Project J – chapter 4. Badass hunter, runaway puppy. It’s been awhile, J.


Project J – chapter 4. Badass hunter, runaway puppy. It’s been awhile, J.

“Yaaaaaayyy beach!!” Kuumin ran towards the sea, not far behind her, Kanon and Jurina followed. As the high-spirited youngsters ran on their own, the other’s who more reserved just walked slowly from their inn.

The beach located at the city’s outskirts. The place is not as fancy and crowded as the city, it was surrounded by nature, and most of the house and building’s an old one. It gave off a viillage-y vibe.

It’s a good thing that their inn is just on the opposite of the road and have a good view of the sea. The beach itself isn’t that big nor famous, but the place was clean and quiet. A good place to relaxing.

The sky was clear, gentle breeze blowed on the seashore. A beach umberella shielded her from the sun as she laid on a beach chair reading a book.

“Nee Rena…”

“Hm?” Rena shifted her gaze to the left and saw Churi who’s applying the sunscreen lotion on herself.

“You went to the beach and you only bring books with you?” Churi raised her eyebrow, she stared at her friend and a book that was rested on her lap.

“Well, I came here to relaxing. And besides,” Rena stopped for a moment and point at the happy-three-girls-splashing-water-on-each-other. “I don’t like physical activity as much as them.”

“At least you should show off your bikini, you have a great body afterall. I’m sure people will appreciate it.” Churi giggled and casted a sly smile on both Rena and Airin. Good thing Rena was facing churi, least she’ll saw tomato-face Airin on her side.

“Mou Churi~! Stop teasing me!” Rena whined and slapped Churi’s arm playfully.

“Hai, hai. You two have fun with your books here.” Churi winked and ran off to join the other three.

“Eh? Airin? You’re not joining them too?” Rena asked the flustered girl.

“No, no! I’m content with just reading book here, Rena-san.” Airin answered immediately, showing her shoujo light novel she brought wirh her.

‘With you.’  Airin finished her sentence mentally. Little did Rena know that Airin prepared the book solely to accompany her if she chose to not play in the water.

But one should agree to Churi. Rena’d look way better if she chose to unwear her jacket and shorts, and revealing her white two piece.

“Is that so?” Rena asked, Airin nodded her head frantically.

Rena smiled and continued to read her book. The gentle breeze and the quietness relaxed her. And not long after that, she blacked out.


“Rena-san, Rena-san! Wake up!”

Rena opened her eyes and saw Airin’s face hovering above hers.

‘A-are? Since when did I fall asleep?’

“Are you that tired, Rena-san? You fell asleep not long after you read the book.” Airin gave Rena a worried look. “If you’re feeling unwell, you should just rest at the inn.”

“No, no. I’m alright Airin. It’s just so comfortable here that I fell asleep.” Rena smiled and waved her friend’s worry away.

Rena looked around, the skies was getting darker, it was hued in orange and dark blue. Was it that late already?

“Rena-san, I think we should get back to the inn. The other’s already went first to clean themselves first.” Airin get back to her beach-chair and took her book and Rena’s, placing it inside her hand bag. 

Rena also stood up and stretched her body, it was a pretty good rest. 

“Let’s go Rena-san! Ah, we should drop by the convenience store to buy some snacks and drinks for tonight too!”

The street lamp started to light as the sky darkens rapidly, illuminating the streets. Airin led them to a convenience store located near their inn. As they wanted to go inside, they saw a cute puppy sitting in front of the convenience store.

It was a black and white pappilon. It has a leash that was tied to nearby fence.
“Ah, kawaiii!” Both of them cooed and petted the puppy. Too bad the puppy just stared in annoyance and didn’t gave any response back, it even shrugged them off.

“Wan!” The puppy barked when the convenience store’s door opened and reveal a black haired young woman. Judging from her appearance, she might be in her early twenties.

Rena and Airin backed off when they saw her untied the leash and smiled towards them before walking away with her puppy.

“What a weird dog, it doesn’t seem like to being petted. Maybe because we’re strangers?” Airin mused out loud.

“Un…” Rena just nodded, unconsciously compared the dog’s reaction with Jurina’s who’d be barking and licking happily showing her affection if she’s being petted, even with strangers. 

“Ah, let’s buy the drinks and snacks, we can’t let the other wait for us too long!” Rena grabbed Airin’s hand and went inside the convenience store, not noticing the blush on Airi ‘s face.

When they arrived at their inn, the other’s already in the dining room, chatting hapily. The food was arranged by the inn’s employee and they just waited until all of them gathered before they start the dinner.

“Jajaja! We bought snacks and drinks for tonight!” Airin said merrily and wave plastics bags on her hand.

Kuumin oooh’d and made weird shocked faces, Kanon slapped Kuumin’s arm playfully while Churi just laughed them off. Rena giggled as well, and noticed someone’s still missing.

“Churi, where’s Jurina? Is she still taking a bath?”

“Huh? She said she’s going back to the beach to see the sunset, didn’t she bumped with you guys on your way back?”

Rena shaked her head, “Um, I’ll go check on her, you guys can start the dinner first.”

“Wait, Rena-san! I’ll go with you!” Airin stoped Rena by holding her wrist.

“No, Airin. You stay here and have dinner with the other.”


“No buts, I insist.” Rena’s firm answer made Airin stopped her complaint. 

“Don’t worry, I’ll just grab Jurina and head back immediately.” Rena smiled and walked out to search the younger girl.
Jurina sat on the sand, hugging her knees. The night’s breeze ruffled her hair and clothes as she stared off at the ocean. She didn’t know how much time has passed since she sat there, and honestly she didn’t care either.

It relaxed her as she saw the wave rise and falls slowly. ‘Was this the feeling they called ‘freedom’? No wonder they–‘

“There you are, Jurina.” A voice interrupted her thoughts. She looked back and saw Rena walked towards her.

“Let’s go back, the other’s worried about you. And dinners already been prepared.”

Jurina looked back at the ocean. “I…want to stay here a bit longer.”

Rena sighed and sat down beside Jurina, surprising the younger girl.

“What were you thinking?” 

Jurina stared at the girl beside her before gazing back at the ocean. “The sea…it’s really vast, isn’t it? It was very fascinating when I saw the sea and the sky became one in the horizon.”

Rena thought it was quite an odd comment, but since the girl beside her is by any means not a girl that can be considered normal, she slid it off.

Jurina rested her head on Rena’s shoulder.

“I watched that numerously on tv back then. How fast the sea is, how clear the sky is. But this is the first time I saw it by myself.” Jurina stopped a little before continuing. “I also saw a lot of another place on tv. There’s a valley with a very big waterfalls, a lake surrounded by trees, and they said when the sky clear you can see the stars clearly in the sky. There’s a field full of beautiful and colorful flower and has a lot butterflies in there. There’s also this wheat field, when it was sunset it looks like the field was glowed in golden orange colors, very magnificent! Then there’s also a place where everything covered in ice, isn’t that very awesome?! Then there’s also….also…

…The world is very beautiful, isn’t it, Rena-chan? I want to see what our world looks like.” Jurina finished her rambling with a longing smile.

“You sound like you never been out in your entire life. Have you been isolated somewhere all these year like a hermit?” Rena chuckled, it was supposed to be a joke.

“Do I really sounds like that?”

That longing smile again.

“…You definitely will see the world, Jurina. I’m certain.”

That words touched and made her heart warm. She hugged the older girl and nuzzled on her neck.

“Wait, sto-wahh!”

Due to too much strength the younger girl used, both of them fall on the sand with Jurina on top. Her elbow keep her from falling down completely on the older girl.

“Wa-wait Jurina! This…uhhh…” Rena was alarmingly aware with their ‘very intimate and questionable position’ and wanted to push the girl off, but she stopped in her tracks as she felt Jurina rested her head on her chest. The younger girl even snuggling closer to her.

“A-ano…Ju-jurina…?” For the nth time, the younger girl made Rena’s mind on stopped working.

“Hmm?” Feeling Rena’s sudden timidness, Jurina just smiled. “Can we stay like this for a while, Rena-chan?”

Rena just nodded and laid there stiffly, her heartbeat went faster and faster.

“Rena-chan’s so warm.” Jurina said and giggled, “And she’s very nervous that her heart’s pounding like there’s no tommorrow~”

“Mou! W-why don’t you get off of me, a-and let my heart rest a bit.” Rena stuttered on her words, her face aflame.

Jurina giggled more and raise her head, staring at the older girl’s brown deeply. The puppy start to close her eyes and dipped her head slowy, stunning the older girl.

‘W-w-w-what is she trying to do?! Don’t tell me it’s a k-ki—”

Sensing the girl below her’s nervousness, Jurina only kissed the older girl’s near her lips. Before getting up, she whispered, “…if only we can stay like this forever, Rena-chan…I’d be very happy.”

With a smile, Jurina get up and offer a hand to the long-haired girl which she accepted. They just stood there for awhile until Rena’s heartbeat back to it’s normal rate.

“Yo-you shouldn’t be too friendly with a stranger like me, w-what if I decide to take an advantage from you?” Rena said nervously when she tried to collect herself.

“Rena-chan is no stranger. And will you really take an advantage from me?”

“O-of corse not!” Rena shouted a little. Hey, didn’t you all think it was the other way around!

“I believe Rena-chan.” Jurina smiled and offered her hand. “Let’s go back before the other started to worrying more.”

Rena nodded her head slowly and took the girl’s hand, her heart still jumping occassionally. It was then she noticed how cold the puppy’s hand was, did she been out here that long? Rena hoped she won’t catch a cold.

“Hey-hey! Whatcha doin’ girls? It’s dangerous for girls to walk alone in the night.” a thug looking man stopped the girls. “Onii-chan will take you back, oh and we can stop somewhere to have fun first.”

“Let’s go-” the man tried to grab Rena’s hand but Jurina moved in and slapped that hand away.

“Hands off.” Jurina moved in front of Rena, shielding her with her arms.

Shocked, Rena tried to drag Jurina away but the younger girl wouldn’t budge.

“Huh?!” The man  glared at Jurina and move closer to Jurina to intimidate her with their physical difference.

“I said, hands off. And you smell bad, go away.” Her voice’s cold as steel and full of authority.

The man went to grab Jurina’s collar but he stopped an inch before he reached his target. He didn’t know what stopped him, was it her cold smile? Her killing intent? Or was it her stare that seemed want to make a hole in his head…or the fact that the girl’s left pupil color was flickered to pale blue occassionaly before back to its normal color.

He gulped and felt he’s cold sweating, “Ahh, no need to be serious. I’m just joking, ha…haha…”

The man walked past the girls without further comment, surprising Rena.

“Jurina, what did you–” Rena faced the younger girl, demanded an explanation.

“Hmm? Nothing~” 

“Jurina it’s dangerous to mess with a thug like him. We’re lucky he left us now. Next time we should just ignore them and walk away.”

Jurina patted Rena’s head, and smiled. “Don’t worry. I will protect Rena-chan.”

That words, that smile. It made Rena want to dig a hole and hide herself because the embarrassment.

“Let’s just…get back to the inn.” Rena said and walked first.

“Un~” the puppy followed back obediently.
When Rena and Jurina arrived, the others was already ate their dinner halfway. Somehow they’re a bit mad, but glad that the both of them are okay.

Jurina, who apologized and finished them with her charming smile, obtained the forgiveness rather quickly.

When they finished their dinner, they went to their room separately to either relaxing a bit or prepare their things before heading to Churi’s room to chat happily there. 

Since each room has only two beds, they alread divide the room to organize who’ll share their room with who. Obviously, Rena asked to be together with Jurina. She used family as her reason, but we know better than that, she just didn’t want any accident to happen if Jurina paired with another person…like sudden need to change form or something. Kuumin and Kanon was paired together, much to Kuumin’s joy. And last was Churi and Airin.

“Jurina, have you take a bath already?” Rena said as she went out from the bathroom wearing a white tshirts and shorts. Her hair still wet and had some water dripping down, as she wiped her hair with a towel.

Jurina, who’s been gazing at the sea from the window in their room turned her gaze to face the older girl. “Yup~”

Knock. Knock.

“Ah maybe it’s the others fetching us.” Rena said as she went to open the door.

Feeling the sudden chill, Jurina shouted.

“Don’t open the door, Rena-chan!”

“Huh? Why?” Rena faced the younger girl. Her hands rested in top of the knob, ready to open it.

She remembered these sensations. It’s definitely not their friends who’s been knocking the door.

‘It’s them. It’s definitely them. How come they can find me so fast?!’

Jurina hugged herself, hands trembling. Eyes never left the door. She felt a chill down her spine.

“Please, just…just don’t open the door…Rena-chan.” Jurina whispered softly.

Rena never saw Jurina like this, well once when she’s questioning the short-haired girl before. The warm smile, power, and confidence that usually around her was nowhere to be seen. Just as her hands left the knob…

Knock. Knock.

“I know you’re there. Please open the door.”

Rena sighed, it seemed they’re quite persistent. From her way of speaking, it seems they’re quite polite. She’ll just answer them and refuse whatever they need politely. Rena put the door-chain on just in case before opening the door.

In front of her there’s two girls wearing black suits. The one who knocked her door was a short girl with ponytail, and the other was a black haired girl with dark look and glasses standing behind the shorter girl.

“Umm, how can I help you?” Rena started, unsure what these suspicious girls wants. But she have a very good guess.

“Is Jurina inside? Can you open the door so we can talk with her for a while?” The short girl smiled. She seemed not dangerous, but Rena knew better.

“Ah, I’m sorry. I think you knocked the wrong room.” Rena answered politely before she went to close her door.

Seeing the door closed, the short ponytailed girl sighed. She stepped aside and let her friend finished the task in her style. The girl with the glasses moved in and sent a roundhouse kick to the door, breaking the door chain and even some of the door hinge was flying off.

The kick caught Rena off guard and made her thrown back. Herm arm was bruised because she shielded her face with them.

“Rena-chan!” Jurina wanted to go to the older girl, but she stopped when she saw the two girls entering her room.


The girl with the glasses just smiled saddistically.

“It’s been awhile, J.”

Project J – chapter 4. Badass hunter, runaway puppy. It’s been awhile, J. END


Hi all! Next chapter’s up!

I hope my writing in this chapter is better than the previous one (>人<;)

The pappilon from the convenience store, guess who’s that? (≧∇≦)


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  1. Well this should be interesting, especially since I’m going to guess that it was Acchan with Takamina at the convenience store? But the crazy ending aside it was really nice chapter, it showed so many sides of Jurina from the lovable side to her being scared for the first time. You even put in a Nobunaga reference in there ^^
    Man this is embarrassing though you’ve already updated twice and I’m yet to put up one chapter ;^^
    It’s been good fun reading this though and thanks very much for being better at updating than I am XD

    • Ah the girl and the papillon in the convenience store will be answered in the next chapter, stay tuned! Thanks for the guess anyway (≧∇≦)

      Was the ending that crazy? I’d like to hear your version of ‘crazy’ lol

      By the way, quoting Rena, it’s not crazy, it’s impactful lol if you know what I mean XD

      Great finding on Nobunaga’s refference! But the surprise won’t be limited to that, 😀

      Don’t worry take your time ^^
      It’s thrilling when I saw your new post (maybe thrilling is not the right words, but tonight my brain kinda fail me, lol)

      I’m updating regularly because the story in my head is progressing even faster, heck I even have a draft for my next story in my head (but definitely I’ll finish project J first before posting that one ^^)

      • Well what happened at the end wasn’t that crazy it’s just the events that can follow it that makes it really exciting and “crazy” and to be honest my idea of crazy is a good thing.

        Also Judging from your reaction I guessed wrong XD But that doesn’t matter since just knowing that there are more characters like Jurina makes things really interesting ^^

        Oh and which post are you talking about? It feels like forever since I actually did something ;^^

    • Ah, because I can’t post my reply to your reply to me, I just reply it here

      Ahh it’s a good thing, then I hope the next chapter can provide that ‘crazyness?’ XD

      Hmm, I really wanted to comment about the pappilons but I can’t spoil anything bow can I XD

      It’s why ate we dating ch 3 😀
      I posted my comment on the hird chapter and still eager to wait for your fourth, no pressure but please update soon? (≧∇≦)

      • Haha I have a chapter done but it’s not for that fic XD But I’m working on it right now so please bare with me ;^^

      • Hihi, I’m literally squealing when I saw the update. Fortunately there’s only me in my room, lol

  2. i’ll make it short since it’s like midnight here…
    The papilon(?) was Acchan? Wild guess, i think it’ll be nice if the aggresive one is the pup 😉
    Update soon, i like ur fic! This update is awesome \m/
    And somehow this rant gets long…

    • Hi windy! Thank you for your comment!

      I will try to update soon ^^

      The answer for the pappilon will be revealed in the next chapter, stay tuned! ^^

  3. What a nice chapter o/ Thank you for the update o/

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