SKE All Girl’s Private School (Chapter 26)



Man, it’s been so long since I’ve posted. Sorry! On top of having my school life screwing up my entire life, I’m kind of having a heck lot of trouble writing lately. Writer’s block or just simple fatigue, I don’t know. But hey, at least I finally have an update :3 Let’s hope you guys are not too disappointed. Plenty of wMatsui ❤ This is most likely going to be my last update till graduation so, please do enjoy and look forward to the future updates~ ❤



SKE All Girl’s Private School – Chapter 26


“Here,” Rena smiled at the girl and handed her a face towel she just wetted from the hot water tap in the bathroom, “It’s warm.”


“Arigatou,” Jurina took the face towel, wiped the tear streaks off from her face before handing it back to Rena.


Rena shook her head and took the towel from the girl’s hand. “Not like that,” Rena said and draped the towel over Jurina’s face, covering it completely with the towel.


“Re—!!” Jurina’s words were muffled as the hot towel was draped over her face, every corner of its warmth seeping slowly into Jurina’s skin.


“Steam has the ability to relax one’s face muscles,” Rena said as she slowly massaged Jurina’s temples, “It can help put someone to sleep to.”


Jurina agreed, “It can… I’m feeling sleepy already…”


Rena allowed the towel to stay there for a little while more before she cleaned Jurina’s face and took it off, “That is only because you didn’t sleep well last night. How about getting a bit of rest now? We will go for some food later.”


Jurina shook her head and slowly climbed into her bed, “Iya da. I don’t want to go downstairs.”


Rena looked at the girl, “But you need to eat don’t you? It’s lights out soon.”


“If I see Mizuki, I won’t be able to eat,” Jurina stated as she hid her head under her blankets.


“Shikata nai na…” Rena sighed as she kneeled down on the floor and dragged a suitcase out from under her bed. “My emergency collection of food in case of time that I can’t find any food,” Rena proudly opened her suitcase and revealed many individually packed food.


Curious at the sound of plastic wrapping brushing against each other, Jurina poked her head out of her blanket and found a melonpan held up right in front of her face. “What’s this?” Jurina asked as sat up and took the bread in her hand.


“It’s melonpan!” Rena smiled brightly at the girl and locked her suitcase again before sliding it back under her bed.


“I know that,” Jurina said and looked at Rena again, “But why do you have a suitcase filled with these???”


Rena smiled sheepishly, “Ehe… In case I get hungry during the night you know. I don’t get hungry often… but sometimes it’s good to have some just in case. I actually just remembered its existence.”


Jurina gave a light chuckle and took the bread, “Poor bread…” Turning it around, Jurina looked at the package of the melonpan over and over again. Her eyes widened and she turned to Rena with a shocked look, “Rena-chan… How long have you had these in your suitcase…?”

“Oh, a while. Why?” Rena asked.

Jurina looked at the girl and forced out a smile, “The expiry date… was two years ago…”

“Eh!!!???” Rena snatched the package and looked at the printing on it before falling onto the floor, “My babies…”

Jurina laughed, “Your babies?”

Rena quickly closed her mouth and put the expired melonpan on her desk before jumping onto her bed and hiding under her blankets, “No! Y-You just misheard me!”

“Oh yeah?” Jurina smirked as she made her way to Rena’s bed and in one quick movement pulled the blanket off Rena’s bed, revealing the embarrassed girl underneath, “So if I misheard you calling the melonpan your babies, why are you hiding?”

“Ah!!” Rena pulled her pillow over her face and curled into a ball on her bed, “I’m not hiding!! The room is just too bright! Too bright!!”

“Sure sure,” Jurina grinned as she threw Rena’s blanket back onto Rena’s bed. Just as Jurina was about to tease the girl again, a synchronized strange grumbling sound cut through the air. Jurina froze and blinked, as did the girl on the bed with her pillow still stuffed in her face. Slowly, Rena cautiously lowered the pillow and allowed her eyes to focus on the mischievous grin on the girl’s face.

“Want to go grab some food?”


“Jurina, I really don’t think this is a very good idea,” Rena whispered to the girl who just pushed her behind the pillar as a beam of light swung towards them down the hallway, slowly growing in size as the light moved closer.

Jurina waited for the security to pass the hallway and turned the corner before speaking again, “I think this is actually really fun. C’mon!” Taking hold of Rena’s hand again, Jurina pulled the girl across to the other side of the hallway and pushed opened the giant doors and snuck inside.

“Jurina! Slow down!” Rena urged the girl to slow down when the girl released her hand and moved into the dining hall. The inability to see the girl within her sight made Rena quickened her pace to catch up with the surprisingly exciting girl.

The energetic girl slid across the floor and stopped herself just outside off the kitchen area. Turning around, Jurina gave a quick wave to the girl before flipping on the light in the kitchen area and going straight for the fridge. “Look what I found!” Jurina triumphantly held up a bowl of spaghetti like a trophy.

Rena tiptoed closer and took at the look at the bowl, “Um Jurina, that’s the cook’s food.”

Jurina scoffed and shut the door with the back of her feet as she proceed to unwrap the bowl in her hand, “Oh please, they can always cook more. I mean, they could probably cook so much they can sleep in a bath filled with spaghetti if they wanted to.”

“Ew~” Rena scrunched up her face at the image of the cooks dipping into a bath of spaghetti and meat sauce, “That is gross.”

Jurina grinned at Rena’s comment and placed the bowl into the microwave in the kitchen. Turning around to one of the many drawers in the area, Jurina took out two forks and moved to another drawer nearby where she took out two paper napkins.

“How…” Rena stared at the girl, “…do you even know…” Rena trailed off as she became loss for words at Jurina’s ability to know where everything are placed.

Jurina chuckled as she placed the fork down on the food preparation bench in the middle of the area, “I’m a night person. I sneak around places every now and then. Especially when I can’t sleep.”

“Do you really like detentions that much?” Rena asked, knowing that if anyone caught outside of their room after lights out time, not to mention in an area they are not allowed in without supervision, they would be in massive trouble.

The microwave gave a soft ding just as Rena finished speaking. Jurina laughed and took the bowl out of the microwave and placing it on the kitchen bench, “I’ve never been caught before.” Pulling out two foldable chairs from the gap between the fridge and the wall, Jurina opened one of them and placed it next to Rena, “Here.”

“T-Thank you…” Rena blushed slightly at the gentleman-like gesture from the girl and took a seat as she gave the bowl a quick whiff, admiring how simple microwaved spaghetti can smell so nice. The hunger clawing at both of them probably made the wonderful smell of the food multiplied.

Jurina sat herself on her own chair and gave one of the forks to Rena. “Eat up~” Jurina grinned as she stabbed her fork into the red coloured spaghetti and twisted it around to get a giant proportion of the food before slurping it up in one go, “Itadakimasu~!”

Rena giggled at Jurina’s childish face. Jurina looked up to see what Rena was laughing about only to set the girl on an even greater fit of laughter. Just as Jurina was about to ask the girl why she was laughing, Rena reached over and wiped away some of the extra sauce on Jurina’s cheek.

“Oh,” Jurina blinked before grinning and wiping away the rest of the sauce on her face with the back of her hand, “Ahahaha~ God this is embarrassing.”

“Nah,” Rena giggled and took a bite in the hot food and bluntly stated out, “That is actually quite cute.”

A silence enveloped the two as Jurina’s fork froze in mid-air at the sudden statement of the girl. Rena blinked, realizing what she just said, she just cleared her throat and continued with eating.

Jurina gave a light chuckle before looking at the bowl again, “I think that’s the first compliment from you.”

“Oh?” Rena looked up.

Jurina gave a small smile, “I heard your first impression of me isn’t very… well, good.” Rena laughed nervously and scratched the back of her head, not knowing what to say. Jurina shook her head, knowing what the confusion in Rena’s mind was. “There are a lot of ears in this school,” Jurina explained, “It would not be surprising to be able to pick up a few whispers here and there.”

“Sorry,” Rena apologized, remembering what she used to think of Jurina,”I um… I… You know, didn’t mean what I say back then. I mean, I didn’t really know you back then and…”

Jurina shook her head, “It’s okay, I understand. My attitude was really bad back then, even I would hate myself.”

Rena laughed at the light tone of the girl’s voice and felt relief that the girl did understand to a certain extent to how rude she really had been herself. Not that Rena mind much. Sure it bothered her a lot at the beginning, but knowing Jurina better now, Rena understood the girl’s action better now. Smiling lightly, Rena only shook her memories away and stabbed at the food again, only to hear a clink of metal. Rena looked down.

Jurina stopped and looked down when she heard the sound of their two forks colliding. “Ah, oh! Sorry,” Jurina apologized and withdrew her fork. With their conversation going, Jurina had failed to realize that they were already on their last bite of their midnight snack.

Rena looked at the girl and smiled, seeing the want in the girl’s eye. Twisting her fork into the spaghetti, Rena lifted up her fork and held it towards Jurina while cupping the bottom of it with her other hand in case some fall, “Here.”

“E-Eh?” Jurina looked at the girl in surprise.

“You can have the last bite,” Rena explained as she lifted the fork again towards the girl’s hesitating parted lips, “You better eat it up before I eat it.”

Without thinking, Jurina quickly leaned forward and took the entire mouthful in one go. Rena giggled and grabbed the empty bowl as she hopped off her chair and moved over to the sink to wash the used items. Suddenly a pair of arms wrapped around Rena’s slender waist and Rena felt a chin resting on her shoulder. Rena turned her head slightly to see what the girl wanted just in time to feel something soft made contact with her own lips. Rena’s eyes widened and the bowl in her hand slipped from her hand and down onto the sink, shattering into pieces.

Finally realizing what was happening, Rena drew back with a gasp and backed away a step. Seeing the look on Rena’s face, Jurina knew she overstepped her boundary again. With that reaction from the girl, Jurina too stepped backward and dropped her head slightly, “S-Sorry… I couldn’t help myself… Um… I-I will help you.”

Rena, not knowing what to say, just turned back to the broken pieces in the sink and began picking it up.

“Wait! Rena! Don’t use your ha-!” Jurina cut off half way through her sentence when she drop red crimson drops inside the sink. “Rena!” Jurina jumped forward and grabbed Rena’s hand to check the wound.

Rena looked at the dripping red on her finger tips, her mind blank. She have seen blood before, but at the exact moment, she was lost. Perhaps it was the sudden kiss that the girl stole from her or maybe she was just tired. She wasn’t really sure of anything anymore.

“Rena, what are you doing?” Jurina asked as she grabbed a paper towel and held it against the girl’s cut and pushed her down to sit on a chair, “Don’t just stand there!” Seeing that the girl was still in a small state of shock, Jurina facepalmed herself and grabbed another paper towel to pick up the remaining pieces. “Keep a hold on that cut,” Jurina ordered as she threw the shattered pieces away and quickly wash the forks and the bowl before putting them back into their respective place.

Once she finished, Jurina wiped her wet hands on one of the towels on the oven racks and crouched down next to Rena and took a look at her covered finger which was already stained red. Jurina pursed her lips and held onto Rena’s hand gently as she looked around, looking for something that could help her. In the corner of the supply room, Jurina spied a first aid kid box on the wall. “Wait here,” Jurina patted the girl’s hand and ran to the box to grab some bandage and tape.

After some long moment of struggling, Jurina finally managed to achieve some decent results with wrapping Rena’s fingers. However, no matter how she looked, the girl still wasn’t satisfied with it. The bandage made Rena’s finger looked massive and Jurina sighed before she repositioned herself to sit on the floor and begin to unwrap the bandage again. “Sorry,” Jurina apologized, “I’ve never done this before… I’m not very good at it…”

Already out of her original shock, Rena gave a small smile and just patted the girl’s hand, stopping the girl’s motion, “It’s okay, Jurina. Unwrapping it and wrapping it over and over again just makes it worse.”

Immediately, Jurina stopped and withdrew her hand, her expression matches that of a scowled puppy, “S-Sorry… It’s all my fault…”

Rena caressed the girl’s cheek and lifted the girl’s head to face her before speaking again in a soft voice, “It’s not your fault.” The two girls were lost in each other’s eyes for a short moment before suddenly the dining hall doors opened and Rena caught a flashlight flashed around the dark hall.

“Who’s there!?” the person on duty spoke up.

Snapping out of herself, Jurina quickly pulled Rena down off her chair and onto her knees and made a gesture for the girl to follow her before crawling quickly into the supply room and hid behind some sack of flours just as the patrolling adult stepped into the kitchen and turned off their flashlight. After hearing the pair of boots click against the marble floor of the kitchen a few rounds, the voice finally spoke again.

“Stupid people forgetting the light in the kitchen again…”

The kitchen light was switched off and the flashlight in the person’s hand flipped back on only to disappear out the door as the person on duty returned to their patrol around the empty hallways, leaving the two girls in complete darkness in the kitchen.

Only when no sounds were heard by either of the two girls, did Jurina finally move the sack away and stood up and brushed the white powder off her body, not that she could see if any were on her. Holding out her hands, Jurina helped pulled Rena up and slowly while feeling for the walls, led Rena out of the supply room.

“That was close,” Rena whispered as they finally exited the dining hall and could see now that there were night lights around the hallway.

Jurina nodded, “Gomen ne~ I almost got you into trouble.”

Rena just smiled and shook her head.


Back in their room across the long hallway on the other side of the boarding house, the two girls laid on their bed, one of them unable to sleep despite her lack of strength from everything. How much she would give right now to just fall asleep… Not to mention it was absolutely necessary, considering there was school tomorrow. Yet no matter how she tried, her mind was overworking and she could not calm down.

Rolling to her side, Jurina turned to stare at Rena who was facing the wall and her mind flew back to everything that happened today. She couldn’t gather her mind as to why Rena made her felt so much at ease. Jurina have never cried before in front of people. Not even Akane. Jurina don’t believe she have ever had so much fun before, even though it was just for a short time tonight. Yet Rena, a girl who she have not even know for longer than a year, compared to Akane, who she have almost known her entire life, could make her feel protected for once. All her life, she has been the ones who have been protecting others; protecting her school, protecting her friends, protecting Akane. Yet when she was alone with Rena, she didn’t feel like she needed to protect the girl… except for that time when Rena put herself out there to protect Akane… but that was not under normal circumstances.

Was this the feeling people called love? What was love anyway? Jurina never experienced love. She likes to flirt, but she never felt overly attached to anyone. Jurina liked being in the center of attention but she only give her attention back to them when she felt like it. There were heaps of girls that loved her and adored her, many whom she could have at the flick of a finger, yet Jurina never wanted any of them. But then there are always exceptions. Akane was that exception. With Akane, she only felt like she wanted to protect the girl… perhaps that too is love? But then what is the difference between her love for Akane and her love for Rena? Was it the same or was it something entirely different?

Perhaps due to some discomfort in her sleep, the girl of her attention turned around, her pale skin almost shimmering under the moonlight shining through the window. Jurina lightly gasped; not at the shock of the beauty in front of her, but more because she had not expected to witness such a scene. She had known, acknowledged and admired the beauty Rena possesses a long time ago.

Suddenly, her eyes opened. Caught unprepared by the sudden intense gaze, Jurina jumped and quickly turned to face the ceiling, her heart racing.

“Jurina…?” Rena’s quite voice spoke up as she slowly lifted her head to look at Jurina, “… are you still awake?”

“Uh…” Jurina gulped and quietly stuttered out the words, ignoring her burning cheeks, “Um… Sorry… Did I wake you up…?”

Rena shook her head in a way which Jurina found quite cute. The girl was clearly sleepy, but Jurina could tell by the girl’s wide open eyes that the girl have not even stepped into the dreamland yet. “I can’t sleep for some reason…” The girl murmured as she propped herself up with her elbow.

“Me neither,” Jurina confessed as she turned back again to look at Rena, finding the girl looking back at her with a small smile.

Rena spoke no more as she observed Jurina’s figure in the dark. Sharing a room with Jurina had allowed Rena to become closer to Jurina than any other girls at school could. Seeing her relationship with Jurina now, Rena sometimes couldn’t help but laugh at how cold Jurina had once been towards her when she first started school. Seeing the figure in front of her now, looking at her with those gentle captivating eyes like how she was looking at her right now, Rena couldn’t help the small smile that was climbing onto her face. However, when it crossed Rena’s mind that her relationship with Jurina could not have escalated to such a level if it had not been Akane, who had convinced Jurina to warm up to her, a small frown made its way onto Rena’s face.

“You are prettier when you smile, Rena-chan,” Jurina stated in a soft whisper, her own smile never leaving her face as she spoke to the girl.

Rena snapped out of her thoughts at the voice and the smile resurfaced, the smile that brought Jurina’s smile wider than before. “Sorry,” Rena whispered back, “I was just thinking about something.”

Jurina blinked at the girl, “What were you thinking about?”

Rena smiled at the girl, “When I first met you.”

Jurina let out a small laughter that sounded like wind chimes in the summer wind to Rena’s ear, bringing a small twinkling in Rena’s eyes. “Again? As I said before, bad memories, nothing good to remember. I treated you so bad back then, I feel bad when I think about it now,” Jurina laughed lightly.

Rena smile as she watched Jurina returning to the happy girl that she loved the best. She would prefer this Jurina over the crying Jurina she saw earlier, breaking down in tears. Though Rena would not deny the happiness that she felt when she saw Jurina showing such a vulnerable side to her. From what she learned from the head girl, Jurina likes to keep her strong character image in front of others. Seeing the soft side of Jurina almost made Rena feel special, even though she knew she shouldn’t be seeing something bad as something good.

“Nee, Rena-chan,” Jurina called out to the girl.

“Hmm?” Rena focused back on the girl again as she curled some of her hair behind her ear to avoid them blocking her face.

Jurina allowed the comfortable eye contact between the two to hold for a short while before the girl turned away to look at the ceiling, much to Rena’s small hidden disappointment. “Have you thought about what I asked earlier?”

Rena swallowed and turned herself too also look at the ceiling above her, “Ah… I have…”

There was a short silence between them before Jurina broke it again in a small and almost pleading voice, “I hope you won’t let anything cloud your decision… Don’t let my problems become your problems.”

Rena’s heart throbbed again at the indirect mention of Akane and the conversation Kanon had with her once again flashed back into her mind. Rena bit her bottom lip and turned around to face the wall, trying to stop the tears that were building up in her eyes. Kanon had caught her weakness. Rena never liked hurting her friends. Even at the expense of her own happiness. She might have sounded strong when she was talking back to the co-head girl, but behind the girl’s back, Rena had been more affected by her words than she looked.

‘Kanon is right…’ Rena thought to herself as a drop of tear rolled down the side of her face and onto her pillow, ‘I can’t be a selfish person and break apart the relationship between Jurina and Churi… Besides… Churi and Jurina would make a much better couple than me and Jurina… I… would never be accepted by Jurina’s friends anyway, even if Jurina accepts me… Jurina would become a loner, she would lose her friends, she would lose her popularity.’ With a knowing smile growing on her face, Rena wiped the tears away from her face and hugged her blankets closer to keep herself warm, ‘Jurina likes her popularity. I can’t take something like that away from her.’

“Actually… I think…” Rena finally spoke as she gripped tightly onto her blankets and avoid letting Jurina hear the shaking in her voice, “… we might be better off as friends…”

There was a tense and awkward silence in the dark room as the word ‘friends’ trailed off into the air. Rena didn’t have the courage to turn around to see what the girl’s reaction was. She tried to listen hard for any sign of reaction from the girl, be it breathing, shuffling on bed, or the sound of Jurina’s fingers combing through her hair… But she got nothing. Rena could hear nothing, not even her own heartbeat. As if everything was dead. As if she was dead.

Rena didn’t know how long she lied in her bed, searching outwards in her mind for a response from Jurina. In the back of her mind, she had somehow wished that Jurina had fallen asleep while she was struggling with her own thoughts, before she decided to give the girl her answer. But she knew that was not possible. Having shared a room with Jurina for so long, Rena learned that Jurina’s breathing is rather audible when she sleeps, though it was not as loud as some snoring that she once heard from the room next door. And if she cannot hear the girl’s breathing, most likely, the girl was not asleep.

Rena didn’t call out to the girl, and Jurina never gave any response. Just like that, waiting unknowingly for how long, Rena slowly felt her eyelids grew heavier. She tried to fight it, still waiting for Jurina to say something, but she gave up in the end. Perhaps, if she had fought against sleeping just for a bit more, Rena might just have heard the muffled sniffling that came from the other side of the room. If Rena had stayed awake for just slightly longer, or even turned her head in the beginning, she might have been able to catch glimpse of the moonlight reflecting off the small trail of tears on her roommate’s face. But Rena noticed nothing, and simply succumbed to sleep.


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  1. heeeeeeeeeeeeey!!! NOOOOO RENA!! What are she doing!! Don´t say no to Jurina!!

  2. PAIN! Gosh, this ending was really sad, I feel bad about Rena and Jurina, gosh, why Kanon had to say those things? I hope for the things end well for Wmatsui on the end ;___;

  3. Oh no! That was sad. Why Rena? i hope in the end wmatsui could be together 😥

  4. oh god I was waiting so much that I loose hope but today I checked about I find it!! you updated SAGPS!!! My favourite fanfic!! T_T
    wait it was from october or november the last update
    it will takes years T_T
    I was happy to see this chapter all for wmatsui but why!! why Rena had to think like that she loves Jurina right!?
    if we love someone we should fight for it
    and nobody’s (Kanon) words will change it
    but still I’m happy to see you updating this story even I’m a bite late to see it~
    Tako-san goodluck in your exams ! I have graduation too ^^
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