SKE All Girl’s Private School (Chapter 25)


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Rena stopped dead in her track and blinked before rubbing the side of her face along with her ears, wondering if she had just misheard something. Turning around, Rena saw her friend facing her, her hands now by her side and her gaze slowly lowering towards her own feet.

“A-Airin…?” Rena stammered out the words.

Airi kept her eyes on the floor, fearing to look up to see what the look on Rena’s face would be like. She could almost feel Rena’s eyes boring onto her figure. Airi really wished in that second that she had not done what she did just then. Or, Rena had not heard at all what she had said. But obviously, it was too late.

“Airin…” Rena called to the girl, slowly making her ways back to her friend, “Did… you say something…?”

Airi took a deep breath. It was too late to back out now, and Airi knew Kanako was right. She had to make the first move. If she doesn’t do anything, then she doesn’t get anything. She had already taken half a step, she might as well as finish what she started. Shaking her head and blinking a few times, Airi rubbed her cheeks with her palms before looking back up at Rena with renewed determination in her eyes that Rena had never seen before.

“M-Matsui Rena,” Airi called out for Rena with her full name, no honorific, for the first time. This gained Rena’s full attention and the taller girl looked back with curiosity. “I…” Airi slowly began, choosing each of her words carefully, hoping that Rena would understand her, “I…um… I… like you.”

Rena blinked a few times as Airi fell silent, looking as if she was deep in thought. Rena’s mind blanked out for a while as her brain refused to move. Then disappointing Airi, Rena replied with a small smile on her face, “I like Airin too. I have always liked Airin. From the first day we met when you lend me the map an-“

“T-That’s not what I meant!” Airi rudely interrupted Rena, causing Rena to jump back slightly in surprise. The girl had never interrupted anyone while they were speaking before, let alone Rena. “S-Sorry,” Airi quickly apologized, realizing what she had done. “But… I meant like,” Airi began again, “I really like you, Rena-san. I like you more than anyone else. I like you more than… a friend… I… like you more than I should…” Clawing at her own hair and messing up her own ponytail, Airi groaned in frustration as she saw Rena staring at her, knowing that she had screwed up.



Airi stopped her movement when she felt something warm clasped over her trembling hands. Letting the warmth bring her hands back down in front of her, Airi’s eyes focused onto the warmth. Her heart frantically beat against her chest, threatening to break out of her skin as she looked at the hands that were closing around her own.

“Airin, look at me.”

Airi swallowed a mouthful of air before she looked back up at Rena, already expecting to see rejection in the girl’s eyes. However, instead of rejection, she found Rena’s eyes to be unreadable. It wasn’t rejection that Airi saw in Rena’s eyes, but it wasn’t acceptance either. It was something Airi had never seen before… something alien to Airi… Airi saw confusion in Rena’s eyes. Confusion and fear. Like the eyes of a child lost in a maze, not knowing where to go, but refusing to call out for help.

“Airin… I…” Rena sighed and looked down, not knowing how to get her words out. Everything was happening too fast. Too much was happening too fast. Not long ago, it was Jurina who had confessed to her, and now Airi. Rena really didn’t know what to do. Both were her friends, and both were special to her. Rena valued her friendships with the two, if that can also be said as her relationship with Jurina, more than any of her other friends. But Rena really wasn’t sure if that specialness was love or just simply really close friendship. Rena wasn’t going to give a reply without seriously thinking through. However, unlike for Jurina, Rena for some reason, couldn’t get the words out to Airi and ask the girl for some time to think. The words were stuck in her throat. It was as if one side of her mind was willing her to take the girl in her arms immediately and response positively to the girl’s confession, but the other side of her mind was pulling Jurina’s confession back in front of all reason.

Airi silently sighed in defeat as she looked at the troubled look on Rena’s face. She knew it. Shaking her head, Airi forced out a small smile back at at Rena, “N-Nevermind me, Rena-san. Don’t worry. Pretend nothing happened. I was just um… Talking to myself. Eto… You heard nothing just then, it was just… Yeah…. Ano… I should…” Without finishing her sentence, Airi backed away a step and quickly ran away, almost tripped over her own shoes as she disappeared.

“W-Wait, Airin!” Rena called after the girl but was too late. Airi dashed off deeper into the school before Rena could even grab her arm. Rena had never seen Airi run so fast before. Sighing again, Rena dropped onto the floor, feeling completely exhausted. Mentally drained from the millions of thoughts that were going through her mind.

“What on earth is going on with everyone today…?” Rena mumbled to herself as she shook her head, rewinding the two events that had just occurred in the past hour. A sudden breeze brushed across Rena’s skin, reminding her that she was still outdoor. Knowing that she will get a cold if she stayed outside, she might as well as go back inside. Maybe she could go back inside and find Airi and tell her that she needed some time to think about things. It was clear that the girl had taken her response as a rejection, and Rena really didn’t want Airi to misunderstand. Pushing herself off the floor, Rena straightened up the wrinkles on her clothes before making her way back to the boarding facility.


Jurina slammed her fist against her stomach as it rumbles again due to her hunger. She still haven’t eaten breakfast yet, thanks to Mizuki making the big problem even bigger. Moved her jaw slightly and winced when she could still feel a slight throbbing from where Mizuki punched her.

“Damn that idiot…” Jurina cursed under her breath as she massaged her face, hoping to get rid of the pain somehow through some magical power.

Before Jurina realized, her feet had already brought her to the place to fulfill her need. Her hand smoothly pushed open the door to the dining hall as Jurina’s mind wondered if the kitchen staff members were still there. If not, Jurina would probably just ditch breakfast. She wasn’t really in the mood to make her own breakfast. However, instead of walking into the dining hall, Jurina stopped in her track and kept herself hidden as she heard some recognizable voices speaking from within.

“Look, Churi, just forget about her okay? She is just being a jerk.”

“Churi, you know Jurina didn’t mean to right?”

“Are you siding with Jurina, Masanya? If she really didn’t mean it, that idiot would’ve came and apologize already.”

“What about you then, Mizuki? You haven’t even apologized to her for punching her yet. I heard from the other girls already. You punched her in the face.”

“She deserved it. I’m sick and tired of seeing Jurina playing around with Churi’s feeling okay?”

“Violence is not the way to go, Mizuki. I would expect you to understand this more than Jurina does!”

“So are you saying it’s okay just to see Jurina hurt Churi like this? You were there last night, Masanya! You saw how hurt Churi was. That punch for Jurina? It probably wasn’t even half the pain that Churi felt!”

“That doesn’t make it okay for you to hit Jurina does it!?”

“So are you saying that it’s okay for Jurina to hit Churi then!?”

“That’s not what I’m even trying to say! You both did wrong. Neither of you two have the rights to say anything!”

“So you ARE siding with Jurina!”

“I’m siding with fairness!”

“Stop fighting!”


Jurina heard Akane’s broken voice shouted out. The girl’s voice echoed across the empty dining hall. Many of the girls have already gone out for their Sunday trip, leaving only Mizuki, Churi and Masana behind. Hearing the girl’s broken voice, Jurina couldn’t help but feel her previous guilt swallowing her whole again. She always knew that Akane liked her more than Jurina had wanted, which was why she didn’t want to do anything that will give the girl any implication that she wanted to overstep the boundary between their solid friendship. But even so, seeing that her decision to not go further than anything but friends, have hurt Akane like that, Jurina felt like the worst person ever. She knows Akane deserve someone better than her. The girl deserves more than someone who just constantly hurts her.

“I’m tired. I just want a peaceful breakfast. Can you guys please leave me alone?”

“But Churi…”

“Are you sure you want to be left alone? What if you meet that jerk?”

“Jerk or not, Mizuki, Jurina is still… Jurina. Now can I please eat my breakfast in peace?”


“Just go! Leave me alone!”


Jurina heard the sound of chairs being pushed back and immediately pulled back from the door and hid behind one of the pillar nearby as both Mizuki and Masana exited the area.

“I’m going to kill her if I see her, I swear,” Mizuki’s hand curled into a fist.

Masana frowned, “Don’t do anything stupid, Mizuki. Jurina is just as troubled by this as everyone else. If you as her friend can’t even be there to help her, who else does she have to go for help?”

“I don’t have a friend like her,” Mizuki spat the words out before turning on her heels and stomping out of sight.

Masana sighed before making her way back to her room, passing by Jurina’s hiding spot without noticing. Without anyone knowing, a tear rolled down the corner of Jurina’s eye and she slid down onto the floor, her heart ached as Mizuki’s words repeated itself in her head.

“I don’t have a friend like her.”

Jurina thought about all the time they’ve spend together – training, laughing, joking, being idiots… nothing meant anything to the girl anymore simply because Jurina didn’t comply with Akane’s birthday wish. Over such small things, Mizuki would throw away their friendship.

Why? Why couldn’t Mizuki understand her feelings? Why couldn’t anyone understand her feelings? All they cared about was how Akane felt, but what about her? Did any of them thought about how she would feel and what kind of place Akane had put her in with her selfish request? Why did no one care about her? Why must everyone always make it sound like it was her fault when clearly not only was it no one’s fault, but even if it was, it would not be hers!?

Jurina quickly wiped her tears away before pushing herself off the ground as she felt her stomach rumbling. Not caring about anything anymore, Jurina just stormed into the dining room and straight to the fridge, ignoring Akane completely.

“J-Jurina…chan…” Akane’s whisper came from where she was sitting.

Jurina ignored her and grabbed one of the milk carton and slammed the fridge shut before making her way back out the door.

“W-Wait, Jurina-chan!” Akane desperately called from behind as she stood up from her seat and grabbed Jurina’s arm as she went past.

Jurina turned around angrily, wanting to push Akane away. But when she stopped herself when she saw Akane flinched backward at her motion and knew the girl was scared that she was going to hit her again, even though the first time really was an accident.

“What?” Jurina asked coldly.

Akane pulled back at the cold tone. Jurina has never been this cold to her before. “Ano…” Akane looked down at her feet, not really sure what she wanted to say. She just wanted to see Jurina. She wanted Jurina to look at her. Seeing her just walking past her like she was invisible really hurts. But right now, Akane couldn’t decide whether that hurt more, or seeing Jurina glare at her like this hurts more.

“If you just wanted to say you are not my friend anymore, like Mizuki did. I’m fine with that. I don’t need more people saying it in my face,” Jurina said as she shook Akane’s arm off her, “Go back to them. Before they see you hanging with a jerk like me.” However, as Jurina turned around to walk away, she suddenly felt Akane’s arms around her waist as well as her warm breathe on her back.

“Y-You heard them…? I-I’m sorry, Jurina-chan!” Akane cried as she tightened her arm around the girl’s waist, not wanting to let go, “I’m really sorry! C-Can we please just forget about last night? I don’t want you to be upset by it! I really don’t want to! I don’t like seeing you like this! You don’t usually act like this! You are not usually this angry…”

“I’m upset by it?” Jurina scoffed as she pulled Akane’s arm away from her waist and took a step forward before turning around to look at Akane, putting herself out of reach from the girl, “Oh no, I’m not upset at all. But you are aren’t you? In fact everyone is! And I don’t even know why!” Jurina threw her arms up in anger.

“J-Jurina-chan…” Akane took a step forward, wanting to cheer the girl up, never having seen this girl this frustrated and angry about something before.

“Don’t,” Jurina held out her hand, stopping Akane from moving forward anymore. With both hands, Jurina drew an invisible wall between her and herself, “Stay away from me. I don’t want anyone to think this jerk,” Jurina motioned to herself, “is harming you in anymore ways that others could think up. I don’t like it, and I don’t think you would like it either. I’m just here to get my breakfast. I’m just a passerby. Go back to your breakfast, Akane.”

“A-Akane…” Akane’s eyes began to tear up upon hearing Jurina call her by her actual name, “S-So what are you saying? T-That we are not friends anymore!? Is that what you are saying?”

“It’s what Mizuki is saying,” Jurina replied emotionlessly as she pushed open the big doors.

“Am I not good enough for you, Jurina-chan?” Akane asked before Jurina could leave, stopping the girl in her track, “Tell me what I have to do. If I’m not good enough, Jurina-chan, I will change. I can change for you. I like you, Jurina-chan. Please don’t leave me!”

Jurina looked back. Not a smile on her face, not a frown on her face. The girl’s face, unreadable as she spoke in a calmer voice, “If you have to change yourself for someone to love you, then that person is not for you. I was content with our relationship just staying where they were already. But you, you know me, yet you still stepped over the line. You know I didn’t want this.”

Akane looked down at her feet, her next question coming out barely as an audible whisper, “Is there… someone else…?”

Jurina looked away and made her way out, “Yes or no, my response doesn’t change my feelings towards you.” Jurina closed the door behind her and left Akane’s tears spilling in the dining hall alone. It was too painful to endure this relationship with Akane. Jurina was tired already. She was tired of everyone looking at her like she was the villain.


“Where… is Jurina…?” Kanako asked as she placed her tray of dinner down next to Masana, “And where is Rena and Airin too? And Churi? They are not usually late for dinner you know.”

Masana stayed quiet as she stabbed at her food aimlessly, looking over to Jurina’s table every now and then, remembering the conversation from this morning. Just as Masana looked up at Jurina’s table again for the nth time that night, the front door opened. Masana sat up expecting to see Jurina, only to fall back down disappointed.

“Ah! It’s Rena!” Kanako said as she stood up from her seat and waved at Rena who have yet to notice the girl as her sight was set on Jurina’s table.

“Ah, it’s Rena,” Kanon stated as she quickly swallowed the rice in her mouth, put her fork down and stood up from her seat.

“Non-chan?” Kumi turned to her girlfriend, “Where are you going?”

Kanon ran up to Rena and pointed to her, while Rena looked back at her confused. “Matsui Rena, right?” Kanon asked as she looked at the girl up and down.

“Y-Yes…” Rena stammered, slightly confused and surprised that Kumi’s girlfriend was suddenly talking to her.

“We need to talk,” Kanon stated as she fixed her clothes and stood back up straighter.

Rena looked back at Jurina’s table, at the empty spot where Jurina is supposed to be sitting. Then she looked back at Kanon and shook her head, ‘’Sorry, I’m looking for someone right now. If we need to talk, it will have to wait.”

“It can’t wait,” Kanon said firmly, gaining Rena’s full attention, “It’s about Jurina.”


“What is it about Jurina that you want to talk to me about?” Rena asked as she closed the door behind her, making sure that only Kanon and herself was up on the roof, “If you want to ask where she is, then I’m sorry, I don’t know because I am also looking for her right now.”

“Do you like Jurina?” Kanon asked, straightforward to the point.

“E-Eh?” Rena looked back at the shorter girl, surprised, “W-What makes you ask that?”

“Just answer the question, Rena,” Kanon said, “Do you, or do you not, like Jurina?”

“O-Of course I do,” Rena replied, “Jurina is my friend. She is my roommate.”

“You know that’s not what I meant,” Kanon stated as she turned around and looked at the shadow of the school’s sacred garden below, “You and Jurina, you guys like each other don’t you?” Hearing no response from Rena, Kanon continued, “I can guess that Jurina declined Churi’s request because of you, am I right? She must have talked about this with you. You are her roommate.”

Rena stayed quiet. Not knowing what she should say. She knew from Jurina’s confession that what Kanon was saying right now was true, but why is Kanon concerning herself over matters involving her and Jurina? Did it have anything to do with last night?

“Rena,” Kanon called out, “Help me help Jurina.”

“What?” Rena looked at the girl, confused.

“Churi likes Jurina and have liked her since a long time ago, but Jurina likes you,” Kanon refused to look at Rena as she pointed out her suggestion, “If… Rena rejects Jurina, the girl is sure to turn back to Churi. Jurina likes Churi too you know! She just doesn’t know it in her heart. If she does not like Churi, she would not have saved her all those times. People don’t just go beating people up and risking their entire scholarship for a friend.”

Rena looked at the back of Kanon’s head, horrified that the girl would suggest something like this. “W-What are you talking about?” Rena raised her voice, “Are you saying that because Churi likes Jurina and Jurina chose me, I have to give up and let Churi take Jurina!? How is that fair!?”

“Rena,” Kanon turned around and looked at Rena, begging the girl, “Please be reasonable. Churi has known Jurina much longer and Jurina is important to her. Are you willing to let the two’s friendship break apart for you?”

Angry, Rena stomped her foot on the ground and almost screamed back at Kanon, “No, you be reasonable! If you think that me rejecting Jurina is going to change anything, you don’t know anything! Jurina, isn’t someone whose mind will change with a simple rejection. You say that Jurina is important to Churi, are you implying that Jurina isn’t important to me!?”

Kanon took a step back, surprised at the sudden outburst of anger from the girl who have always shown a calm and charming personality at school, “T-That’s not what I meant! I just wa-“

“You just what?” Rena asked, fuming, “You just want me to give up something that is important to me, for something that probably won’t fix itself no matter what is done! I don’t do sacrifices! Why must I give up on Jurina? Why must I hurt Jurina? Jurina likes me, I know she does. She confessed to me this morning! And I gave her an honest answer, asking her to give me time to think about it. And I WILL think about it because I know I like her too. If I reject her merely for the reason that you came up with, not only will I hurt her, but I will hurt myself as well. I will not do such thing!”

“J-Jurina confessed already!?” Kanon looked at Rena, shocked. She had not expected Jurina to confess already. If the girl is not stopped, it might really be too late to turn Jurina back. She felt guilty making Rena do such thing, but it was the only way to make everyone happy. Maybe not Rena, but Akane will, and eventually, Jurina will too when she finally accepts Akane.

Rena glared at Kanon, sending her backing away another step, “If you truly understand Jurina, you will let her do as she pleases. She is not breaking a law, she is only going after what she wants. Who are we to tell her who to choose and who not to? If Churi can make Jurina happy, Jurina will know it. And if she can’t, then Jurina will know it herself too. Why force a relationship on someone if they don’t want to be in one?” Turning around, Rena opened the door again and gave one last look at Kanon before disappearing downstairs, “From a friend of Jurina, I expected much more better.”

Kanon frowned at Rena’s answer, watching the girl disappear, “I just want to help Jurina… I really do…”

“That won’t help Jurina, you know that.”

Kanon looked up at the sound of someone else speaking and found her girlfriend climbing up the stairs and closing the metal door that Rena had left open behind her as she made her way to Kanon. Sitting down next to the girl, Kumi wrapped her arms around the girl, “You know that won’t help.”

Kanon shook her head, “What else can I do? I can’t watch seeing Churi being in such a state! And plus, Jurina does like Churi doesn’t she? We can all tell!”

Kumi shook her head and gave her girlfriend a small smile, “Jurina have always said that she only wanted the relationship between her and Churi to stay as the best of friends and nothing more. The more you force a new relationship to develop between the two, the more she will oppose to it. Others’ affairs are no business of ours, even if both Jurina and Churi may be our friends. Love is a matter that can only be solved between the two, Non-chan. No matter what we do, who we talk to, how hard we try, the final decision to start or end things will be either Jurina or Churi. It isn’t fair for Rena if you force her to do such things.”

“But…” Kanon pulled her knees up towards her chest and rested her chin on them, “I don’t know what to do…”

Kumi gave the girl’s shoulder a gentle pat, “Then do nothing. If Jurina needs help, she will ask for it. If she doesn’t, then we should leave her alone. You know her temper.”

Kanon nodded and leaned against Kumi for more comfort as Kumi’s arm tightened around her. She understood what Kumi was trying to tell her, but she really couldn’t help but worry. Honestly speaking, although neither Akane nor Jurina was really close to her, but because both were Kumi’s friends, Kanon can’t help but worry about them. She was afraid that the problem will end up bothering not just themselves but also Kumi herself. If she just let the problem solve itself, will it be the best solution though? But she knew there really was nothing she could do. She tried her best and only ended up hurting Rena.

‘Maybe when all this is over… I will go apologize to Rena…’ Kanon thought to herself as the image of an angry Rena flashed back up in her mind.


Rena couldn’t believe that anyone would ever suggest something like that to her. Asking her to surrender someone to another person just so the two don’t get hurt, but then what about her? How Kanon could even suggest something like that was a question that Rena couldn’t get out of her head.

Looking up, Rena found herself standing once again in front of the large doors that led to the dining hall. What was she doing again? Rena could not remember. But now that she was here, perhaps she should eat something. However, recalling the conversation previously, no longer did Rena feel hungry anymore. ‘Whatever.’ Rena shrugged and made her way back to her room. There was no point in eating if you’ve completely lost your appetite anyway. Knowing it was school tomorrow, she thought she might as well as just get some studying done before resting early tonight.

“Rena-chan?” a voice called from behind.

Rena turned around and found Jurina looking at her, her eyes red, her voice broken. Not once has Rena ever seen Jurina like that before. Then her mind clicked together and she remembered that she had been looking for Jurina the whole time before Kanon had that depressing conversation with her.

“Jurina!” Rena rushed to Jurina and took a closer look at the girl’s face. There were trails of dried up tears all over her face. The girl had been crying. “Where have you been? What’s wrong?” Rena asked as she wiped Jurina’s face.

“Everyone hates me now!” Jurina cried and dropped onto the floor.

“E-Eh?” Rena dropped herself down next to Jurina and wrapped her arms around the girl and tried to calm her down, “What’s wrong? What do you mean?”

“Everyone! Mizuki, Churi, Masanya… Everybody hates me now! No one likes me anymore!” Jurina cried harder, “I heard Mizuki said it. She said she doesn’t have a friend like me! Over what Churi did, she can cut off friendship with me just like that! How can our friendship be so shallow!?”

Rena stroked the girl’s back and tried to hold back her tears at seeing the usually strong girl breaking down in front of her like an abandoned child, “Shush… it’s okay. No one hates you, Jurina. They just don’t understand yet. That’s all. Mizuki is probably just confused with what’s happening and don’t know what to do, that’s all. Everyone have their moments.”

“She called me a jerk and put everything on my head!” Rena’s shirt scrunched up under her fist as Jurina tried to hold in her tears of frustration, “Everyone is putting blame on me even though I didn’t do anything wrong! Everyone talks about how Churi is feeling, but no one is giving a damn about how I feel!”

Rena hugged the girl closer and hushed the girl, “It’s okay, Jurina. Don’t worry about them then. People who don’t know how you feel then don’t deserve you worrying over them. I care okay? I care about how you feel. And I know what it feels like to have someone make it sound like you are guilty of doing something you didn’t intend to do. So I understand! Now please stop crying, Jurina, you are worrying me!”

Jurina looked up at Rena, her face a completely mess, “You believe me right? Rena-chan believes me right? Rena-chan understands everything right?”

Rena forced out a painful smile and gave a firm nod as she patted the girl’s head, “Of course I believe Jurina. If I don’t believe my own friend, what kind of friend am I?” Her response only caused Jurina to muffle her own cry again in Rena’s shoulder. Rena gave a small giggle and pulled the girl up, “Come on, Jurina. Who know you were such a cry baby. Let’s go back okay? I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want to be seen by others like this.”

Jurina nodded and allowed Rena to pull her up. Jurina sniffed and wiped away her tears while Rena smiled and fixed the girl’s hair, “Look at you hair now, it’s all over the place. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought you just woke up.”

Jurina giggled slightly and sniffed again before wrapping her arms around Rena, “Thank you, Rena-chan.”

Rena chuckled and patted the girl’s arm, “Silly. Let’s get back okay?”

“Un!” Jurina nodded and like a loyal puppy, followed after Rena, looping her arm through the girl’s and feeling more relief when Rena showed no objection and just gave Jurina’s cheek a small pinch.



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  1. FINALLY A UPDATE OF AGP, ONE OF MY FAVORITE FANFICS!! Gosh poor Jurina, everybody is turning her the villain but nobody is seeing that she is just being truthful to her feelings, this is complicate because isn’t her fault, she always said that just saw Churi as a friend. *sigh* people are really bad at understand others person feelings, I hope for Mizuki and the others girls understand that Jurina isn’t being selfish, in reality she is just sayind the truth. And poor Rena too, she don’t know who she loves and just have two confessions to her in one day, this can make someone be really confused. Anyway I can’t wait for the next chapters!
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