[nori’s Fanfic] “Tomodachi no Koibito” 友達の恋人 | Chapter Ⅲ


A/N: Firstly a big thanks to the people who went on to JpHip and left a “thank you” on the post, I really appreciate that you guys took the time to check it out 🙂

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Chapter 3 ~いつから君を気づいていた?~ Since When Did I Notice You?


“So what you’re telling me is that although you had fun on your date it was ruined because the clothes you wore didn’t ‘co-ordinate’ with bowling?”  Having entertained Yuki for so long that I had to leave to eat dinner and phone her back now.

“Perfect, that’s exactly what I mean. I’m so glad you understand Jurina.” Yuki’s voice rang out from my phone.

“Sure I totally understand.” I decided I have to tell her exactly what I think this ridiculous charade “Basically you’re saying that I ruined your first date since it was me who told you the Rena would probably take you to the cinemas. Well I’ll say this now, what on earth were you expecting from me? I’d never talked to Rena about that sort of thing before and I’ll be sure to tell you the day I’m able to read other people’s minds!” My breathing became very heavy; I was panting slowly trying to regain my cool. There was only silence on the other side of the phone until I heard a faint sobbing.

“Jurina…” She was struggling form her words between each sob “I would never think such a horrible thing. I was so happy when you helped me and in the end it was me who chose my outfit not you…” She continued to cry. I should be the one feeling sorry for myself here having to cope with silly requests all while trying to prepare myself for the greatest stage of my life. However I still felt terrible, having made another girl cry.

“Sorry Yuki. I thought you were just phoning so you could complain to me. I didn’t think that you were this sad about your date.” There was something awkward about trying to be sympathetic to someone across the phone line. It’s nothing to do with not being able to talk in a sensitive way to comfort them. It’s just that when I know someone is sad I want to reach out to them, give them a shoulder to cry on, talking into a phone just isn’t enough. Still I tried my best to console the sniffling Yuki. “Hey come on it couldn’t have been that bad.” Still no reply “Look is there anything I can do to make things better?”

“Well there is something…” A small muted response.

“Sure what is it you wanted me to do?” I unconsciously crossed my fingers hoping her request wouldn’t be too crazy.

“Well you remember how you said Rena would take me the cinema since there was this movie she wanted to watch.” Argh, she’s not bringing that back up again is she?

“Look I already said I’m sorry about that, but what was I meant to say?” I began to defend myself from any forthcoming barrage of blame.

“No I’m not blaming you for that. It’s just she mentioned it to me so I went ahead and bought tickets to watch it tomorrow.” She seemed strangely unsure about this.

“Well then that’s great.” I didn’t understand how this involved me “You can ask her to go watch it with you tomorrow.”

“It’s just that’s the problem, I’m way too…” Her voice faded into a low mumble

“Huh what exactly is the problem? I couldn’t hear what you just said.” At that moment an idea came to my head and a grin to my face. “Wait I know what it is. You’re too nervous to ask Rena to go to the cinema with you even though you’ve already kissed her and done whatever else.”

“I’m not nervous about asking her to come with me!” She shouted at me, flustered by my accusation.

“Then what do you need my help for?” I yelled back at her frustrated at Yuki being so difficult.

“Well I bought a third ticket so that you can come but as payment for the ticket you have to invite Rena for me.”

“Why don’t you just do it? You’re going to meet her before I do tomorrow morning.

“Look you are the one that asked me if there was something you could do!” She did have a good point

“Alright I’ll do it but by doing this you’re admitting that you’re too scared to invite her yourself.” I was never going to let Yuki forget this.

“Fine” She was definitely pouting at her phone “I, Kashiwagi Yuki, am too embarrassed to ask my own girlfriend to the cinema. You happy now Jurina?”

“That was excellent Kashiwagi-san” I was having fun teasing her. “So tomorrow morning meet me in the changing rooms so I can take Rena and my movie ticket off of you.”

“Right then I’ll see you tomorrow, Jurina.” She gave a shrill chirp before the phone line got cut. The clock was reading “22:30”

“Better go to sleep now.” I stripped down to my underwear before putting my head thorough an oversized football top, then I buried my head in my pillow and shut my eyes. It’s actually quite sweet that Yuki gets nervous over asking Rena to the cinemas, the two have already kissed each other before and have been on a date before, yet she still got flustered over asking Rena to a movie. Hearing her fussing over something so simple, it was cute. I projected a picture of what Yuki would be like pouting on my eyelids and that was the last thing I saw before finally switching my brain off.


Water dripping from every inch of my skin I walked across the room toward my uniform ruffling my hair with the towel draped over my head. Door suddenly shook on its hinges and Yuki came bursting in.

“Hey I brought you the tickets Juri—” Not giving her a chance to finish I launched my towel and hit Yuki square in the head. “What the..?”

“Don’t you dare lift that towel off your head!” I roared at the top of my voice “If you do I’ll have some bad news to tell Rena.” The towel nodded trembling at my sudden threats. Having pulled the second grey sock up to my knees I walked over to Yuki and lifted the towel off her head only to find that she had fallen asleep. “Hey Yuki wake…” My voice trailed off as my eyes caught a glimpse of her lips. “So these are the luscious lips that Rena was raving about” I mumbled to myself still transfixed to the soft shade of pink. I found myself reaching towards it wanting to see for myself the touch that drove Rena to be so love-struck. My finger shaking as the space between it and the smooth curve became increasingly close. Shutting my eyes I felt a squishy sensation at the end of my finger.

“Hmmm…” My eyes flashed open to witness my finger pressing into Yuki’s cheek “What are you doing Jurina?” I leaped away to the other side of the room as Yuki woke up confused by my odd actions.

“Me?” I pointed to myself panicking, desperately trying to think up an excuse. “I was doing absolutely nothing. Well not actually nothing but well I… Just ignore me…” I backed away into the corner wishing I could melt away into the shadows of changing room.

“Right then here are the tickets.” She pulled out two slips of paper

“Just leave them on the bench there I still have a few things left to do.” I was still scared by the thought of being near Yuki at this moment.

“Fine well I better get going to class then” Yuki put the tickets down and gave me a confused look as she left the room. I slumped down on to the ground releasing a large sigh.

“What the heck was I doing just then?” Still dazed by my own strange actions I picked myself up grabbed the tickets and set off for class. Just as I got to my class I noticed Rena approaching the door. “Hey, Rena! You’re free after school today right?” I caught up with her getting on with the mission Yuki had just set me.

“Yeah I guess I am, unless Yuki wants to—”

“Well that’s great let’s all go see the film you wanted to watch.” Rena opened her mouth to interject, I didn’t let her. “Don’t worry I met Yuki this morning and she said she would definitely come so here take your ticket.” Having pulled the ticket out of my pocket I shoved into Rena’s hand and entered the class immediately slouching at my desk head buried in my arms, I was just desperate to get this favour over and done with.

“Jurina you haven’t told me what time we’re going to meet up.” Dammit this is the first time I rue sitting so close to Rena. “Also you sure you won’t to see this film?”

“Of course I do it’ll be awesome!” I didn’t even know the name of the film “Since the film starts at 5 so we’ll meet at quarter to. That ok?”

“Sure I’ll make sure I’m not late” Rena sat down to face the black board only to turn back with a concerned look “Jurina are you feeling unwell?”

“No I’m feeling perfect never felt any better.” I faked a sheepish smile. I didn’t feel unwell but I certainly didn’t feel good either, I just needed to be left alone some time to calm down. “Look I’d better shut up otherwise Shinoda will chuck me out of the class again.” I rolled my eyes before averting them away from Rena, she didn’t look satisfied with my answer but thankfully she didn’t pursue the issue any further.


With school over I headed straight home to prepare for the cinema date with Yuki and Rena. Wait why did I call it date? Well it is supposed to be their date; I’m just being dragged along by Yuki due to her inability to ask Rena on a date. Well I guess I should still try to enjoy the film, maybe this would be a good chance get some ammunition on the couple that way I can constantly tease them. My spirits were lifted by the thought being able to pester the two of them and I started humming away to myself as I sifted through my clothes. Eventually I chose to wear a simple combination of a black top with denim shorts and jacket. After putting on my sneakers I made sure my black knee-length socks were at the right height and grabbed my red knitted hat before setting off out through the door.

Rushing through the streets I looked down at my watch “Crap I’m already late.” I picked up the pace and started to sprint round the last few blocks before arriving at the meeting point only to be greeted by a bemused Rena.

“You tell us to be here fifteen minutes early and hear you are with only five minutes before the film starts!” She started scolding me for my tardiness.

“I’m really sorry guys but if we’ve only got five minutes left then shouldn’t we get going?” I started to head into the cinema deflecting the attention away from my delay. We entered the film room to find that there was no one else there to watch the film. “Guys, it looks like we have a private screening today.” I kicked back in my seat resting my legs on the seat in front of me. Yuki then sat down between me and Rena whispering into my ear.

“Do you have any idea what the film is about?”

“Nope I have no idea but you should, you were the one who bought the tickets.”

“That doesn’t mean anything. Though I do know that it’s called The Woods or something like that”

“The Woods? Kinda sounds a little boring.”

“Guys be quiet the films starting now.” Rena hushed at us and we obediently turned to see the curtains part. As soon as the film started it cut to a gruesome scene of a strange creature devouring the corpse of a teenage girl. I shrieked and grabbed a hold of the nearest thing to me as a deep red fluid splattered across the screen. Keeping my eyes firmly shut I clutched onto something for my dear life. This ‘thing’ that I was holding onto felt extremely warm and soft and my head rested snugly on top of it hiding my eyes from the horrors on appearing on the screen.

The entire way through the film I didn’t dare move myself from this position. I was too scared to watch what was happening in the film but I was also happy with the position I was in, I felt like I was in a safe embrace and there was this wonderfully delicious scent flowing into my head causing my mind to feel a little dizzy. Eventually the movie finished and I peered out through my eye lids to learn the identity of the warmth I held so closely for the past hour. Yuki’s face was directly in front of mine. The very lips I tried to touch this morning, dangerously near my own.

“Kyaa!” I let out a scream and fell over backwards out of my chair whacking my head against the head of another chair. It then dawned on me that I had been holding onto Yuki for the entirety of the film, with Rena sitting beside her. I picked myself up worried about what the others would say.

“Why did you get tickets for that film Jurina; didn’t you know it was a horror?” Rena said just as we left the cinema. “I mean I had fun but I must’ve been the only one since you were too busy crying Jurina and Yuki’s arm was being crushed by you.”

I shyly glanced across at Yuki “I’m sorry about that” She only managed a blush in reply, she clearly found the whole thing awkward and wanted to avoid any interaction with me. “I didn’t realize it was that sort of film.” My eyes were still blood-shot from all the tears. I was easily scared by things and I particularly hated horror films. The last time I went to watch one of these with Rena I ended up hiding under the chairs and this time round I managed to end up hugging my best friend’s girlfriend for the whole time. Although I was mortified by this I have to confess that I probably enjoyed it far more than I should have…

“Well you guys I have something urgent to do so I’ll have to go ahead.” Rena turned and waved at us.

“Wait Rena I’ll come with you” Yuki grabbed a hold of Rena’s arm, she must be desperately trying to avoid being with me.

“I’m really sorry Yuki but you can’t.” Rena took a hold of Yuki’s hand and stared into the other girl’s eyes as their faces neared each other’s. Before I knew it they were sharing a deep passionate kiss in the middle of the street. I was hypnotized by the silk lips that were constantly lapping over each other fighting for supremacy over the other. Eventually a winner was declared and a velvet tongue emerged for a split second only to vanish between the other pair of lips. After what felt like an age the two finally separated, a giddy smile appearing on both faces. “Now you’ll let me go?”

“Fine” Yuki pouted “Only if you give me one more.” She leant in and stole another kiss off of Rena.

Rena let out a giggle then turned to me. “Jurina will you walk Yuki home for me?”

“Uh, sure…” Great this is going to be one exciting walk back.

“Well see you two tomorrow” Rena had a new spring in her step as she waved back at us.

“Let’s get going then.” I merely mumbled to Yuki and started to walk ahead of her. Everything about this journey back was uncomfortable, the lack of conversation was killing but to be honest I didn’t know what to say. I could hardly mention the film or Rena to her after my actions today.

“You and Rena have that football match sometime soon don’t you?” Yuki finally broke the silence, I replied with a nod unsure of where she was going with this. “How important is it to you guys?” What’s with her sudden interest? Man she must have been desperate to talk about something.

“Well for me this is the most important thing ever in my life. As for Rena, I’ve being playing with her for as long as I’ve known her so I’d guess it’s quite important.” I gave an honest reply though I probably shouldn’t have made it sound like Rena finds a sport as important as her girlfriend.

“Okay then…” We plummeted back into awkward silence and neither of us made another attempt to talk as we approached Yuki’s house.

“Well I’ll see you later then.” Not waiting for a reply I went to walk off. Without warning I found my arm held back by the delicate fingers that were wrapped around my wrist.

“Thanks for inviting Rena for me I…” At this point time stood still and I no longer heard anything Yuki was saying. Having avoided it all the way back home I was mesmerised by Yuki’s appearance. Her hair rippling in the wind as her pure white dress glowed under the lustrous sun set. Yet amidst all this beauty my gaze was being drawn back to the plump moist lips. An intense thumping came from my chest filling my ears with its clamour  Shivers were sent down my spine, this thrilling sensation scared me. I need to wake up.

“I’m also sorry about today.” I blurted out cutting off Yuki. “I shouldn’t have gotten in your way in the cinema like that but I was just so scared and I just grab—”

“Jurina calm down. I actually thought it was cute that someone so cool like you could be such a scaredy-cat.” My face turned bright red. “Jurina are you blushing?”

“Wha— no I’m not.” It only grew brighter as I got flustered. “It’s the just the light from the sun set!”

“Sure it is.” Yuki rolled her eyes and let out a giggle. “See you tomorrow Jurina!” The door shut behind her leaving me in the middle of the street, a nervous wreck. I rested my hand on my chest to find my heart was pounding.

“Whatever this feeling is, it can’t be good.”



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  1. ASDFGHJKLskfms;fk;fkf;wefjljfjsfljwlefljwlfreferferSLFJKSAFKsaljflwjsfljs!!!!

    Am I supposed to be shipping JuriYuki right now?!!!!!! Y R U DOING THIS TO ME???!! What is this?! W-wha-what is going on?! I was expecting Wmatsui to happen, but this…this… ;A; …I like them and that was unexpected && you gave me that link to the lyrics too, but what da hell yo–I’m slow hahahahha. I mean, I kind of sensed the vibe…but then this chapter like you said has revealed it all. At first when I was reading the beginning there were a couple laughs, I was starting to wonder why when I felt absolutely no Wmatsui vibes at all–i guess they’re just friends and nothing more, but then I suddenly felt that JuriYuki vibe kick in and I was like completely blown away!!! –Had to check again just to make sure I wasn’t delusional.

    Mannn, I love this fic. Thank you for updating, this was an awesome read. I haven’t been this excited for a fanfic in awhile so—Thumbs up* Again, I likeee!!! Sorry, I know I rambled a little and didn’t really make any sense ‘xD

    • lol your reaction to JuriYuki I love it^^ I saw someone start a JuriYuki and it blew my mind but they had to stop it so ever since then I decided my first attempt would have JuriYuki in it and it seems to have blown your mind as well XD And I’m glad listening to the song didn’t ruin too much for you I was worried that it would give too much away T^T I still can’t get over your comments, I seriously hope the rest of the story can keep you this excited 🙂

  2. no no no no wait wait wait Yuki what!? Jurina is falling for Yuki or is it because she is Rena’s girlfriend no no I don’t know what to think @.@ The title of this fic leads us to a JuriYuki but I didn’t want to believe it but it said this fic is YukiRena and WMatsui not YukiRena and JuriYuki what’s going on here it is really complicated and I’m lost I think this fic will be full of drama I hope that won’t be separated those three xD

    • Sorry for misleading you with the tags but I really didn’t want to give the story away, I thought it might be more fun this way XD The love pairings for this is YukiRena and JuriYuki and I’ll change the tags for the next chapter^^ and don’t worry things are complicated and there’ll be drama but in the I think you’ll like the ending 🙂

  3. Ohohuahauah Horror movie xD Jurina scared was so cute! What was so important for Rena to do to left her own girlfriend out of it? This chapter was so nice *.* I was kind of expecting this to happen xD I checked the music and I`m pretty curious about what is going to happen. /

    • I saw you left a like on that blog with the lyrics so I guess you weren’t too shocked by the JuriYuki XD Glad the scared Jurina caught your attention and you’ll find out what Rena was doing next time round 🙂

      • In fact, iI couldn’t still believe that was it xD but I had my acceptance when I read chapter two ahauahuahua well, I liked the locker scene too ^3^

  4. oh my god… OH. MY … ( ꒪Д꒪) How did i not see that coming??!!!! I fail as a reader! you just gave me a major heart attack!! but i love it! you can give me heart attacks any day! i can totally ship juri/yuki xD thing is, i REALLY love fanfics with non-canon OTP. they’re practically my weakness. just imagine how i feel knowing one of my favorite fanfics is going down this path! this is just too good to be true (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`)

    at first i thought it was really cute how Yuki would call Jurina at night, keeping her up and all. i thought that they developed such cute friendship, BUT NO. turned out, what you have in mind was more than that. Well played, Nori. well played. i was a bit confused tho, why didn’t Rena get jealous with Jurina was hugging Yuki the entire movie? 0.0

    I dont know what to think now. i really love the relationship between Yuki and Rena. they’re just too sweet ;A; on the other hand, JURIYUKI. do i even need to list the reason why that pairing is a win? anyway, at this point, i think i’ll be happy with whatever ending you have in mind. i really love your work xD i hope when this fic is finished, you’ll go and write another! thank you for this amazing update!

    • Man I always look forward to reading you comments they are just so awesome *o* and to say this is one of your favourite fics T^T like I said earlier I was so intrigued by this unusual pairing that I just had to have it XD I shall explain why Rena wasn’t jealous at that point. She knows how much Jurina hates scary things and therefore finds it rather funny. She sees like you used to see it, a cute friendship. Also Jurina is her best friend, so she would never try to steal her girlfriend… Would she? I know you say you’ll be happy with any ending but hopefully I can make you really happy with the ending. Also have a few ideas for a new story so I’ll see this story out and see what I can do next 🙂

  5. :O Jurina and Yuki? i don’t know what’s going on but i’m excited! Thanks! Great update!

    • Glad your excited but what don’t you understand? If you tell me maybe I can explain it to you 🙂

      • lol i don’t understand Jurina falling for Yukirin, I didn’t expect that, but Yuki really likes Rena, no? *sigh* I’m really looking forward your next update!!!

      • that’s what you meant XD lol yeah it is an unusual couple but more shall be explained in the next chapter

  6. J… JURIYUKI? Shock, but sounds great.

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