ANGEL of Mine [JuriMayu]



There was something inside of you.

Something I thought that I would never find.

Angel of mine…

I look at you, lookin’ at me.

Now I know why they say, the best things are free.

I’m gonna love you, girl you are so fine…

But Matsui Jurina was not as lucky as they are, when she was born. Sadly, she was raise in a poor family and had three older brothers to boot. Indeed, they were a source of comfort; when one would beat her up, Jurina would always have another shoulder to turn to.

Her parents barely had money for food, much less for education or anything else like that. However, she grew up fine, and quite healthy, if she may say so herself.

And thinking about that, she must put her god givin’ talents to good use. Jurina could run really fast, so she had to apply them…

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~ by screechingsoul on August 24, 2015.

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