The Personal Bodyguard (Chapter 16)



Yossha! I managed to finish writing this TPB chapter! Yay! It’s a bit short compared to my usual TPB chapters, but hey, my brain is dying already aha~ I hope you guys like this….? Excuse the use of language in this chapter thought please, I mean, I didn’t use any swear words, but the girls do use quite rough languages tehe~ Enjoy! ❤



“Rena-chan, you are going to catch a cold out here,” a girl popped her head out of the opened hatch leading to the top of the watchtower, exposed to the howling wind, “Let’s go back downstairs.”


The princess ignored her servant and continued to gaze out at the now closed gate of the Sakae city. Gazing far into the shadows of the land where Kumi and her troop had gone away to, and where soon Jurina will come back from.


Imade stared at the princes and sighed, “Rena-chan, you haven’t eaten anything this week but half a melonpan. They are not going to be back that soon you know… You can’t just wait here for an entire two weeks until they get back without eating anything.”


Rena brushed the snow off the sleeves of her kimono and resumed her previous position of staring into the distance with her cheeks rested on her arm, “Leave me alone.”


“Jurina wouldn’t want to see you like this,” Imade stated, trying to make herself sound as convincing as possible, “You know that, right?” Seeing Rena tense at the mention of Jurina’s name, Imade knew she caught Rena’s attention. In a softer voice, Imade continued, “Come back inside, Rena-chan? I will heat up your dinner for you.”


Rena pushed herself off the edge of the watchtower and brushed the snow off the rest of her kimono, “I’m not hungry.” And without waiting for her servant to reply to her, Rena turned back around and climbed down the top of the watch tower to return to her room, just as she had been doing for the last few days ever since Kumi had left with the best troops in Sakae to Akihabara, chasing after Jurina.




The frozen hand tightened around the girl’s clothes as she tried to hold down the pain that was stabbing her from the inside, from where she was stabbed previously. Leaning against a nearby tree, Jurina tried to divert her attention to somewhere else rather than the pain. Slowing sliding down onto the floor while taking deep breaths, she tried to calm herself down and ignore the cold from the snow that was slowly dampening her clothes and seeping through the material. Suddenly, something swayed in the cold blast of winter wind, catching Jurina’s attention from the corner of her eyes.


Looking down and seeing what the object was, Jurina’s eyes shone in happiness. Tracing the herb with shaky fingers, Jurina remembered specifically that Airi had told her once that this was one of the special type of grass which had an effect of numbing one’s physical sense of feel. Jurina closed her eyes and whispered words of thanks to Airi, letting the wind carry away her thankfulness as she dug on the hard ground with as much strength as she could muster and pulled the grass from its roots and the frozen soil. Without a second thought, Jurina bit down onto the grass hard and swallowed the plant while trying hard not to throw up at the horrible taste of it.


Jurina sat back down properly and allowed the effect of the plant to fly through her blood stream and already, Jurina could feel herself unable to feel any more pain. She couldn’t even feel her own hand on her chest. She won’t deny it; it felt weird to not be able to feel anything. But nonetheless, Jurina was glad that the pain was gone for now. The effect of the grass almost made her feel like her blood circulation was cut and she couldn’t feel her arms or legs even if she can see they are moving. Not caring about anything else, Jurina grabbed a big bunch of the grass that was growing next to the tree she was leaning against right now and tied them up into a bundle with a quickly made string from the frozen tree bark that Jurina had peeled off using her dagger.


Satisfied, Jurina finally put the bundle into the pocket in her hood and pushed herself off the ground. Brushing off the snow, Jurina took a deep breath, wrapped her hood closer against her skin and continued her journey. Turning her head slight, Jurina looked back and was glad that she could no longer see the Sakae city wall. The entire city was now completely out of sight. Even if she regretted her decision, Jurina knew she could not go back, and this thought fuel her determination up to finishing her journey.


Jurina listened to the snow crunch under her boots as she continued her way into the forest which she remembered as one of the places she and Airi had rested in before on their way from Akihabara to Sakae. The area was too quiet – with no sound of bird chirping, troops marching, or people talking. It has been a long time since Jurina have given her ears some rest like this. However, perhaps her ears have grown too used to the music of Sakae that she for some reason, was beginning to find the silence she had previously enjoyed, empty.


Avoiding from having herself grow insane in this silence, Jurina tried to recall her memories in Sakae and keep her mind filled with sounds and music. Jurina really enjoyed staying in Sakae, more than she would expect. Even in her state of what the Emperor of Sakae had called a privileged prisoner. Rena was really nice to her, despite what she had done to her in the past. The girl’s friendliness however, sometimes made Jurina feel nothing but guilt. But nonetheless, even though most of the castle usually fell quiet in her presence, except for Yuria, having Rena accompanying her during those time was more than enough. She did prefer silence of voices with no sounds but music and the sound of nature anyway. It was something that Rena respected and gave her heaps. Jurina could still remembered that one time when Rena began to sing along to one of the songs that someone on the street was singing, and Jurina could remember being drawn to the girl’s voice like bees were attracted to honey. Jurina also remembered the tint of pink on Rena’s cheek when she realized she was singing and the image brought a smile back on her face. Perhaps when everything was over, Jurina might just consider going back to Sakae… if she survived, that was.




“Konnichiwa, okyaku-sama. Please have a seat and order whatever you would like to eat.”


Jurina kept her hood wrapped around her head and sat herself down on the wooden stool as she released the breathe that she had been holding onto unconsciously the moment she took a step back inside the Akihabara city.


“Here is some tea,” the server returned and placed a steaming cup of green tea in front of Jurina, “what would you like to order?”


“A bowl of ramen please,” Jurina placed her order. She haven’t eaten in a while and she was already beginning to be hungry. She was lucky to have found some wild horses on her way to Akihabara, despite it being in the middle of winter, shortening her trip to this city.


“A bowl of ramen!” the server shouted to the kitchen and a bell rang from the kitchen, signaling that the order was heard. Turning back to Jurina, the server gave a smile, “Please wait for a while, it won’t take long.”


Within probably around five minutes or so, the server returned with a bowl of freshly made ramen. Jurina had already lost track of time in the snow. She don’t even know how long she had been away from Sakae now. Jurina thanked the server as she placed the bowl in front of her and left.


“Itadakimasu,” Jurina whispered and took a pair of chopsticks from the box. Not bothering to wait for the food to cool down slightly first, Jurina took a bite into the ramen and swallowed the hot food, hoping that she will finally have something to settle the empty feeling in her stomach. However, the moment the food slid down her throat, Jurina felt her chest burn. Her chopsticks slid from her hand and clattered onto the floor.


Seeing the sudden strange behavior, the previous server who was standing nearby, came back and looked at Jurina with concern, “Okyaku-sama, are you okay?”


Jurina held out her hand to stop the server from coming in but before she could say anything, she suddenly felt a big stabbing feeling in her chest and she choked on the noodles she was swallowing, causing her to cough, earning many curious stares from other customers.


A small scream escaped the server’s lips when Jurina suddenly coughed out a mouthful of red into the food. Clenching onto her chest, Jurina’s legs grew weak and she collapsed onto the floor.




“I-I’m f-fine!” Jurina pushed herself back up with one arm and pushed the server away with the other, “L-Leave me alone!” Reaching into her pocket, Jurina threw the server the silver for the food and then rushed out, leaving behind her barely touched red ramen and keeping her hood tightly wrapped around her head.


Jurina tried to avoid the crowd and turned right into one of the alleyway and leaned against the wall, choking on the pain again and coughing out yet another mouthful of blood. She punched herself on the chest, hoping that somehow it will reduce the pain, and reached into her pocket for the grass, only to find that there was barely anything remaining.


“Better little than nothing!” Jurina whimpered to herself as she desperately picked out the little pieces of grass in her pocket and swallowed the pieces. Then a thought came into her head in the midst of her panicking: there should be some herbs back home! There may be a chance that her mother kept a drawer of this kind of grass! Despite knowing that Airi had once told Jurina that the grass was very hard to find around Akihabara, Jurina still pushed herself off the wall, wiped her mouth and ran as fast as she could back home.


Despite the pain, Jurina’s feet brought her back home and Jurina pushed open the door without hesitation only to find a shocking scene in front of her. She expected it to be empty, but she didn’t expect it to be something like this! Tables were over turned, chairs on the other side of the room, all the drawers where the herbs were stored were all opened or worst, its contents all poured out and spewed all over the floor, dried up and trampled on.


Stumbling over to the other rooms, Jurina was no longer surprised to find the rest of the rooms to be in the same state. But Jurina couldn’t move from the last room she checked, her entire being frozen outside the door to her mother’s room. Not only was the bed empty, but there was also a large dried blood stain on the floor, the darkened colour obviously indicating that this has been an event that happened a long time ago. Jurina’s hands unconsciously clenched into fists, her pain long forgotten as she stared at the blood.


“Togasaki…” Jurina gritted her teeth, “I’ll kill you even if it costs me my life…”




“W-Who are y-AAAAARGH!” A dagger hit straight at the guard’s throat, blood spurting out at the masked and hooded attacker.


“Stop! Yo-“ The next guard fell on his knee when the same dagger that had been in his comrade’s throat was withdrawn and thrown at him between his eyes. Blood dripped down from the wound as the guard collapsed.


The attacker removed the dagger from the guard’s face and wiped the blood on their armor, returning them to the sheath strapped on her ankle. Before the attacker could take another step forward however, she suddenly felt a pain on her shoulder. Looking down, the attacker was greeted with the sight of an arrow sticking out just in her shoulder. And just as the hooded figure spun around, her face came into contact with a hard military boot and the figure flew across the courtyard. No time was given for recovery as she felt a boot step onto her back and her arms’ movements restricted by the force that was holding her down. Suddenly, she was pulled off the ground roughly and her blurred sight were greeted by yet another kick into her stomach, multiplying the pain that she was already troubled by within her body, casuign her consciousness to begin to slip in and out.


“What kind of stray cat do we have here?” A mocking voice spoke, “Isn’t this the black cat Matsui? What? Ran out of food and finally decided to come back home for more?” There was a string of laughter ringing all around the captive but she could do nothing. There was no strength left in her body as the pain became too great. “Let’s bring this cat back to its master and see what punishment he has for her,” the voice spoke again, this time in a more serious tone.




A bucket of water splashed onto the chained figure on the wall, waking her up immediately. The girl shook her head and tried to forced her eyes open.


“Ara ara, the stray cat is finally. Call the emperor.”


“No need to call,” a familiar deep voice announced, “I am here.”


There was a sudden grab on her chin, forcing her to face upward at the man who spoke, the very same man who she had come back to look for. “Matsui Jurina,” the emperor called out the girl’s name.


Jurina gathered what remaining blood she had that she could still spit out and spat it at the emperor, earning herself a beating from the guards. Togasaki wiped the blood from his face in disgust and annoyance and clicked his fingers. New guards made their way into the dungeon, carrying behind them two prisoners, their chains clattering against each other.


“Give the old lady a wakeup call,” Togasaki pointed to one of the prisoner and commanded.


One of the guards unsheathed his sword and smoothly stabbed it into the prisoner next to him, causing the woman to cry out in pain, instantly awake. Jurina’s eyes widened and her head shot right back up at the sourced of the scream. “M-Mother!” Jurina called out when she finally saw her mother again after so long. Hearing her mother’s painful scream, Jurina glared at the emperor who seemed to be enjoying the show, “Togasaki you bastard! Let my mother go! It is me you want isn’t it! You have me! Now let my mother go!”


Togasaki grinned and moved over to Jurina’s mother, tracing his rough finger on the woman’s skin as he laughed, “What do you take me for? A businessman? No, Jurina, I’m no businessman. I don’t bargain. I am god, my dear girl. I make the rules and you abide by them. I gave you an opportunity before but you took my offer as a joke and ignored it. What makes you think the offer is still there?” Jurina gritted her teeth again as she watched Togasaki suddenly grab her mother’s hair in a forceful tug, “Your mother definitely deserves more than just your traitorous father.” With that being said, Togasaki shoved the woman’s head back down onto the floor, the sound of impact of the woman’s head against the floor echoing through the dungeon.


“Don’t you dare speak of my parents like that Togasaki! You don’t know anything about them!” Jurina shouted.


“Oh? And you do?” Togasaki looked at the girl with an amused look, “What do you know of your father? Did you know that your father used to work for me? Do you have any idea how many people he has killed under my command? Your father was a killer, Jurina, just like you are now. It was your mother’s bad luck meeting him. But then perhaps, it might have been your father’s bad luck for meeting a useless woman such as your mother.”


“Shut up! SHUT UP!” Jurina yelled at the emperor, thrashing out her chained arms and legs at useless attempts of making the man stop his words of torture, “You don’t know anything about my father! He was the greatest man I know! He gave up his life to save our village! He gave up everything! You say he was a killer!? Than what about yourself!? What does that make you then!? How many people have you killed!? How many death have been caused by you!? How many family have been destroyed by you!?”


“I’m god remember?” Togasaki laughed, “God is the game maker. Have you never heard people say that the rule makers are usually the ones that breaks the rule?”


“Monster,” Jurina spat.


Togasaki smiled, “So I have been called by many.” Rubbing his hands together, Togasaki cleared his throat and spoke in a clearer and louder voice, “So, first punishment, Jurina, I am going to make you regret turning against me. I am going to make you suffer more than your father ever did.” One of the guards walked forward and lifted up a tray for him and Togasaki took the dagger placed on the tray, a black weirdly shaped dagger with an extremely wide hollow hilt which Jurina has never seen before. Togasaki looked at Jurina’s slightly fearful look and grinned, “This is a special present I keep near me. It’s an amazing weapon if I do say so myself. I used to carry it around, but I stopped when it seemed like people seems to be scared when they see it. I wonder why…” Trailing off his words and without warning, the man stabbed the twisted weapon into Jurina’s mother’s heart and immediately, dark crimson liquid began to flow out of the hollow hilt. Jurina stared at the blade in horror, unable to comprehend with what was happening.


“The blade has been altered,” Togasaki explained, “Made in such a way that it is completely hollow on the inside. The tip of the blade also carefully crafted in a way where it is still possible for liquid to flow through while at the same time, the blade will still be sharp enough to stab people. I call this piece of artwork, the Bloodflow.”




Jurina’s tears began streaming down her face as she watched her mother’s skin grow paler and paler with each passing second, “Mother…”


“Juri… na…” Unable to speak anymore, her mother’s head limped forward and the guards dropped the dead body onto the ground as the emperor retrieved the dagger and moved towards Jurina.


“How was that for a punishment, Jurina?” Togasaki asked as he wiped the outside of the blade on Jurina’s shirt, “Still ready to go against me again?”


Jurina stared at her mother’s body, no words could be formed in her mind. She couldn’t grasp what was happening, and she couldn’t understand. Why did her mother have to die? It should be her in her mother’s place. Why was everything happening the way it was?


Togasaki grinned, “What, no answer? Too stunned?” Seeing no reaction from Jurina, Togasaki turned around to the other guard and signaled to the other prisoner, “Wake the other Matsui.”


The guards threw the prisoner on the floor and kicked the female awake until she began to cough. The prisoner looked up and saw Jurina chained to the wall. “J-Jurina!” the prisoner called out in surprise.


Jurina looked at the other prisoner and saw the female captain still alive, looking at her, “Sa… Sakiko…”


Sakiko looked around and gasped when she saw Jurina’s mother dead on the floor. Sakiko turned and glared at Togasaki, her eyes full of hatred, “You bastard!”


Togasaki fiddled with the dagger in front of him and shrugged, “Again, something that many people call me nowadays.”


Sakiko chuckled, ‘Maybe then you should go and look in the mirror and wonder why people call you that.” Her words earning herself a punch in the face and with Togasaki laughing as he placed the dagger back on the tray where the inside of the blade itself was still dripping with blood.


“And you, should bear in mind who you are speaking to before you speak,” Togasaki reminded the girl.


Suddenly, a solider came barging into the dungeon, causing Togasaki to look up in annoyance. Desperate for an audience, the soldier did not even say anything but just dropped to his knees and looked at the emperor, “M-My lord! S-Sakae! S-Sakae is here!”


Togasaki looked back at the soldier, surprise on his face for the first time, “What?”


“T-The troops! T-They are inside the wall!” the soldier frantically replied, “They are coming towards the castle!”


Togasaki shouted, “Where the hell are the fighters!?”


“They are intercepting them! B-But they are all destroyed, my lord,” the soldier fearfully reported, “And all the ranks of the gladiators are out of the city at the moment plundering the Namba villages!”


“USELESS!” Togasaki roared, “Release the elite hunting squad! Let’s see them fight against my finest creations!”


“B-But my lor-“


Jurina cuts in with a weak laughter, ‘forgotten already, Togasaki? I wiped your elite squad’s existence off their feet the first and the last time they set their feet into Sakae. You’ve lost, Togasaki.”


“Shut up!” Togasaki grabbed the dagger and threw it at Jurina, hitting her in the stomach.


Jurina gasped, not expecting such a reaction to come from the emperor. The girl bit her lip as she tried to hold in the overwhelming pain from not just the poison, but also the dagger now.


“Jurina!” Sakiko yelled out.


“My lord, what do we do!?” The soldier urged some plans from their emperor.


One of the guards spoke up and gave a bold suggestion, “We could set the army on them?”


Another guard also spoke up and gave his opinion, “My lord, how about we retreat for now and then co-“


Togasaki turned to the men and glared at them, silencing them immediately with his words, “Shut up! All of you!”


The soldiers stopped speaking and Sakiko noticed a change in the soldiers’ expression and grinned, “Togasaki, you should really stop treating your troops like that. At this rate, if your troops turn against you, you will have no one.”


Togasaki laughed, “My men will never dare to turn against me.”


Sakiko gave a smile, “Really?” Looking at each of the guard, Sakiko continued, addressing the words indirectly at the soldiers, “Even if they knew they will die if they don’t surrender? Tel me Togasaki, do you really believe that at the last minute, your men will choose you over the option to live? Togasaki, this is the time when karma will get back at you… You treated your men poorly in the past, if they betray you now and surrender to Sakae in exchange for their freedom, not only will they be forgiven, they will most likely be sympathized rather than hated.” Sakiko noticed the slight falter in the men who were obviously listening to Sakiko’s words and she couldn’t help but let a small victorious smile appear on her face.


However, Togasaki also noticed the change and immediately barked at the men, “Don’t you even think about it! You will suffer a lot worse if you betray me.”


One of the man backed away a step and began to mumble to himself, “B-But if Sakae win… then, my lord… you…”


“Wouldn’t be alive to punish them,” Sakiko conveniently finished the man’s sentence for him.


Togasaki’s eyes widened with anger and he drew his katana, pointing it at the man, “How dare you even think about that!?”


“A king should never draw arm against his own vessels,” Sakiko spoke, “His vessels make up his power. A king without an army is nothing.”


Sakiko suddenly felt the chain behind her unlock and they fell with a loud clink. Sakiko smiled at the guard who threw the chain aside while massaging her bruised wrist. Togasaki watched his men’s action in disbelief, “How dare you…”


Sakiko smiled, “Karma, Togasaki. Karma always gets back at you.”


Before any of them realized, footsteps were heard outside, growing louder with each step. Everyone could hear people running down the stairs and into the dungeon. Armors of white and gold began to pour into the dungeon. Seeing the sudden brightness of candle light reflecting off the new armor stained with blood, Togasaki’s men immediately backed away and threw away their weapon, surrendering. Togasaki looked around and panic began to flow in his eyes.


Kumi entered last, along with Yuria. Kumi’s sword was stained with blood and so was Yuria’s lance. The two looked around the area before Kumi’s eyes settled on the unchained prisoner and her eyes widened, “S-Sakiko…”


Sakiko turned around and happiness burst within her when she recognized the girl standing in front of her, “Kuumin…”


Kumi gave a warm smile, “You survived…”


Sakiko nodded, “I did…”


Leaving the catching up conversations for later, Kumi turned to Togasaki and pointed her sword at him, “Surrender, Togasaki.”


Unable to let go off his pride, despite being corned like a rat, Togasaki spit and gripped his katana tightly in his hand, “Surrender to the likes of you? Never!”


“Then release Jurina and Sakiko, and we will let you go free.”


Togasaki laughed, “Let me go free? Like hell you would! If I give them up now, you would just turned around and stab me!”


Yuria scoffed as she stabbed her lance into the ground and leaned against it, “Not everyone is like you.”


Kumi looked around and saw a dead body of an unknown woman and then her eyes caught sight of Jurina behind the emperor, chained onto the wall and the commander immediately made her way over. Now that she was up close, Kumi was able to notice the large blood loss the girl was suffering from. “Jurina,” Kumi called for the girl’s response, “Can you hear me?” Receiving no answer, Kumi bend down and observed Jurina’s face, only to find the girl’s eyes staring at nothing, her consciousness slipping in and out.


Kumi’s grip tightened around the hilt of her sword as she spoke to Togasaki, “You are so lucky our command was only to do everything we can to bring back Jurina. If not, I really would have love to destroy you right here and then.” With two smooth strokes, Kumi cut broken Jurina’s chain and caught the girl just before she fell onto the floor. Kumi pulled out the dagger and threw the dagger away in disgust, its appearance striking a familiar image in Kumi’s head as the same dagger that she had seen strapped onto the man that was present at both hers and Sakiko’s fathers’ execution. In the back of her mind, Kumi could already draw conclusions and see the relationship between Togasaki, the dagger and their fathers.


“Only a man of such an evil mind could create a weapon such as this,” Kumi shook her head as she sheathed her sword. Turning to Sakiko, Kumi looked at the girl up and down, looking for any sign of serious injury, “Sakiko, can you manage?”


Sakiko nodded and with the support of one of the soldier, prepared to walk out of the dungeon. Suddenly remembering something however, Sakiko stopped the soldier and called out towards the commander, “Wait, Kuumin.”


Kumi lifted Jurina up, trying to avoid worsening the condition of Jurina’s wound, “Yeah?”


Sakiko gestured towards the dead body on the floor and mouthed a few words to the girl, “Jurina’s mother.”


Kumi eyed the body and then moved to looked at the barely conscious being in her arm. After a small and quick debate in her mind, Kumi gestured towards her men to carry the dead body out before making her way slowly towards Yuria who had already picked up her lance again and was ready to go back.


Sakiko took one last look at Togasaki who was looking at them, his katana still drawn. One of the abandoned sword on the floor flashed in Sakiko’s eye and the girl looked at the sword and then back at Togasaki. The clear memory of her father being executed in front of her resurfaced along with the faces of her slaughtered team mates. Sakiko clenched her fists and began to feel herself losing to the urge to pick up that sword.


“Sakiko,” Kumi called towards the girl, noticing the change in her friend’s expression, “Not now.” Finally, Sakiko tore her eyes away from the weapon and from Togasaki.


“You will regret leaving me alive tonight!” Togasaki yelled form the depth of the dungeon as the troops began to slowly make their way back upstairs.


“We don’t regret anything,” Kumi replied coolly, “Letting you live, seeing your troops slowly leave you behind, gives us no regret. Betrayal is painful, Togasaki. And we will make you learn to treat your men nicer, the hard way.”


“What should we do with Togasaki’s guard?” Yuria asked as she pointed at the man who were still kneeling at the side of the dungeon, eyeing Togasaki in fear.


Kumi thought for a while then just shrugged and waved to a few of the men that were still here, “take them back to Sakae for now. We will sort out something when we get back. Leaving them behind will just be leaving them to their death.” The soldiers grabbed the men and led them outside.


“Thank god our horses are right upstairs,” Yuria sighed with relief as she slowly made her way back upstairs.


Kumi on the other side, said nothing as she stepped out of the stairs and back onto the surface into the bloody night air. Kumi wrenched her nose at the unusual smell in the air and jumped on her horse while placing Jurina securely in front of her on the saddle. “Let’s get back to Sakae before Togasaki’s big army returns,” Kumi said, kicking the side of her horse to a start and gripping onto the reins tightly as they sped out of the castle.


Sakiko took one last look at the castle behind her, the castle where she had spent almost her entire life working undercover in. Many memories were made and friendships and bonding with her team members… but knowing that none of them were alive any longer, knowing that they are all now in a safe place in heaven watching over her, Sakiko don’t regret having made the decision to come to this castle. Nor does she regret leaving this castle behind now because she know soon she will come back and finally put an end to everything.


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  1. Thank You!!
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  3. I confess that I took a time until have enough courage to read this chapter, I was afraid about how thes things was going to happen. I’m surprised that Kuumin and Sakiko decided to leave Togasaki alive, if they killed him the they would won the war, hum, well I guess that there’s a reason for them doing such decision after all. Thanks for the update Tako-chan.

    • Aha~ Juribait-san~ ❤ ALways look forward to your comments~ ❤ If the girls left Togasaki there then where will the story be la~ But don't you worry, Togasaki will meet his end soon~ The story is ending soon dakara ne~ Please do look forward to the next update~ ❤ I'm definitely looking forward to the next time you comment! (^0^)/

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