Project J – Chapter 2. Warm embrace, fresh scent, smooth skin. Wait, what?


It was lunch break on Monday. Like usual Rena sat with her friends when they had lunch together at the campus’s outdoor foodcourt, but today they have one more companion.

“Hmm isn’t she a golden retirever?” Kumi, one of Rena’s friend mused.

“No way, her ears are pointy, golden has droopy ears.” Kanon argued, pointing at Jurina’s ears.

“She looks like a fox…” Airin leaned closer to take a better look at Jurina, but backed immediately when Jurina tried to lick her face. “And I think she’s a little too friendly even with strangers.”

“Who cares, she’s soooooooooo cuteeee~!” Akane hugged Jurina and received some happy barks and few licks from the puppy.

Akane was fawning over Jurina since Rena decided to bring her to the university. Keeping Jurina alone in her apartment was too dangerous. Random barking in the day when Rena’s not home can lead to suspiciousness and has a very high probability for her to be kicked out from the apartment.

Fortunately as usual there were few wild cats and dogs walking around their campus’s outdoor foodcourt. One extra puppy wouldn’t be noticed, or so she hoped.

“Nee, nee, I think it’s time to go back to the theater, our lunch time’s over.” Kumi called and gathered all her things that was scattered on the table. The other also followed suit.

The girls walked to the theater with Jurina following them from behind. When they arrived at the front door, Rena turned around,”Jurina, listen. You can’t go inside with me. Wait here until I come back to get you, understand?”

“Arf!” The puppy gave a bark and sat at the side of the front door wagging its tail.

“Good girl.” Rena gave the puppy a little pat on its head and walked inside with her friends.

“Arf! Arf!”


As they walked on the corridor, from afar they saw a mass of other student standing in the other side. Low murmurs can be heard even from the distance.

“Has the casts been announced? Let’s go take a look, Non-chan!” Kumi grabbed Kanon’s hand and dragged her to the crowds. Rena, Akane, and Airi also quickened their pace.

It’s the result of the audition for a musical. The musical will be played in their campus’s anniversary. There’ll be a lot of directors and higher ups from the entertainment industry attending the play to search for a young talent. It’s a stage where everybody will try their hardest to be acknowledged by the scouts.

There’s an uneasy feeling in Rena’s guts, it’s increased with every step she took towards the announcement board.

As she nearing the boards, the mumurs stopped suddenly. Everyone were staring at her with…what’s that? Concerns? Pity?

She looked on the boards and finally understand what’s going on there. Her name were not on the list.

She, Matsui Rena, the star pupil, known as one of the best actress from her year, is not selected for the play.

It hurts. Even though she knew it’s inevitable. She remembered what their head of department had said during the audition. ‘This musical isn’t only about acting skills, it’ll also require an intense dancing and singing skills.’

She knew that’s her dancing and singing skills isn’t as good as her acting skills. She knew that with her current capability it’s reasonable for not being listed in a musical plays.

But it still hurts, when your hopes being crushed, and you have to swallow the bitter truth.

“Gomen, I think I forgot something.” Her voice shaken, as she abruptly left the theater.

Airi was ready to follow her, but Akane grabbed her wrist, stopping her. Shaking her head, Akane gave Airi a solemn look, “I think it’s best to leave her alone at the moment…”


Rena sat on a bench in the garden on her campus’s ground. Because it’s past lunch break time, the place was quiet. Most of the students was already in the building for class or other places. It was a perfect place to relax and clear her thoughts.

“Arf! Arf!”

Rena looked down and saw Jurina nuzzling her leg, asking her attention.

‘Did she followed me here?’

The puppy was following Rena since she left the theater building. Her barks was left unanswered, and she followed suit until the girl settled on the bench.

She realized something was off about the girl. She seemed down.

“Arf! Arf!” Jurina tried again, this time licking and pawing Rena’s leg.

“Ne, Jurina?” Finally, a respond! The puppy perked up. “Arf!”

“Can you leave me alone for awhile?” Rena said, closing her eyes.

“Arf…” The puppy quitened down, its ears dropped after being scolded by the girl.

After few minutes walking around the bench, the puppy raised its head, as if remembering something and scampered off. The girl was left alone at the garden, gazing at the sky.

Time flies as the girl sort her thoughts. She didn’t even remember how long she sat at the garden. But since the sky starting to change its colors to orange, she figured she spent quite a time in the garden.

As she stretched, she suddenly remembered her companion, or the lack of.


The girl searched for her puppy near the garden and found nothing. Just when she started to give up, she saw the puppy running towards her.

The puppy was dirtied by dirts and all, but what took her interest is what the puppy brought for her. The girls crouched down to take a better look, and she saw several stem of small white flower.

“Arf! Arf!” The puppy run around the girl and gave several licks to the girls hand as she took the flowers.

“What? Are you trying to cheer me up?” The girl giggled softly.

“Arf! Arf!” The puppy sit down and wags her tail. Affirmative.

“Mou what were you doing until you got all these dirt on you.” Rena pouted a little but soon it was replaced by a smile. “Let’s go home, Jurina. We’ll have to clean you again.”


Rena stood up and walked home along with Jurina followed her from behind.

“Oh, and Jurina, please try to keep quiet when we enter the apartment.”


The day ended peacefully. They manage to sneak into the apartment without any accident.

Rena started to bathe Jurina immediately after they arrived so the puppy wouldn’t leave any stain on her apartment. After the puppy was all clean, the girl started to cook dinner. She even prepared extra meal for the puppy due to her aversion over dog foods.

The dinner also went smoothly.

It’s when Rena prepares to go to the bed, the pang of disappointment started to fill her guts again.

She frowned and plan to sleep it off. But it didn’t worked.

A single tear slid off her procleain skin.

Then a warm lick that wipe the tear…huh?

The girl opened her eyes and saw the puppy sitting in her bed. Nuzzling the girl’s cheek, the puppy yawned and secured herself a comfortable place in the girl’s bed.

Smiling for the affection she received, the girl kissed the top of the puppy’s head and whispered, “Good night, Jurina.”


As the night continued on, and they’re unaware of the danger looming nearby.

Two girls dressed in black stepped out of a car at the city’s outskirts. The taller one took a deep breath and took off her glasses, gazing at the city.

“I can feel her presence nearby, Minami. No. 09 is in this city.”

Hearing her companion words, the other girl chuckled. “Saa, shall we start the hunt now?”

The shorter girl with ponytail smirked to her companion.



Morning came, but Rena has a hard time to wake up. Especially with the warmth that embraced her, a fresh scent that made her so relaxed, and these smooth skin that…wait, what?

Rena quickly opened her eyes and as soon as she perceive the sight, she immediately panicked. She hope it’s just a dream, or a prank, or whatever.


And if her hands, or what her hands felt’s right, it’s not only a girl, but a naked one.

She wanted to scream, but her voice failed her. She wanted to think to find a good reasoning, but her minds already going haywire.


Rena froze.

The unknown girl nuzzled on her neck before opening her eyes and offered Rena a smile. A smile that made Rena’s heart went bungee jumping on its own.

“Good morning Rena-chan. Chuu~” The girl stole a kiss on her cheek.

That kiss finally dragged Rena back from Heaven and reacted to the girl’s advance. She shoved the girls to her bed and immediately jumped off her bed, trying to have some distance.

“W-who are you?!”

The unknown girl just smiled. She played a little with a tag on her collar before answering Rena.

“Me? I’m Jurina.”

Project J – chapter 2. Warm embrace, fresh scent, smooth skin. Wait, what? END


Hi! Sorry for the long wait, >_<
So, the turn of events will be more interesting in the next chapter!

Stay in tune and thank you for the comments! ^^

Ah, that picture up there is how puppy Ju looks like (=^ェ^=)


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  1. KYAAA~~~ The ending was priceless~ Need moar~

    • Hi~ saku-chan! Do you mind if I call you by that name? XD

      Hihi, more fun to come, I’ll try to update soon! (=^ェ^=)

  2. Oh! Rena’s reaction was the best hauahuahuah great! I can’t wait for the next one o/

  3. OMFG i FREAKIN LOVE THIS, alksjdf;adkf;a WOW awwww i wish my dogs would bring me flowers too xDD they only give me poop XDDD, LOOL , i cant wait for the next chapters !!! 😀 update soon`~~~
    Take care~~

    • Hi sathdays, or half? How should I call you? XD

      I wish I have a dog…T^T …it’ll be better if the puppy as affectionate as Jurina (≧∇≦)kkk

      I’ll try to update soon, and thanks for reading!

  4. This fic! I thought from the title that Jurina wouldn’t be an ordinary puppy but to think that she was some kind of person that morphed into a dog, and she’s being hunted down by Atsumina, this is just a guess but since Jurina was no. 9 at last year’s sousenkyo I’m guessing they were talking about her.

    It looks like things might get a little more intense from here but judging from things there’ll still be plenty of lovable funny scenes, I mean heck at the we had naked Jurina sharing a bed with Rena!

    Thank you for such an interesting update 🙂

    • Hi nori! This fic! What about this fic? You made me nervous, lol XD

      Ahh you caught me, actually yes, it’s a refference to her last year ranks in sousenkyo XD

      Yep, lovable funny scenes, maybe some romantic ones too, but I’m not confident with the romantic part >_<

    • By the way there’s two other refference I put in the fic *cough* if you know what I mean 😉

      • Really? Damn, I must have missed them *desperately re-reading to find them now*

        And I’m sure you’ll do just fine with the romantic parts since you’ve already done a really nice job of it, you know that part where Jurina lovingly licks the tears off of Rena’s face^^ That was a really heart warming moment (*´▽`*)

  5. you got me~ XDD really, this chapter is so cute XD
    waiting for your next update!

  6. ~yey! A start of an exciting chapter :D. Now that J puppy turned into human. . .(with atsumina included XD)

  7. the puppy’s pic was cute, and puppy Ju fit that image ;))
    Gosh, so cute ❤
    Update soon! It's getting better ;3

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