape!?” Akari got angered before grabbing onto her wound and coughed.

Sayanee immediately pulled Akari by the collar. “Listen here! You might be stupid but I’m not. You’re my younger sister and I’m not gonna let you die just like that, you get me!? If I didn’t drag your sorry ass away, you would be dead by now!”

“I agree.” Yuko was seen leaning by the wall nearby. “There is no way you’re able to take on Taka with your level of power, Akari.. She’s a monster after all..”

“I’m an Alpha Spectre! I don’t believe it!” Akari replied in a loud tone.

“You’re just borderline Alpha, Akari. Even to me, you’re nothing but fodder and yet you dared to challenge Taka to a fight? What a joke. Don’t forget there’s still ‘her’. If ‘she’ was around more often, you wouldn’t even be given the title of an Alpha.” Yuko let out a scoff.

“Oh? You wanna have a go!?” Akari raised her voice at Yuko.

“That’s enough, Akari!” Sayanee shouted at her younger sister. “Don’t start an argument now after what foolish thing you did!”

“I won’t-” Akari was suddenly silenced by a cold wind blowing into the room.

Light and elegant footsteps were heard entering the hall slowly, alerting the three Alphas. “My dear……dear……Akari……”

Akari felt a chill shooting up her spine from the mention of her name by someone walking out form the shadows. “….”

“I heard some……pretty disappointing news about you taking hundreds of my babies and going on a little war on your own without my permission…” The silhoutte voiced out gently form the dark. Two blood red eyes staring dead at Akari’s face.

“O-Omega….” Akari got on both knees immediately. “I’m sorry I didn’t inform you about this..”

“My….my…… So it was true…” Omega sighed a little before stopping right in front of Akari, staring down at her foolish Alpha. “I’m very disappointed in how you act selfishly without my consent, Akari…”

“I’m so sorry, Omega..”

As the Omega smiled and reached her hand out towards Akari a little, a small, pitch black blade extended from the tip of her finger and tilted Akari’s face up. “Just what do you take me as?”

“I-I mean no disrespect, Omega..” Akari’s voice was literally shaking.

“My dear Akari… Always full of pride and passion.. You had always been a stubborn one, so I forgive you for your acting without my consent… But since you came back here alone, I’d expect that none of my babies survived?” The Omega started walking around Akari slowly. As she walked around Akari, her finger blade traced over Akari’s shoulder from left to right gently. “I should expect to see you at least get something back in return for sacrificing them maybe?”

“I…..” Akari couldn’t answer.

“I don’t suppose you’re hiding Maeda Atsuko somewhere up your sleeves?” Omega whispered into Akari’s ear.


“I see…. Perhaps you managed to claim Takahashi Minami’s life?”

“Uhm…… No. B-But I managed to kill that Matsui R-” Akari wasn’t even given a chance to finish her sentence.

“So that means you sent my babies to their graves for no reason…”

“I-I’m sorry, Omega.. It was a mistake..” Akari was a little afraid of what the Omega will do to her after she messed up. She was really guilty so she had her head down.

“You’re right, my dear Akari… It was a mistake appointing this task to you.. And because of that, my babies have to pay for this..” Suddenly, a black blade protruded from the Omega’s neck and tilted Akari’s head up to force her look at her right in the eyes.

Akari felt extreme pressure from Omega’s gesture alone. “No, please don’t Omega! Please give me another chance!”

“Give you a chance so that you could sacrifice my beloved babies again?” The Omega traced her finger blades on Akari’s face. “I’ve given you enough chances, Akari.”

At that time, Sayanee came in and knelt down on one knee. “Please forgive my sister, Omega. She was very foolish. I’ll watch her closely from now on and not let her act recklessly again. Please let her go this once.”

“…” The Omega was suddenly silent as she started dazing. Something seemed to be bothering her at that point.

“Omega?” Sayanee was confused about Omega’s expression.

All of a sudden, a smile crawled upon the Omega’s face as she started talking to herself. “Well….well….. I can’t say I wasn’t surprised with this fact…”

“Is there something wrong, Omega?” Sayanee asked.

The Omega retracted all her black blades back into her body and smiled, causing Akari to sigh in relief immediately. “Another Spectre was born……or should I say, created… Matsui Rena.. That’s the new one.”

“What!?” The Alphas were a little surprised with this fact.

“What’s with all these man made Spectres nowadays. It’s like they’re treating this like a game!” Sayanee replied in a loud tone.

“Now now, Sayanee.. Made or born, Spectres are still Spectres. And they belong to me.” The Omega call out. “Sayanee. Yuko. I want you both to get Annin and bring your Betas along. Get them both back here.”

“Got it.” Yuko and Sayanee answered.

Omega then walked over to Sayanee and stood very close to her. So close that Sayanee could feel the Omega’s icy cold breath on her face. She then traced Sayanee’s cheek with a finger blade slowly and said in a soft whispering tone. “The six of you better not fail me like how your sister did, Sayanee….understand?”

“We won’t fail you, Omega.” Sayanee said in a tone filled with confidence.

“Good.” Omega smiled before looking at Yuko. “And Yuko?”


“Try not to start a fight with Takahashi Minami if you don’t have to.. The last thing I want to see now is more casualties on our side.”

“Got it……..Yui.” Yuko nodded. Yuko was the only one who called the Omega by her name because of the close relationship she had with the Omega and they go way back. She then left the hall with Sayanee to find Annin along with their respective Betas.

“What about me?” Akari voiced out. “I can help too.”

“You? You’ve done enough damage to our kind already…” Omega said with a slight smirk on her face. “I have a better way to deal with you later..”

On the cliff-side

Rena slowly opened her eyes. Her vision was still very blur. She could hear someone calling a name out loud again and again. It was a name that she had heard before. “Rena! Rena! Can you hear me, Rena!?”

That’s it… Rena. That’s her name. She remembered that the name belonged to her. Someone was calling out for her.

“Oh my god, Minami! She’s awake! Rena’s awake!” Atsuko was in the verge of tears seeing Rena who was supposedly dead, opening her eyes.

Rena’s vision started becoming clearer as she saw three figures before her very eyes. As soon as the figures became clear to her, she immediately flailed her limbs around, kicking all three of them away and leaped back few feet. Rena was on all four, head twitching again and again as she snarled fiercely at the three strangers before her. Yes. Strangers. Rena couldn’t remember them for some reason. Her blood red eyes were just opened wide, staring blankly at them without blinking.

“What the…” Takamina was surprised with Rena’s action.

“What’s happening to her, Minami!? Why is her head twitching like that!? It looks as if she’s……out of her mind.” Atsuko too was surprised.

“I don’t know! It’s not supposed to be like that!” Takamina replied without breaking eye contact with Rena.

“Rena…” Jurina tried walking closer to Rena but immediately halted when she replied with a loud screech.

That was when Rena’s eyes rolled towards Takamina. A large maniacal grin crawled up her face suddenly and leaped towards Takamina, screaming. “Bloooooood!!!”

“Shit!” Takamina managed to grab onto both Rena’s wrists but the body weight was able to make the tiny lady fall back onto the ground.

Rena was showing incredible signs of hostility as her head was seen desperately reaching for Takamina’s neck as if she wanted to bite it off. She was laughing crazily while chomping her teeth again and again. “AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!”

“Rena, snap out of it! It’s me, Minami!” Takamina desperately called out for Rena but nothing seemed to be entering her ears right now.

“Rena!” Atsuko then pryed Rena off Takamina and pinned her down on the ground.

“RAAAAAGGGGHHHH!!!!!” Rena hissed at Atsuko and kept flailing her arms to escape.

“Rena.” That was when Atsuko held Rena’s head in place and looked right into her eyes. “Rena it’s me, Atsuko.”

Rena stopped flailing around and blinked back silently at Atsuko. She seemed to have calmed down a lot but she was still breathing heavily. Her mouth finally opened once again, but her words were all cut off. “At………….nee………chan…….”

Takamina squinted. “What’s wrong with her verbal?”

Atsuko slowly reached for Rena’s face and caressed her. “Her brain function doesn’t seem to be working properly… Poor girl.. The effect wasn’t the same as it did for me..”

“That’s impossible! Minegishi said it herself that Rena has the highest compatibility! How can something like this happen!?”

“The circumstances for this time is different, Minami. Don’t forget I was alive when I took the serum.” Atsuko replied.

“…..” Takamina didn’t reply. She went closer to Rena and looked at her deep in her eyes. “Rena? Do you remember me?”

Rena head twitched a little before answering. “Mi………na……..mi…….ne……chan……”

“That’s right..” Takamina placed a hand on Rena’s cheek.

Rena’s eyes rolled over to Jurina and her eyes started twitching again and again. Slowly, Rena moved her body being very uncomfortable looking at Jurina. She attempted to break free once again and started screeching at Jurina. This only showed one thing. Rena couldn’t remember Jurina at all. She sees Jurina as a stranger and wanted to attaack her but Atsuko was still pinning her down.

This caused Jurina to back off from Rena a little. Slowly, Atsuko stood up from Rena and sighed. “She can’t speak properly… It seems she lost most of her brain functions and also some memory. These side effects may be happening because Rena wasn’t alive when the serum was used on her.”

“She’s alive now and she remembers us both. That’s all that matters.” Takamina said.

Jurina immediately grabbed Takamina by the collar and pulled her in. “You turned her into a monster! More than that, she couldn’t even recognize me! She could have just gone as the original Rena and now you brought her back as a…….blood lusting monster!”

Takamina effortlessly pryed Jurina off her collar and punched her on the face. “You don’t understand how much Rena meant to me, so don’t speak to me as if you know everything! I cannot allow Rena to die!”

“Stop it both of you!” Atsuko interrupted and separated them away.


The munching sound attracted the three of them. As they looked at Rena, they were shocked to see her munching on a ferret. The blood and guts smeared Rena’s face. Any meat that entered her mouth was spitted out right away. She was just interested in the blood, not the meat. With her face smeared in the ferret’s innards, Rena grinned back at them. “Nee……….Okotteru?”

Jurina immediately looked away. “I…….I can’t see Rena acting like this… This isn’t Rena..”

That was when a rabbit hopped past them. It immediately caught Rena’s attention. She spit the ferret back out and started chasing the rabbit all the way to the edge of the cliff before successfully chomping on the poor rodent, killing it instantly. It seemed Rena was very satisfied with her catch. “Hehehehehehehehehehehe…….”

“….” Takamina could only look at Rena silently.

Atsuko looked up in the sky. “It’s getting dark… We should settle down for the night.”

A few hours had gone by and it seemed like forever. Rena was surrounded by quite a number of dead and bloody redents which she caught and chomped off. Seeing Rena acting like this really hurt the three of them a lot. Just as Jurina said earlier, this wasn’t the same Rena as before.

“This is hard to watch…” Jurina sighed.

“You can leave if you want to. Nobody told you to watch.” Takamina answered without even looking at her.

“Don’t speak as if you’re all innocent.. You’re the main reason why this all happened.” Jurina glared at Takamina.

Since Atsuko knew the both of them would never get along, she merely shook her head and attended to Rena. As she walked closer to Rena, she squated down to come eye to eye level with the cute monster before her. “Rena?”

Rena turned her head and grinned widely at Atsuko with her mouth smeared with blood. “….”

“Oh my… Your mouth is dirty.” Atsuko twitched her nose and wiped the blood off her mouth. Atsuko was already used to Rena being in this condition despite it being just a few hours ago. She was mature enough to adapt to situations like this very quickly.

With a grin still carved on her face, she showed Atsuko a dead monkey. “Chimp……”

Atsuko giggled a little. “No thank you, Rena. You can keep it for yourself, ok?”

Rena then slowly hopped over towards Takamina and showed her the dead monkey. This time, she wasn’t just showing it. She was literally placing the dead monkey on Takamina’s face earning a giggle from Atsuko. “Chimp…….”

“No.” Takamina flinched backwards and wiped the monkey blood off her face.

“CHIMP! CHIMP!!” Rena stuck the monkey on Takamina’s face once again, yelling louder and louder.

Atsuko thought Rena was quite cute being insistent on wanting to give Takamina the dead monkey. She smiled and twitched her nose. “Minami, why don’t you just take it?”

“What am I supposed to do with a monkey corpse?” Takamina asked.

“I don’t know. Just taake it. It’ll make her happy at least.” Atsuko giggled.

“….” Takamina took the monkey from Rena this time. “Okay, Rena. I’ll accept your present.”

A grin crawled upon Rena’s face. “Bite………….”

“Oh my…” Atsuko giggled and twitched her nose. “She wants you to bite it.”

“Uhm, no.” Takamina answered.

“Rena?” Suddenly, Jurina called out, atracting the girl’s attention.

Rena rolled her eyes towards Jurina and tilted her head. She then blinked a little before she held her head and showed signs of pain. Rena’s brain couldn’t access that particular part of her memory yet. She could only remember bits and pieces. “Ugh…..”

“…..” Seeing Rena in pain, Jurina decided to step back.

“It’s a little late already. Let me get some food.” Atsuko suggested.

“There’s no need to.” A voice sounded from not too far back.

As Atsuko turned around, she was shocked with the sight of three Alphas and three Betas before their very eyes. “Shit… Are you serious?”

Yuko, Kojiharu, Sayanee, Miyuki, Annin and Itano was there under Yui’s order to bring Atsuko and Rena back to the headquarters. Yuko stepped up front and started. “I’m not in the mood to fight, Taka. So I’m just gonna say this once and once only. Bring them both over.”

“You know words will never get through that thick skull of hers!” Sayanee voiced out loud.

“…..” Annin just remained standing there. Her eyes were rolled towards Jurina and Rena.

“This is bad….” Takamina’s team was in a complete disadvantage right now. Takamina was already injured from the fight earlier on. Jurina definitely wasn’t gonna help her. Rena wasn’t in the right condition to fight. The only one who was still capable was Atsuko. But that alone will never be enough to take on 3 Alphas and 3 Betas. Even the legendary Takamina knew that fact, especially when Yuko is also present. To add to their disadvantage, they were standing at the edge of the cliff. There was nowhere to go. Rena looked confused as she tilted her head at the group of Spectres who just arrived.

“Well?” Yuko said again.

“You think I’m just gonna le-” Takamina couldn’t even finish her sentence as Atsuko interrupted her.

“Minami! Don’t.” Atsuko knew how this will end if it continues. There was absolutely a zero chance of survival if they were to retaliate. There’s no other choice but to surrender for now. It’s live or die. “We will come with you. Please. I don’t want any more unnecessary fights at this point.”

“Atsuko!” Takamina wasn’t the type to surrender so she called out.

“Minami, stop!” Atsuko shouted. “If you continue doing this, you will die. You know this too. Don’t deny that fact. Do you want to die?”

“…..” Takamina was silent. Of course she knew she couldn’t win against so many elite Spectres at this state but her pride was blinding her badly and of course she didn’t want to lose both her teammates just like that.

“We have to face the truth, Minami… We can’t win against them at this point. Team Taka lost. We have to deal with it.”

“I refuse to lose!” Takamina raised her voice.

Atsuko then walked over and caressed Takamina’s face before whispering softly to the tiny lady and hugged her. “Listen to me, Minami.. For the sake of our survival, I have to follow them back. I will try my best to get in contact with you when I get the chance. It won’t be easy and it won’t be anytime soon, but the time will come. Just be patient. For now, you have to let us go. We’ll survive this and meet again next time when I can. I promise you.”


Atsuko then broke the hug. “You’re not the one they want so they won’t pursue you.. You’ll survive this one, I know.”

Without uttering another word, Atsuko shoved her foot on Takamina’s chest much to her shock, causing the tiny lady to topple over and fall off the cliff and plunging into the sea below. Atsuko knew how stubborn Takamina is. As long as she was still standing there, she wouldn’t give up so easily. “I’ll see you again, Minami…”

Rena was definitely shocked and confused when she saw that. “Mi……na…..mi….nee….chan….”

“At least somebody understands…” Yuko said.

“Time to go.” Sayanee stood in front of Atsuko and grabbed her hand.

“You don’t have to tell me. I know.” Atsuko replied in a cold manner and shoved Sayanee’s hand away.

“You’ve spent enough time here, Jurina. Let’s go home~” Miyuki pulled Jurina’s hand along.

Rena stood there and started hissing at the Spectres who were trying to take Atsuko away. “STAY………..A…..WAY FROM….NEE…CHAN!!!!”

With both her hands still in her pockets, Yuko stood up front and looked at Rena. “This one looks a little crazy.”

“RAAAAAGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!” Rena ran towards Yuko mindlessly, wanting to beat the crap out of her.

Upon reaching, Yuko shook her head. Rena’s claws met the air as Yuko had already sidestepped within the last second. “A straightforward attack like that will never work on me. Learn that, newbie.” With that said, Yuko grabbed onto Rena’s face and slammed her onto the ground with an enormous strength. So strong that a crater was seen on the ground. That single attack itself knocked Rena out cold since the impact was directly on the back of her neck.

“Rena!!” Atsuko called out before glaring at Yuko. “You!!!”

Yuko dusted her hands. “She was coming at me.” She then sent a gesture to Kojiharu.

“Yes, Yuko!” Kojiharu immediately ran over and carried the unconscious Rena on her shoulder.

Atsuko then followed them back to the Spectre headquarters. It was very well hidden in the middle of a forest. If nobody had mentioned it or showed it to anyone, nobody would have known there was an entrance just right there. As Atsuko entered the cave, it was dimly lit with torches at the wall.

“We brought them back, Omega.” Sayanee called out.

“And this one is a little crazy.” Yuko pointed at Rena who was unconscious on Kojiharu’s shoulder.

As soon as Atsuko stepped into the middle of the hall, she was greeted by Yui with a smile. “Welcome to my home….Maeda Atsuko…..”

Atsuko could totally tell the one speaking was none other than the Omega because of the deadly aura emitted from her body. It reeked of death. But that fact didn’t really bother Atsuko at all. “So you’re the Omega?”

Yui smiled. “Precisely…. My name is Yui.. I-”

Before Yui could finish, Atsuko held her hand front. “Stop. I will do the speaking from now on.”

Atsuko’s single sentence enraged almost every single Spectre in the hall, including Sayanee. “How dare you speak to Omega like that!?”

“It’s alright, Sayanee. I like her.” Instead of being angry, Yui rested her chin on her palm and smiled wider than before. “So what is it that you wanted to talk about?”

“You wanted to keep us both here, don’t you? I have one condition.” Atsuko pointed her finger directly at Yui’s face and that gesture itself was seen as being incredibly rude for most of the Spectres there.

“What do you have in mind?” Yui was actually interested to hear what Atsuko wanted to say.

“Give me the position of an Alpha.” Atsuko said loudly.

All the Spectres around her started growling angrily at Atsuko’s selfish sentence. Mocks were heard all over the hall. “Insolent!” “Rude!” “Scum!” “Just kill her already!”

Even the silent Yuko finally voiced out. “As much as I care less about these trivial matters, we have only four places for Alpha. And they’re all taken.”

“Taken? I see.. So if I can win a fight against one of you, I can get to be an Alpha, right?” Atsuko said.

Sayanee then stood in front of Atsuko. “You think we’ll simply allow you to be an Alpha just like that!?”

“Very well.” Yui agreed to Atsuko’s proposal, shocking everyone. She then pointed at Akari who was standing in the corner of the room. “If you win a fight against Akari, I will grant you her position of an Alpha.”

“What!?” Akari was shocked.

“Omega!” Sayanee retorted.

Atsuko looked at Akari too. “How convinient. I still have some score to settle with her..”

“But Omega!!” Akari rejected the offer. “You can’t just let a fake Spectre take my place as an Alpha!”

“You see, my dear Akari….. It doesn’t matter if she was made into or born as a Spectre. You cannot deny the fact that she has Spectre powers equivalent to an Alpha.” Yui smiled. “Sure thing I won’t let any common Spectre take your place as an Alpha……but if she’s able to take you down, then I don’t see what’s wrong with replacing you with her.”

Yui made complete sense with her explaination. Nobody had anything to retort as of now. So Akari had to step up front and glared at Atsuko. “Hmph! Fine! I will make sure you regret asking for this!”

“Which do you prefer? Lilies or roses?” Atsuko asked out of the blue.

“What???” Akari was dumbfounded with Atsuko’s question.

Atsuko then craced her neck and answered. “So I know what flowers to place on your grave.”

“Why you little!!!” Akari started the attack by leaping towards Atsuko with a blade attack.

Atsuko defended against the attack with ease and smirked. “Is that all the power there is for an Alpha? If so, it doesn’t seem like much of a big deal..”

“Stop mocking me!!” Akari was definitely agitated by Atsuko’s remarks.

Atsuko was smart. She knew just how proud Akari was so she kept on taunting her again and again to force her to attack recklessly. With that happening, Atsuko was able to stay one step ahead of her everytime. Even with that happening, Akari was still an Alpha for a reason. She was able to fight toe to toe with Atsuko despite being reckless. There were a few times Akari was able to land some hits on Atsuko but of course Atsuko did more damage to Akari. The fight had been going on for fifteen minutes non stop. Yuko had already left the hall being uninterested in something trivial like this. Sayanee was still there, hoping that Atsuko will somehow die by Akari. While Yui sat on her throne, being amused by Atsuko’s bursting potential as an Alpha.

With a swipe, Akari was able to knock Atsuko onto the wall. Atsuko fell on her knees and spit out some blood from that strong attack. “Ugh….”

“Heh! I told you I’ll make you regret this!” Akari mocked while holding her injured shoulder.

“……” Atsuko then placed her hands on the ground and forced something with her own body. She started shifting her shoulders like mad. Slowly, two giant blades protruded from her back.

“What the…..” Akari was surprised that Atsuko still had the energy to use her blades.

Atsuko then stood up with both her Spectre blades and Judgement scythes pointing at her. “You’re done already? I’m just getting started.”

“Are you…..serious….” Akari was actually tired from the fight already.

Atsuko smiled back at Akari. “That fight earlier shows the extent of Maeda Atsuko’s powers as a human elite Reaper…. And that alone was close to defeating you, a so-called-Alpha. Now….I will show you the extent of Maeda Atsuko’s powers as an Alpha Spectre.”

“Tch- You don’t scare me!” Akari swung her blade at Atsuko.

Within a split second, Atsuko was already behind Akari and slammed Akari away. “You’re a little slow, aren’t you?”

“ARGH!!!” Akari groaned from the blade slam and glared back at Atsuko. “I will kill you!!”

“Perhaps you should do more fighting rather than using your fat mouth to talk.” once again, Atsuko taunted.

“Don’t be too full of yourself!” Akari shouted.

“Oh, I’m not. Unlike you. Always full of words and yet nothing is done.” This time, Atsuko started with a barrage of blade attacks and scythe attacks at the same time. The attacks were extremely fast. Atsuko was utilising her Spectre blades together with the scythes, so it kinda gives the illusion of an Alpha Spectre with four blades instead.

Akari wasn’t able to block every single one of them, she got stabbed by the blades and cut by the scythes continuously and finally, Atsuko did the final attack of swinging the scythe through Akari’s torso. It managed to put a large wound on her stomach. “Ugh….” Akari spit out more blood from that last attack and fell on her knees. As much as she didn’t want to admit it, Akari was unable to continue her battle. Atsuko won the fight and she was already eligible to be an Alpha. She could have just walked right off but she didn’t.

Atsuko remained standing in front of Akari staring at her with a blank face. She suddenly stretched one scythe to the back. “Say good night.”

Noticing what Atsuko was about to do, Sayanee called out loud. “What are you doing!? Stop!!”

“W-wait!!” Akari couldn’t even say her final sentence.

With a bottom swing, Atsuko impaled Akari’s head from her chin. The scythe went through Akari’s chin and protruded out from the top of her head, carrying her whole body upwards and leaving her legs hanging from the ground. Only gacking sounds were heard from Akari as she made her last struggle and finally succumb to the fatal blow. Atsuko huffed and puffed from the amount of energy used to battle against an Alpha. “Consider that a payback for what you did to Rena..”

A smile crawled up on Yui’s face. “Very well done, Atsuko. You truly deserve the title of an Alpha.”

It was a horrifying sight for Sayanee as her sister got impaled right in front of her very eyes. She was definitely agitated. “I WILL KILL YOU, ATSUKO!!!!!!”

Sayanee was about to leap towards Atsuko to attack but got pulled back by Miyuki. “Sayanee…. The Omega had made her decision…”

“GRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!” Sayanee couldn’t contain her anger at all.

Miyuki had to continuously pull Sayanee back and convince her. “Sayanee, stop. Think about it. Omega chose Akari to be Atsuko’s opponent for a reason.. Can’t you see? She knew Atsuko would do this. The Omega already wanted Akari dead from the very beginning. There’s nothing you can do.”

Yui smiled. “Congratulations, Atsuko. You’ll take Akari’s place as my new Alpha.. And Jurina will be your Beta.”

“What about Rena?” Atsuko asked.

“Her?” Yui smiled a little. “As long as she doesn’t come back to her senses, I’m afraid she’ll be staying in the dungeon. I wouldn’t want to risk her attacking my babies..”

“You’re gonna lock her up down there!?” Atsuko raised her voice.

“Don’t worry, Atsuko. I know your relationship her well enough. So I’m gonna put you and Jurina both in charge of her in the dungeon.”

“….” That time Atsuko had a thought. Maybe Yui wasn’t too bad after all. She was at least understanding in certain situations.

That was when Yui tilted her head forward a little and smiled. “Just so you know, the dungeon can be accessed by any Spectres at any time so I still won’t be too happy about it if I were you.” As soon as she finished her sentence, she turned around to leave the hall as Rena was brought into the dungeon by Kojiharu.

Atsuko was about to confront Yui about this matter once again until Annin placed a hand on Atsuko’s shoulder. “Consider yourself lucky the Omega doesn’t choose to dispose of her instead, Atsuko.”

“…..” Atsuko nodded a little. Annin was right. She should be lucky that they were not killed right off the bat.

“I’ll show you to your room.” Jurina said.

As soon as Atsuko turned around, her face was met with Sayanee’s full powered fist that sent her crashing onto the wall. The force of the punch was incredibly strong as Atsuko felt as if she was going to pass out anytime now. “Ugh….”

“That’s for what you did to my sister…” Sayanee glared and pointed straight at Atsuko’s face. “I will remember this for the rest of my life, Atsuko.. And I will never forgive you.”

Jurina intercepted. “The Omega said no fighting among the Alphas!”

“You too, Jurina!” Sayanee carried Jurina up by the collar and tossed her at Atsuko’s direction “Have fun here….pest.” before walking away angrily.

“….” Atsuko slowly got back up and dusted her butt.

“You’ll have to get used to getting pushed around a bit.. Almost everyone here isn’t fond of how you stole the Alpha place from Akari.” Jurina said.

“Don’t worry. I’m good at adapting. Besides, I have you here.” Atsuko patted Jurina’s shoulder, earning a slight smile. “So you said you were gonna show me to my room?”

“Ah yes.. Right this way.”


“That was the day I became an Alpha and spent 2 years of my life there until I met Minami the other day.” Atsuko smiled.

“I see…” Yuki and Paru nodded.

“So my part of story pretty much stops there…” Atsuko smiled and twitched her nose.

“So…. Rena senpai was already….” Yuki was still in disbelief that Rena was already dead and had been revived by the Spectre Serum.

“That’s a little bizzare..” Paru blinked her eyes at the still uconscious Rena in Jurina’s arms at the moment.

That time, Takamina came and sat down beside Atsuko. “Yeah.. But what matters is now. She’s still alive and kicking. Anything other than that, I can completely ignore.”

Yuki shot a look at Takamina. “You have yet to answer my question since that time, sensei. So why did you beat Minegishi up?”

“….” Takamina merely replied with a cold stare.

“There’s nothing else to hide from, Minami.. Just tell Yuki the whole story already.” Atsuko convinced. “Even I’m interested to know the details.”

“…..” Takamina let out a huge breath and started. “After Atsuko kicked me down the cliff, I was injured quite a bit from the fall…”


“Ugh….” Takamina dragged her body out of the water and onto the rocks, groaning at the few broken ribs she suffered from the fall.

She slowly stood herself up and tottered her way back to Legion while holding onto her bleeding torso. It was almost midnight. There was barely anybody walking around. She wanted to confront Minegishi about her serum that turned Rena into a monster. To her convinience, it seemed like Minegishi’s lab lights were still open. So that means Minegishi was still working inside. Takamina stood in front of the lab door and started banging on it.


Only then, the lab door slided open to reveal the usual young, puffy looking Minegishi with her large glasses and lab coat staring back at her. “Takamina?? Where have you been? Everyone was looking all over for your team.” Then, Minegishi saw the amount of injuries and scars on Takamina’s body. “What happened?”

“You…..” Takamina immediately grabbed Minegishi by her collar and pushed her in, not even giving her time to close the lab door.

Minegishi was surprised with Takamina’s action. “Hey, look. I don’t appreciate you coming into my lab looking so messy and then grabbing my collar for no apparent reason.”

“You’re the one who started this all…” Takamina growled.

“Hey. I’m not sure what you are talking about! I was here the whole time!” Minegishi argued.

“Because you made Atsuko into a Spectre, she got taken away… She and Rena both!” Takamina said.

“Hey, hold your horses. Firstly, it was Atsuko’s own choice to test the Spectre Serum. Secondly, I don’t understand what Rena has got to do with any of these. And third, what do you mean by taken away?”

“Rena turned into a Spectre…” Takamina hesitated a little. “I gave her the serum.”

“What!? You experimented on Rena without my supervision!? You don’t even understand the chemisty behind the serum you dare use it?!” Minegishi raised her voice and smacked Takamina’s hands away.

Takamina pulled Minegishi in and slammed her on the wall in anger. “Rena died, alright!? She died!! What did you expect me to do!? I had to at least try!”

As soon as Takamina said that, Minegishi’s eyes shot wide open. Her mouth mumbled involuntarily. “W-What did you just say??” She had to confirm it for another time.

“Rena died!!” Takamina repeated.

“So you’re actually saying that…….she came back to life!?”

“She came back as an insane monster who has lost most her brain functions! She can’t speak! She can’t remember things properly! She goes nuts at the sight of blood!”

Minegishi was so astounded by the fact that she forgot that Takamina was still pinning her on the wall. “She……..came back to life?”

Takamina slammed Minegishi on the wall once again to snap her out of her daze. “You heard me well, Minegishi! You and your stupid serum caused me both my team members! And Rena failed with the Spectre Serum! You told me Rena has the highest compatibility! What a load of crap! You and your so-called renowned title as a Legion’s scientist… Biggest joke ever!” Takamina was definitely still overagitated by the lost of both her teammates that she started spouting these words to Minegishi.

Minegishi’s eye twitched a little in anger from Takamina’s statement. “You just insulted me in the worst way possible, Takamina… Not only did you insult me by performing an experiment without my consent, you insulted my job as well when the one in fault is actually none other than yourself!”

“What are you gonna do, huh!? What!?” Takamina challenged.

For some reason, Minegishi wasn’t bothered by Takamina’s slams at all. Instead, she looked right back at Takamina with soulless eyes. Her gaze seemed different than earlier. “And you insulted me by not bringing back such a huge discovery for me to experiment on…. This is by far the biggest scientific breakthrough I’ve ever heard..”

Takamina was stunned by Minegishi’s sudden change in behaviour. “What!?”

“Never in a million years would I have thought the serum was capable of bringing someone back to life…” A grin crawled up Minegishi’s face and suddenly started laughing a little. “Do you realize how much I can do with this information?”

That sentence itself angered Takamina even further. “Just what are you planning to do with these serum…”

“Oh….You have no idea at all, Takamina….” Minegishi continued laughing. “You have no idea…..”

“Don’t you dare test my patience at this point, Minegishi!” Takamina was already past the boiling limit with the lost of her team mates. With these words spoken right at her face and a little more push, she might end up even killing Minegishi.

“What are you gonna do?” Minegishi chuckled. “You’re gonna beat me up? Do it.”

Takamina’s body was already trembling like mad from all the contained anger and she was this close to exploding. “You really think I wouldn’t?”

“You’re not capable of doing that to me, Takamina….” Minegishi scoffed and said softly and gently. “Just like how you’re incapable of protecting your own team mates..”

That was the final straw. Takamina punched Minegishi on the face, causing her to fly accross the table and landed on the ground. “You came here and insulted me….” Minegishi coughed. “Now I insult you once and you started losing your temper on me?”

“Shut up!” Takamina stomped her foot on Minegishi’s stomach, earning a groan of pain from the latter.

That didn’t last long as Minegishi started smiling and chuckled a little. “Go ahead and beat me…. An insolent monkey like you have no slight respect for what a scientist had achieved.. What else can you do other than to put the blame on someone else?”

“SHUT UP YOU LITTLE SHIT!!” Takamina released a kick that sent Minegishi flying across the room and smashed onto the wall.

Minegishi suffered a lot of broken bones from the attacks. Despite being gravely injured, she still manage to chuckle. “There you go….. You’re merely proving my point right for every single hit..”

Takamina wrenched Minegishi violently from the ground and warned. “Don’t you dare say those words to me again or else..”

With blood smearing her mouth, Minegishi chuckled a little. “Why don’t you just do it already?”

Right after those words came out of Minegishi’s mouth, Takamina landed a headbutt on her face. Before Minegishi could topple backwards, Takamina pulled her back in and released a powerful punch on Minegishi’s face. So powerful that there was a crack sound on Minegishi’s neck. Without another word uttered, Minegishi fell onto the ground motionless with her head twisted a little more than 90 degree. Takamina had just broken Minegishi’s neck.

Much to Takamina’s dismay, there was someone else witnessing the scene. At the entrance of the lab stood Yuki looking at Takamina with a horrifying expression. “S-Sensei…. What are you doing?”

Mariko too was there after hearing loud crashes coming from the lab. She was completely shocked with the sight of Takamina beating Minegishi to a pulp. “Explain yourself, Takamina!!”

“…..” Takamina slowly turned her head back at them.

“Answer me please! What are you doing!!??” Yuki shouted this time, aggravated by the sight.

“….” Takamina was just glaring blankly at them.

“Not gonna answer?” Mariko turned her watch and slammed on it. Just then, the whole Legion bell rang, alerting everyone. She then shouted on her watch. “Code red! Takahashi Minami is now a wanted person! Take her down at all costs! This is a direct order!”

Hearing the siren, Takamina knew that all the Reapers will be summoned to the area so she decided to make a run for it. Since Yuki and Mariko was standing at the lab entrace, the only way Takamina could escape was to fight past them. Immediately, she clicked on the Judgement bomb and threw it at the entrance. Noticing this, Yuki and Mariko had no choice but to hop out of the way before it explodes in their faces. At this point, Takamina did not care about anything else, not even Yuki. All she wanted to do was get out of this place.

To Yuki and Mariko’s surprise, the Judgement that Takamina threw didn’t explode. They were tricked. With the entrance wide open, Takamina dashed through it and at the same time, picked up the Judgement that she threw and ran straight towards the exit. By that time, there were already a few Reapers running towards her. All she did was shot a death glare at them. They immediately stopped in their tracks being too afraid to face the legendary Reaper in a battle. On the way towards the exit, Takamina saw Romeo running towards her. “Romeo, come!”

“Bark bark!” Romeo dashed towards Takamina and followed her towards the exit.

More Reapers appeared as time goes by. They had more guts to actually face Takamina but also were powerless against her brutal attacks.

“Out of the way, maggots!!” Takamina swung both her swords to the side and managed to cause damage to the nearby Reapers who tried to block her way towards the exit. In the midst of all the chaos, Takamina had almost forgotten that she was badly injured on her torso. The wound started to open once again from the amount of pressure placed on her body. She literally had to hold her stomach and continue running. “Ugh…”

Takamina knew that they won’t stop chasing her till she’s caught, so she already prepared for something like this. She unclipped what it seemed to be a Judgement glowing in red and pointed it behind. With a click of the button, it released a huge red laser and caused everyone to leap out of the way. That laser alone managed to destroy a large part of the hall. Finally, Takamina managed to make her way out of Legion with Romeo.

“Let me go get Takamina sensei alone, Mariko. Please.” Yuki convinced.

“Do you even understand the situation this time, Yuki?” Mariko raised her brow.

“Please, Mariko. If a lot of people pursue her, she will continue to be hostile. Takamina sensei is like that. If it’s me alone, I may be able to talk her out of this all.” Yuki begged.

“……” Mariko remained silent for a short moment and finally sighed. “Fine. But make sure you bring her back here.”

“Thanks, Mariko.” Yuki bowed and immediately ran out to search for Takamina alone.

“Everyone halt.” Mariko ordered over the speaker so everybody stopped pursuing Takamina. She then gestured Airin and Churi who just arrived to come over. “You both know what to do.”

Airin and Churi looked at each other and nodded. “Got it.”

As Takamina ran past the woods, a laser suddenly flew past the side of her head and blasted off the trees before her very eyes. She stopped in her tracks and turned her head back to come face to face with Yuki and a Judgement with smoke coming out of it. “Stop right there, sensei!”

Takamina smirked a little. “You’re getting faster and faster, Yuki. I’m impressed with how fast you’re able to catch up to me.”

“Like you said, I lack power. So I have to compensate with my speed.”

“Bark bark!” Romeo wagged his tail happily with the sight of Yuki.

Yuki suddenly called out to Romeo. “Romeo, come over.”

Not knowing the situation, Romeo slowly walked towards Yuki. “Bark bark!”

“Romeo!” This time Takamina called out, stopping Romeo in his tracks.

“Bark bark!” Romeo barked at Takamina and wagged his tail.

“Romeo come!” Takamina shouted.

As soon as Romeo walked back towards Takamina, Yuki called out again. “Romeo stay!”

Romeo stopped and he seemed confused. He kept looking back and forth at Takamina and Yuki. He didn’t know who he should go to. “Bark!”

“Are you defying me right now?” Takamina shot a glare at Yuki.

Instead of backing off, Yuki returned the glare. “As long as I don’t get an explaination for this, I won’t pull back.”

“You’re not getting shit from me, kid..” Takamina said as she held the wound on her stomach which opened up again.

“You’re injured badly, sensei.. Just come back with me. We’ll talk this out.” Yuki tried to convince.

“This is all none of your concern. Get lost before I take you down as well.” Takamina warned.

Yuki frowned and shouted back. “You’re a wanted person by Legion now! I’m under direct orders to take you down! Don’t you understand how serious this is!? There were even rumours going about that you killed Atsuko sensei and Rena senpai! I didn’t want to believe it. Coz I know no matter how violent or hostile you are, you will never hurt them. Just tell me.. What exactly happened? And why did you hit Minegishi like that?”

“I said this is none of your concern, kid. Don’t make me repeat myself.” Takamina warned once again.

“Why don’t you just talk to me already!? Why do you have to make me feel so frustrated like this? Just talk to me! I can help you!”

“There is nothing for me to tell an outsider like you, Yuki!”

“You made me an outsider by disregarding my very existance right after I graduated!!” Yuki raised her voice. “Which comes to the main question… All these years of you taking care of me… When you did those things to me… Did you think of me as Yuki? Or was it because you see me as Takahashi Minako?”

“You’re not getting the point. It doesn’t matter at all.”

“It matters for me!” Yuki raised her voice. “Do you realize how much it hurts me knowing that I came so far to this point in life as an elite Reaper just because I was seen as somebody else but myself?”

Takamina clenched her fists. “That’s enough.” Takamina had been through way too much today and she didn’t want Yuki to be part of her problems as well.

“Every night before I go to sleep, I kept asking myself… If I had a different personality rather than the one that reminded you of Minako, would you still treat me the same?”

“I said that’s enough!!”

“You always told me to leave the past behind and move forward to be a stronger Reaper… You even told me that I was pathetic when I kept thinking about my family..” Yuki scoffed and seemed a little agitated talking about this topic. “How ironic when all you had in your mind was none other than your dead sister Minako! You can’t stop thinking about her and you started projecting me as her!”

Takamina’s eyes shot wide open in anger from Yuki’s statement. She was so angry that no words could escape her mouth. She couldn’t believe those insensitive words that came out of Yuki’s mouth. Even her words trembled. “What……are you saying??”

Yuki raised her voice. “What am I saying??? What I’m saying is that I hate being seen as Minako! I hate it! I hate it! I hate it!! I just wanted you to see me as Kashiwagi Yuki, do you understand? It’s suffering for me to contain all these weird and tingling feelings for you when all you see in me is Minako.. Do you understand!?”

“Stop before I lose my patience on you, kid!!”

“There was once you told me right in my face to screw my family.. So let me tell this back at you…” Yuki glared directly into Takamina’s eyes. “SCREW MINAKO!!”

With that sentence said, Takamina exploded. “YOU RUDE FUCKING BRAT!!” She immediately flew towards Yuki with both her swords.


Both Takamina’s swords were met with Airin’s scythe and Churi’s sword respectively. “We’ll take over from here, Yuki!”

“Churi? Airin? What are you both doing here!? I told Mariko that I’ll come alone!” Yuki said.

“Yeah, but you know.. Given your relationship with Takamina sensei, Mariko thought that it will be a trouble for you alone. So we came!” Churi explained.

“Mariko had guts sending my own students against me..”Takamina scoffed angrily and parried both Airin and Churi back few feet.

“Alright look, Takamina sensei.. Please understand why we’re doing this. First, you beat Minegishi to a coma state. Second, you injured a few Reapers on the way out and destroyed part of our facility with the laser. Third, you’re suspected for the disappearance of Maeda Atsuko and Rena.. So by default, you’re now branded as criminal.” Airin pointed out.

Churi continued. “Under direct orders from Mariko, we have to take you back. Do not resist or we’re going to have to put you down.”

“Take me back or take me down?” Takamina chuckled a little. “You ungrateful little shits… Come take me down if you can.”

“You’re not giving us any choice, Takamina sensei..” Airin said.

“I’m gonna give you both a choice, you pathetic little dimwits. Defend yourselves or die!” As soon as Takamina finished her sentence, in an instant, she was already right in front of them.

“Wow!” As the slash came down, they managed to block the attacks successfully but that was a close call. Had they not been alert, their heads would have come clean off.

Again, Takamina parried them away. As Churi was still in mid air, Takamina suddenly pointed a Judgement glowed in red right at her face and fired a laser.

“Shit!!” Churi immediately transformed her Judgement into a shield. As the laser hit the shield hard, it managed to send her flying very far away since she was still in mid air. The force of the laser was so powerful that it sent her crashing past few trees and finally knocked the back of her head on a hard rock before passing out.

“Churi!!” Airin shouted for her friend who got blasted away. “Damn it, sensei! Why are you adding more to your crimes!? Why don’t you just come back to your senses and follow us back!?”

“Because I have no intentions of going back to that place..” Takamina landed a strong hit on Airin’s scythe with her swords.

“S-Shit!!” Airin was surpressed completely as Takamina’s blow managed to get her on one knee.

“Damn it!” This time, Yuki activated her scythe and rushed in to help Airin.

As Takamina saw Yuki coming closer and closer, she spun and landed a successful roundhouse kick on Yuki’s face, sending her crashing onto a tree few feet away. Immediately after that, she landed a knee kick on Airin’s chin before punching her on the face with all her strength. “All of you ungrateful people! I’m gonna make you pay!”

Takamina continued punching Airin’s face without stop. Airin held both her hands up but she was not able to block all the punches. Soon after, Airin’s hand was seen falling onto the ground motionless. Airin was already knocked out cold and yet Takamina was still punching her.

“She’s knocked out cold! Stop, sensei!!” Yuki shouted.

“…..” No words could enter Takamina’s ear.


“…..” Takamina still didn’t show any signs of stopping. At this rate, Airin would really die.

“ARRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!” Not being able to handle it anymore, Yuki flew in with an incredible speed and swung her scythe at Takamina.

Of course Takamina saw Yuki coming at her. She was totally ready to leap out of the way but unfortunately, right at that very point, her broken rib start hurting once again. With that happening, she flinched a little and didn’t manage to leap away. Instead, she tried tilting her whole body backwards. It wasn’t enough to avoid the attack at all. The tip of Yuki’s scythe managed to slice through the corner of Takamina’s neck.

It was a heavy blow to the already injured Takamina. She fell on her knees with one hand balancing her body while the other covering her neck. Her hand was literally soaked in blood as the cut on her neck was much deeper than she thought. It was a very deep cut and the amount of blood lost from that slash alone was enough to take out a normal human already. Takamina spit out some blood from that attack. “Gwakk…… You……”

“I did not want to do this, sensei…. But what you did was too much!”

Takamina was definitely unhappy about this. “You……ungrateful…..little…..shit…”

“You are a criminal, sensei!! How can you beat Minegishi up like that!? Whatever you did was wrong!” Yuki tried to shout some sense into Takamina.

“I don’t regret the things I did wrong.. I only regret the good things I did for the wrong people…” Takamina said, implying that everything she did for Yuki was all repaid with ungratefulness.

“….” Yuki felt guilty for a short moment.

“You were right….” Takamina the words out of her mouth as blood continued dripping from her neck. “When you first came in… I saw you as Minako… I started training you because of that… But on the very day I first sent you to the hospital for all your endurance on my attacks, I stopped and told myself.. Minako wasn’t that strong… Minako would cry if she was hit that hard.. And Minako was already gone.. That brave and strong little girl who withstood all my attacks was the genuine Kashiwagi Yuki. That’s what I thought… Everything I did was for you and not Minako.. I continued training you because I know….you’re even better than my sister Minako..”

“W-What?” Yuki was completely stunned with this revelation. Her whole body trembled and she felt her eyes started welling up in tears involuntarily. “You…..actually…..”

Takamina slammed the ground and slowly stood herself up with a hand on her neck before glaring angrily at Yuki. “I did those all for you and you dare turn against me now??”

“I………I…..I didn’t want too…” Tears started flowing down from Yuki’s eyes. She was too stunned to react to anything now. Her grip loosening from the scythe. Yuki got carried away and did and said the most terrible thing to the very person who helped her grow to the strong Reaper she is now.

Takamina took this chance to land a headbutt on Yuki’s face. It was then followed by a powerful punch on her face and a knee kick on her stomach. “How naive of you to let your guard down like that..”

Despite being heavily injured, the headbutt was enough to make Yuki bleed profusely from her nose. Takamina pulled Yuki’s collar up and punched her again and again. The blows were much worse than the one Takamina did to Minegishi. Yuki couldn’t even bring herself to defend against the attacks for some reason. “….”

“You ungrateful person!” With that sentence said, Takamina released her final punch on Yuki, causing her to fall flat on the ground with bruises covering her whole face.

“…..” Yuki was still conscious even after all the raw damage taken from Takamina’s punches. She laid on the ground, letting her tears continue flowing. She was already on the verge of breaking apart physically and mentally.

“Even after 14 years in Legion….. You’re still crying like a baby…. Pathetic!” Takamina released a kick on Yuki’s stomach and sent her crashing towards a tree. Unlike Yuki who was on the verge of breaing apart, Takamina was already completely broken. She was already blinded from all morals from the very moment her team mates were taken away. In addition to that, Yuki’s scythe attack on her neck left more than a physical scar.

“….” All Yuki could do right now was pant and groan in pain as blood smeared the bottom of her nose and mouth.

Takamina slowly walked towards Yuki and pulled her closer by the collar. Tears were still flowing from her eyes at this time. With Yuki’s despaired face inches away from hers, Takamina warned with a whisper. “The next time I meet you, I will personally send you to the afterlife..” She then let go of Yuki’s collar and watch her topple onto the ground.

Before Takamina could leave, Yuki gripped onto Takamina’s ankle hard, not letting her leave. Yuki wasn’t the type to give up even at times like this. As long as she was still conscious, she would squeeze the very last bit of energy out of her. “I’m….sorry… D-Don’t leave me…..sensei…”

“……” Without uttering another word, Takamina raised the other foot and stomped it on Yuki’s hand, immediately breaking the bones in her hand.

“AAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!” Yuki screamed in pain from Takamina’s stomp.

“I almost forgot… You’re not the type to give up as long as you’re conscious.. I need to make sure you don’t crawl after me.” Takamina then hopped and used the gravity and her own strength to land both her knees right on Yuki’s knee joint, dislocating them and rendering her immobile.

“AAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Yuki screamed in agony from the pain and let out her frustration at the same time. “AAAAAAAAAARRGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!”

“Pathetic.” Takamina let out a scoff and gestured Romeo who was hiding in one corner the whole time. “Come Romeo!”

“N-No….. C-Come b-back……” Yuki reached out her hand weakly as she looked upon Takamina leaving the scene without even looking back. After struggling for awhile, Yuki’s vision started to blur out as all the energy within her body faded away. Her hand finally met the ground once again. Yuki laid on the ground finally unconscious from the painful encounter.




Yuki slowly opened her eyes and found out that she was laying on the hospital bed and was immediately greeted by Katayama who was sitting by her bedside. “Rise and shine, Yuki.”

Ikoma was also in the ward visiting Yuki at that time. She was leaning by the wall. “My my… Sleeping beauty is finally awake.”

“Wake up, robin!” Churi stuck her head right in front of Yuki’s face. She had a bandage over her head.

“Stop with your robin talk! She has no interest in birds!” Airin butt thrusted Churi out of the way and snapped her fingers right in front of Yuki’s eyes again and again. She too had a bandage over her head like Churi and an additional cast on her neck. “Hey, time to wake up, princess. The rice’s getting cold.”

“…..” Yuki was still confused with all the noises right after she just woke up. She was hardly able to move around because her arm and both her legs were casted. The only part she could move was her neck.

Katayama sighed and shook her head. “Even after grauduating, she’s still sending you to the hospital..”

“……” Yuki looked down. “I didn’t manage to bring Takamina sensei back..”

“Come on.. Don’t be too down.” Katayama said.

Ikoma then walked closer to Yuki. “You’ve achieved a lot, Yuki. Probably much more than some seniors here. Since you already have 5 years experience as a Reaper, I’m actually thinking of passing my rank of third in command to you..”

“Huh? Why?” Yuki seemed confused.

“Yeah…. Why??” Churi placed her hands on her waist being dissatisfied since she was the senior.

“Coz she’s much better than us, birdy bird bird lady. Like DUH~! Even I know that.” Airin rolled her eyes.

“Shut up, Airin.” Churi too rolled her eyes.

“You just can’t handle the awesomeness of…..THE BOSS.” Airin popped one of her sunglasses out of nowhere and wore it. Guess some people never change no matter what.

“……” Churi was already tired of Airin’s lame gags.

Ikoma then continued. “I’ll be retiring soon… I’m getting too old for all these Reaper stuffs.. I will nominate you to fill in my spot.”

Katayama raised a brow. “You’re getting too old for this? Please explain to me how am I not too old for this as well.”

Ikoma giggled. “Come on, Haruka. I’m different.. No offense but I still have a home and a family to return to… I just feel my job here is done and I want to pass this down to the next generation, you know? Mariko would definitely nod her head to Yuki being the third.”

“What can I say….” Yuki felt grateful for Ikoma’s offer.

“Say nothing else. Just get well as soon as possible.” Ikoma said.

“For now get some rest. You have a long journey ahead of you.” Katayama winked.

Chapter 15 : The History Of Team Taka – Despair

So this is the end of Taka Team History~! Hope you guys like it~ Next chapter will be going back to the main storyline~! The Cyber Four are on their way to get the heroes~!! Will they succeed? Find out in the next chap~ Btw, there’s fanarts below so be sure to check it out and give a shoutout to the great Katekyohit

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Author note : Omega has countless numbers of blades


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