[nori’s Fanfic] “Tomodachi no Koibito” 友達の恋人 | Epilogue



A/N: I’m sure many of you know that today/tomorrow (depends where you are) is a certain “someone’s” birthday so I decided to finally post the epilogue of my first ever fanfic, as a kind of “present” I would give Jurina a pairing. So here is the epilogue for “Tomodachi no Koibito” and I hope you guys enjoy but most importantly Happy birthday Jurina!


The burning tyres screeched on the tarmac as it hurtled down the streets. I twisted the steering wheel in my hands to swing the car round the corner.

“Hurry up Rena otherwise we’re going to be late!” The girl in the passenger seat continued to complain about my driving even though I had already flown through several red lights just so we wouldn’t be late.

“Look if it wasn’t for you taking so long to decide what to wear then we wouldn’t be in this mess! So just shut up and let me drive!” My frustration had caused me to push even harder on the gas and the car went blitzing down the road.

“So you’re saying that you would be happy to just let me go to this wedding wearing any old rag? How can you be so insensitive about thi— Ah we just passed the church.” My foot slammed on the breaks, causing smoke to surround the vehicle as it came to a sudden halt. Bursting out of the car I grabbed Yuki’s hand rushed back down the road and up the gravelly path toward the great oak doors and opened them.

An overwhelming sense of relief hit me as there were only four other people in the room. My eyes were dazzled by the exquisite sight in front of me. Flowers were spread around the entire room looking over each of the empty wooden seats in the church. The vicar was sat at the towering organ busy looking through sheets of music for the service leaving two girls in bright dresses to chat amongst themselves in the aisle as the sunlight focused in on them.

“Ah Yuki-chan, Rena I’m so happy you made it in time.” Jurina spotted us and came marching out from the benches in her black suit. She had a huge smile on her face but there was a small amount of distress surrounding her, visible from her fiddling with the ends of her sleeves. Then again who could blame her for being nervous now; today is going to be the most important day of her life, though she would probably brush it off and say that one of her cup finals was more nerve racking. I put my arm around her shoulder and pulled her over to the side and whispered to her.

“So you ready for this? I mean you’re going to be stuck with this girl for life after today and it can get quite tiring you know.” My head was jerking towards Yuki and Jurina started giggling at my behavior.

“What are you talking about Rena? You’ve always been completely infatuated with her and I’m the exact same—”

“Yeah, yeah I know the two of you are so madly in love that nothing can go wrong but trust me Jurina once the honeymoons over she’ll change.” Jurina just continued to laugh, not believing a single word I just said, until another hand grasped a hold of her shoulder as well as mine.

“You better not be talking about me dear. I wouldn’t want you to spoil such a special day by planting one of your strange ideas in Jurina’s head.” Like a vice her grip around me started to slowly tighten.

“Of… Of course not Yuki why would I do that?” Nervously stuttering over my words I gave her a sheepish grimace. Her dark beads just stared into my eyes, telling me that she wasn’t convinced about my reply. Before Yuki could interrogate me a voice rang out from behind us.

“Jurina what are you doing, you should be— Oh Rena-san, Yuki-san I hadn’t realized that you had arrived.” The girl politely bowed causing ripples to flow down her magnificent dress. As she rose back up she lifted her veil back up to reveal an accusing look on her beautiful face. “I hope Jurina hasn’t been bothering you too much.”

“What are you talking about Mayu they are our guests of course I’m going to talk to them.” Jurina returned Mayu’s look with a glare of her own and sparks started to fly between them. Their eyes then turned to me as I started to snicker at the childish pair.

“Sorry, it’s just really funny knowing that Jurina is about to marry the person that was the first person to beat her at a football match. I mean Mayu you should have seen her, she was acting like a zombie for a week.” Everyone other than Jurina began to laugh at the thought of the energetic girl limping around in a state of depression.

“Mou Rena that was seven years ago; it doesn’t matter now.” Jurina was giving me an unappreciative look and began to whine. “Plus Mayu and I have been playing for the same pro team for almost four years now.”

“Don’t worry Jurina-chan the year after when you beat us sis just kept crying every time she saw anything that was shaped like a football.” Miyuki came skipping across with her pink one piece fluttering in the breeze. She looked really pleased as her sister’s face gradually grew scarlet.

“Knock it off Miyuki I can’t be laid back about everything like you are, football just means so much to us. That’s why we’ve won all the trophies in the pros.” At this point only the bride and groom were the ones not bursting out in laughter.

“That’s why you’re so perfect for each other sis; you’ve always been so serious about football. In fact I bet that both you have only never loved another girl until now, it wouldn’t surprise me if you both still love football more than each other!” Miyuki was playfully poking Mayu’s rosy cheeks, probing for some kind of reaction.

“Hey that’s not true! It’s now Jurina first then football’s second, though you’re right about there being no one else…” The last part of Mayu’s reply was so subdued that I could barely hear it. She then turned to Jurina and squeezed herself onto her arm. “How about you Jurina? You do love me more than football right?” Jurina just kept stammering, unable to give an answer to her lover’s question. Mayu seemed to grow angry at the lack of response so I decided to lend her a hand.

“Don’t worry Mayu-san; I know for a fact that Jurina is absolutely crazy for you. It’s quite troublesome actually since she always mentions you whenever we have a conversation. As for the second part well I’m pretty sure that you’re her first love.” These words caused Mayu to blush even more and Jurina to become even more silent.

“Well actually…” It sounded like Jurina had finally decided to say something but she was so quiet that no one else noticed her apart from me. For some strange reason she was glancing at Yuki with a guilty expression. She then shut her eyes and let out a large sigh, relieving herself of whatever stress that was pent up in her. In one swift fluid motion she yanked Mayu round and planted her lips on top of the astonished girl’s. We were all stunned into silence by Jurina’s sudden display of affection. This was the first time that I witnessed Jurina kissing another person and not only that but it was a deep passionate kiss. After what felt like an age the pair finally parted, both their grinning faces flushed with excitement.

“Well we still have several things to go through before we get married so if you’ll excuse us.” Jurina and Mayu had a spring in their step as they waltzed back down the aisle to speak to the vicar.

“Jurina looks quite relieved now.” Standing next to me Yuki had a gentle look on her face as she watched over the enthusiastic couple.

“Of course she is. I mean you remember how nervous we were during our wedding; we couldn’t even repeat what the vicar was telling us to say then!” Just thinking about that day caused me to break out in a nervous sweat.

“No Rena that was only you who was that nervous I was perfectly fine.” Sometimes I just wished she would be slightly less blunt and just humor me. Yuki just continued in a sincere tone. “But this is different Jurina looks like she’s had some huge burden taken off of her. It looked like it had been bothering her for a long time.”

“Well now that you mention it… But I mean it might be a little carefree of me but I’m sure that if it was something that she wanted me to know then she would have already told me about it. Who knows maybe its better for all of us that we don’t know about it? You just said she looks like she’s sorted herself out so we shouldn’t worry about it and just enjoy their special day.” I flashed a smile across to Yuki and she replied with one.

“Hmmm well I guess that’s true. I’m sure there are plenty of things that you’ve told her instead of me.” Yuki gave a small pout at the end of her sentence and sat down at one of the benches. I followed and sat next to her and leant back, reaching my arm around her back and pulling her in for a small peck on the lips.

“You can’t really blame us right? I mean we have always been the greatest of friends.”



~ by nori on March 7, 2013.

20 Responses to “[nori’s Fanfic] “Tomodachi no Koibito” 友達の恋人 | Epilogue”

  1. Awwww yeah, thanks for the epilogue!

    somehow my hunch was true that Jurina would end up with Mayuyu XD;
    And… wait, I thought Rena was Jurina’s 1st love? Ah, I should re-read this story next time for better understanding :/

    • Haha it’s funny you say that considering the first time they met was as oppositions XD Ah, Jurina’s first love was actually Yuki but no one actually knows that, Jurina’s has always held those feelings to herself. Thank you for the comment 🙂

  2. Poor Jurina. Hopefully she is happy.

    • I’m a little confused at what you mean, Jurina is just about to get married to Mayu and truly forget about her first love. I thought the fact that she kissed Mayu right in front of Yuki signified the fact that she’s truly moved on. So yeah she has found happiness 🙂

  3. First I wanna say Jurina Happy Birthday o(≧▽≦)o even it’s a bite late. haha It’s a good idea to marry Jurina :3 I didn’t like Jurina being forever alone. Mayu is cool as always it’s what I love on her 😀 at the end of the epilogue when Yuki talked about Jurina I was really surpried that the two of them I mean Rena and Yuki knew that something going on on Jurina and she liked Yuki but they let it go and you didn’t mention it on the other chapter. I think when she ssaid that Mayu is Jurina’s first love I think she she said it to to relieve Jurina. This epilogue looks like it’s based on the MC of the last performence of Team S on Jurina’s birthday when Shitan asked Jurina
    -” Jurina, for your 16 birthday, would you please close this corner with a pun?”
    Jurina said- “Let see. Now that I am in age to get married, I’m recruiting people who would like to marry me.”

    • :O No way, that’s so crazy!! I mean I did think about 16 and marriage but this was written the day before so I didn’t know Jurina said that, unless I can see the future >< To think that such a coincidence would happen *speechless* and I confess that I was tempted to leave the fic as it was and leave Jurina on her own, but I guess I had to give her some closure for her birthday XD
      There's a few things I have to set straight though, only Jurina knows that her first love is Jurina and that Mayu is her second love. This means Jurina is Mayu's first love, and the idea of the couple being the fact that they have supposedly only ever loved football their entire life. I should also explain Rena and Yuki's reaction. Yuki notices Jurina's relief but has absolutely no idea why she has the expression. Rena on the other hand noticed Jurina's mannerism of looking at Yuki and muttering before kissing Mayu so she has a hunch about why Jurina is relieved, but it is up to you to decide whether Rena worked out that Yuki was Jurina's first love or that she accepts her best friend's decision not confide in whatever was troubling her, thinking that Jurina has done for the sake of a greater good. I hope that explains a few things for you, sorry for being needlessly complicated ;^^

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