[nori’s Fanfic] “Tomodachi no Koibito” 友達の恋人 | Chapter Ⅰ


A/N: Hello again guys here’s my first ever chapter XD It’s a bit of a slow start with very little drama and there’s a scene that you guys will recognise but still I hope you enjoy it. As for the next chapter it may take me a while to get it done, cursed exams ~_~, but I’ll get it done as soon as I can. I also feel inclined to say that each chapter is named after a line of the song or a slight variation, and I apologise about the poster but I seemed to struggle finding YukiRena pics ><

Chapter 1 ~ いつもの帰り道~The Usual Way Home

I stood there on the dimly lit field with a black and white sphere gripped tightly in my hands, preparing to strike. I daintily place the ball on the grass, taking 1… 2 steps away at a slight angle to my left. Precision is everything. I shut my eyes, focusing on the image of the immovable wall standing between me and my target. I feel a lone bead of sweat trickles down my left cheek.

“Top right” I mutter as I step forward and unleash the wrath of my foot onto the ball causing it to pierce through the air with an all mighty force. The ball reached its destination in no time at all, almost ripping a new hole in the top right corner of the net. “Get in!” I shout punching the air with my fist. “Just one last lap and then I’m done.” I told myself as I began my final jog of the morning.

Having finished training I entered the changing room; immediately removed the sweaty clothes that were clinging onto my body and turned on the shower, the chilled water splashing onto my short messy hair before forming a waterfall over my pale back.

As I cooled down under the constant flow of water I began to reflect on previous training sessions, how I could be even better. The semi-finals of the “inter-high cup” are fast approaching and I have to be ready for it. As the ace of the soccer team I have to be prepared to carry the team at the biggest stage, in front of the entire school.

My thoughts were interrupted by a sudden loud ring which echoed through the empty room. “Crap, I’m gonna be late!” I hurriedly put on my uniform and rushed out the door. After sprinting up several staircases and through countless hallways I finally reached the door reading class 1-B

“Matsui Jurina” A voice called from beyond the door.

“Just in time.” after breathing a sigh of relief I slid open the door and replied “Present.”

“But your late, so don’t bother coming in.” Shinoda-sensei retorted in a dry tone “Also while you’re out there sort your hair out Matsui. You look as if you’ve been dragged through a car wash.” At this point several students were struggling to stifle their laughter. In front of an empty desk and right beside the windows a particular slim girl with black shoulder length hair had both hands clasped over her mouth sniggering away at the monotonous remark. The empty desk is where I should be right now and the girl holding back her laughter is my best friend Matsui Rena; though some friend she is right now.


 “So what is it like, being dragged through the car wash?” Rena gleefully teased me.

“Hahaha, you’re so hilarious Rena.” My reply filled with sarcasm. “Anyway you know exactly why my hair was dripping wet.”

“Of course I do. It’s your bad habit of tipping buckets over your head right?” The stupid grin still plastered across Rena’s face.

“Never mind,” I sighed knowing a lost cause when I see one “let’s just go grab lunch.” I got up and made towards the door.

“Wait!” Rena suddenly stopped me in my tracks “Sorry, it’s just I actually have something really important to do.” She averted her gaze down and started to fidget with the hem of her skirt.

“Sure no problem, but you didn’t have to shout the whole school down.” I stuck my tongue out her, as my petty revenge for earlier. “Still, do you want me to grab you the usual?” These words caused Rena’s face to instantaneously light up.

“Really that would be great Jurina!” she leapt up and gave me huge hug. “Well I better get going. See you in a bit Jurina!” she turned and waved at me as she rushed off out the class.

“Well that melon pan isn’t going to buy itself.” I exited the classroom and joined the hordes of shouting swarming towards the canteen.


Finally I made it out of the battlefield with my spoils of war gripped tightly in each hand. Upon arrival to the classroom I noticed Rena, her head propped up on her elbow, blankly staring out the window her gaze resting on the pitch.

“Hey” I called out to her “You nervous about the semis as well?”

“Hm…Er…Yeah something like that…” she replied with her head clearly still away in the clouds.

“Hey don’t worry about it I’ll make sure we win. Oh and before I forget…” I reached out and handed her the melon pan “Here the usual good stuff.”

“Thanks Jurina.” she softly lifted the bread out of my hand a small smile forming on her face as took apart the plastic surrounding her treasure.

“By the way what was that thing you had to deal with?” I reached round and brought my chair around to perch down next to her.

“Well about that…” Rena took a pause to lick the crispy crumbs off her lips “After school can you wait for me just outside the gates?” she seemed to be struggling to find the right words “Well I guess, there’s something I want to show you.” She released a huge sigh of relief.

“Sure but—” Before I had a chance to finish a shrieking bell rang out, followed immediately by the cry of “Right you lot hurry up and get to your seats now!” a collective groan echoed through the class as the demon returned. “All of you turn to page 195.” With these words the torturing began.


Immediately after the rescue bell signalled the end of the day Rena left without uttering a single word to me. Strange, I would’ve assumed that she was depressed over whatever happened at lunch but I could swear I saw a grin on her face only dedicated for her beloved melon pans. So I just followed the surge of students as I made my way to the grey stone wall by the gates and waited.

As I stood there I started to think seriously about my best friend’s behaviour  I’ve known her for almost all my life and not once have I seen her act like this. Is she really that worried about the semifinals coming up? She isn’t the obvious footballing type with her thin stature, cute looks and self-controlled nature but many have shared the field with her making this assumption and all of them have suffered the consequences. Within the confines of the pitch Rena became the resolute pillar that supported the team, for the entire 90 minutes her colossal presence reined terror over any foolish enough to oppose her. We formed the ultimate combo. Rena is the impenetrable barrier demolishing anyone foolish enough to attempt to pass her; I am the flamboyant magician, one moment I’m in front of you blink and the ball is nestled in the back of the net. Our reputation as the double Matsui duo was on the line with the inter-high cup and maybe it had got to her. There was also something strange about her scent at lunch it was a lot fruitier then I had remembered it being.

“Hey, Jurina!”

I heard Rena’s voice from over the wall. I looked around to see her waving toward me as she walked along the path with another girl beside her.

“I’m so sorry we took so long Jurina.” As they got closer I noticed that their fingers were interlocked together and an overwhelming smell of peaches.

“No worries, it wasn’t that long a wait but er…” Rena noticed me glancing toward the stranger “Aren’t you going to introduce her?” The two girls seemed to catch each other’s gaze and quickly averted them.

“Well…erm…” Rena Rena stuttered before announcing “Yuki this is Jurina…” She took a nervous pause “and Jurina I’d like to introduce you to Yuki, my girlfriend…”

“Heh…When… Did you just say…?” My mind was struggling to process the words that Rena had just uttered; I just started pointing my finger at the new girlfriend. “Is this the thing you wanted to show me?”

“Ah…Yeah…” Rena gave a small nod

“This was also the thing at lunchtime?”

“Uh huh”

“Also the reason you were—”

“I’m sorry to interrupt” Yuki finally spoke “but could you possibly stop pointing at me like that? It’s rather disconcerting.” I looked across to witness her dainty features shying away.

“Sorry, I was just a little surprised” I quickly drew my hand to the back of my head, as I grimaced.

“No, no I don’t blame you for being so surprised.” She replied waving her hand. “But I guess we should maybe start heading home? It gets dark really quickly this time of the year.”

“You’re right let’s go” The couple began to head off. Just as I was about to follow I suddenly realized the depth of the situation. Normally I would just walk home with Rena but now she has a girlfriend she’d probably want to walk with her. Rena picked up on my hesitation.

“Come on Jurina keep up.”

“But…Don’t you guys want to be left alone?”

“Huh why would we do that?” Rena seemed confused by my words. “Yuki’s house is on the way towards yours so you’d have to walk the same way as us.”

“Oh, right, well I guess if you’re both cool with it.” I broke into a jog and found myself next to Rena in no time. I glance across to see the new item chatting to each other, Rena completely infatuated with her new lover. I strolled alongside them in complete silence still trying to get my head around everything that had just happened. It’s great that Rena has a girlfriend but you can’t blame me for being so shocked, today is the first time I’d ever known of her existence! She seems to be a nice person but I still worry that she will become a distraction to Rena with the semi-finals coming up.

“Um… Jurina-san, can I ask you a question?” A voice beyond Rena called out

“Huh?” I stumbled over the curve; Yuki’s voice caught me completely off guard. I briskly dusted myself down “Sure what is it?”

“Well I was wondering are you my rival?” Her crescent eyes locked onto me with threatening intensity.

“Why would I be your rival?” I stammered, desperately trying to avoid the vicious glare.

“It’s just that on our way out to meet you,” She briefly averted her eyes allowing me a chance to breathe “Rena kept talking about you and how you’ve known each other since you were 4 years old.”

“Calm down Yuki, there’s no way Jurina is your rival.” Rena placed her hand on Yuki’s head as calm as ever despite her girlfriends sudden accusation.

“Then tell me why” Yuki demanded an explanation

“Sorry I must have forgotten to tell you earlier it must’ve just slipped my mind.” Rena stuck out her tongue to tease Yuki

“Just tell me why!”

“Fine, it’s because Jurina here” She put her arm round my shoulder and dragged me closer “is the world’s worst kisser.” These final words were followed by awkward silence. Then the penny dropped

“What on earth do you mean she’s the world’s worst kisser? Are you trying to say you’ve kissed her?” Yuki pointed an accusing finger at Rena then me, her face accumulating with rage and her eyes becoming increasingly large.

“What are you talking about Rena?” I was just as shocked as Yuki was with Rena’s ludicrous words “We’ve never kissed each other, in fact you know fine well that neither of us have had our first kiss yet!” My desperate defense brought an abrupt end to Yuki’s tirade but not in the manner that I expected. Her face was still bright red but now there was a daft grin stretching across her from the corners of her cheeks “Rena what’s wrong with your girl?” I turned to Rena, only to find that she was sharing the same expression as Yuki, only her face was a darker shade of scarlet. It didn’t take me long to put two and two together “You’ve been going out for half a day and you guys have already kissed?” Yuki gave a silent nod before Rena spoke up

“It happened just after we confessed our love to each other; it was just too perfect a moment to waste…” Rena’s eyes met Yuki’s and I could hear my heartbeat race in panic. I gave Rena a shove before they drifted away to their own world. “Hehe, I’m sorry about that.” Rena’s face was flushed with embarrassment. “Its’ just those luscious lips are so moist” She was getting lost in her fantasies again “Jurina if you turn out to be half as good a kisser as Yu—” This time a loud thump from Yuki brought Rena crashing back down to reality.

“Stop it Rena it’s really embarrassing talking about these things…” she was hiding behind the bag that had just smacked her girlfriend. “Anyway this is my house” she said pointing to the house on the corner of the street.

“Then I guess I’ll see you tomorrow then Jurina.” Rena waved goodbye

“What do you mean Rena your house is further down the road.” I was puzzled by her words.

“Well actually I invited her round to my house today” Yuki said as she wrapped her arms over Rena’s shoulders. By this point I wasn’t remotely surprised.

“Well you guys certainly don’t hold back, you’ll probably be getting married at the end of the week at this pace!” I stuck out my tongue at the pair as I backed away from them. “Make sure you don’t have too much fun!” I shouted as I rushed off down the street.

Before returning to my house I decided to take a quick detour to visit the shrine a few blocks away from my house. After climbing up the dirt track up to the shrine, I dropped a coin into the box and rang the bell. I stood there, beneath the rattling bell, inhaling the soothing incense with my hands clasped together in prayer. I opened my eyes and sat down on a boulder beside the shrine and began to reminisce about the experience I shared with Rena 11 years ago at this very place.


We were both just 5 years old. Rena’s mum was taken ill so her father had to take her mum to the hospital. For that night we took care of Rena but she just never stopped crying. I decided to do something to cheer her up so I grabbed my prized piggy bank and took Rena to the shrine.

“What are we doing here?” she sobbed tears constantly forming in her eyes

“I am going to make your mum better” I proclaimed popping out the cork from the piggy bank and tipping all my coins into the box.

“Jurina your money…”

“Never mind that Rena, make sure you ring the bell so your wish comes true.”

“OK” Rena shook the rope and clenched her hands together as the bells rang out. Rena finally opened her eyes and uttered a single word “Why?” I simply just smiled in reply “It’s because you are the most precious friend in the whole entire universe.”


Once I returned to my house I immediately greeted my parents with the customary shout of “I’m home” before storming straight up the stairs and leaping onto my bed. I lay there staring at my prized possession perched on top of the shelf. I still collected money in it but I had no idea what I was supposedly saving up for. All of sudden my mobile began to ring out in tune. I reached into my bag to pull out the source of the noise and looked at the flashing screen.

“Strange, it says unknown number” I was completely perplexed as to whom it was calling me but regardless of my confusion I answered the phone.

“Hello this is Jurina speaking.”

“Hello Jurina-san” a recently familiar voice called across the line. “This is Yuki speaking.”



~ by nori on January 19, 2013.

42 Responses to “[nori’s Fanfic] “Tomodachi no Koibito” 友達の恋人 | Chapter Ⅰ”

  1. I was quite shocked when I saw how Rena acts. I wasn’t used to her being like that because I was used to her being all princess-ish and proper…so I was stunned for a few seconds. It’s quite a bit new to see her like that, or is just the effects of love? Mah, also, Yukirin looks like a really scary jealous type here, not something someone wants to go against with. I wonder why she called Jurina though? Hmm, is she gonna threaten her? I’m curious, possibly though. It’s quite complicated anyhow, Jurina’s relation with Rena when Rena has Yukirin. Then again, its easy to resolve, if ever Jurina doesn’t get badly hurt in the process of doing so. :3

    • Yeah I guess I’ve made Rena quite different from her usual appearance but I’ve always thought she could be quite outgoing at times so I thought I’d change it up a bit. Also you’re right love does have weird effect, like Yuki threatening Jurina but then there’s also more than one type of love whether its for a lover or a precious friend. I hope that gives you a slightly better idea if what’s going to happen 😉

      • Of course, I’m aware of the different types of love, but the type that Yukirin displays is more of a possessive one, which makes her really a jealous type. And Jurina’s love is considered a love that has long been there since she and Rena have been friends since 4 years old, making them childhood friends, which falls back to Rena acting like that as legit. Then again, seeing Rena display such playfulness when Yukirin is around gives motive too. With how Rena acted, I feel like she was trying to tease or purposely make Yukirin jealous/react to her words. If that itself is void of a reason, then I’m more puzzled. Rena and Yukirin just got together that day, so they aren’t that close yet…too sudden if you ask me for her to display such acts around Yukirin, Jurina’s legit. But with Yukirin around…hmm, well…unless Rena’s personality is really built to be like that, then I shall place that in mind while reading that this Rena here is outgoing. ^ ^

    • I think I might have too vague when I was talking about different types and that’s caused a slight misunderstanding. I was talking more about the idea of the different feelings of affection you have for different people. For example you can have a girlfriend/boyfriend and love them, at the same time you can have your parents and love them as well. You can define the feelings toward either party as love but its safe to say you wouldn’t love them both in the same way, since the love toward your parents won’t have any romantic dynamic to it. This idea can sort of be applied to the relationship between 2 best friends, though in this case you probably won’t describe the feelings toward your best friend as love. Unfortunately with this to try and play into that idea I found myself portraying Rena as a far more outgoing character than she is normally. With hindsight there are probably things I could have changed in order to have Rena as a more shy character. So just like you say so yourself, you’ll just have to keep in mind that Rena is more outgoing in this story and I apologise for the confusion caused by this m(_ _)m

  2. when i saw your update i literally mouthed out ‘akhsgkahgkdhs’ and ran for my phone to read it there. so many things to spazz about T^T from the look of things, it seems like juri doesn’t have any romantic feeling towards rena, which is good IMO cause it leaves me curious to what the real conflict of this fic is xD also i love all the super cute raburabu scenes that made my heart fluttered just by imagining it; such as the first kiss that yuki and rena shared and that scene where yuki went all competitive with jurina, but that cliffhanger tho! you’re so smart for writing that cliffhanger i hate you for that -,- also, the dialogues are so good and fresh you had me thinking “how did he come up with this?” simply put, i am in love with this fic. I’m worshipping this T^T i dont know why but i feel like I’m watching a really good yuri anime when i read this. does that even make sense? lol I’m sorry if my comment doesn’t make any sense I am still spazzing right now actually aaarrgghhh i wish for nothing but for you to finish your exams soon!

    • I don’t know where to start with your comment it’s simply just too awesome. I’m so glad that you like’d cute scenes since I wasn’t really sure how I should write those, to say that it reminds you of yuri anime T^T I am humbled by such kind words m(_ _)m You’re right to pick up on the fact that Jurina has zero romantic feelings toward Rena but that doesn’t mean that the Wmatsui relationship won’t be a problem 😉 Sorry about the cruel cliffhanger but if its got you really interested then it’s done its job 😛 Wow I’m still overwhelmed by your comment and I’ll update this as soon as I can 🙂

  3. Hoo, so Jurina and Rena are just friends here.. Yuki’s behavior is kind of suspicious, I wonder what she wants by calling Jurina..

    • Thanks for the comment. You’re right there aren’t any romantic feelings between Rena and Jurina but I would say they are a little more than just friends and as for Yuki’s reasons of calling, it might actually be a little surprising but you’ll have to wait for the next chapter to find out 🙂

  4. “scent at lunch it was a lot fruitier then I had remembered it being” LOLLLLLLLLLLL
    I usually ship YukiRena, but judging from the flow of the story, it’s probably a crackship, huh?

    • I’m not too sure what you find funny with that but I guess its a good thing??? As for YukiRena being a crackship, I’d love to honestly tell you if it is or not but that would ruin the story. All I can say for now is think about the relationship between the 3 girls and how that connects with the title. Thank you for your comment and I hope you give this story a chance m(_ _)m

      • Oh, “fruity” is the American slang for “gay (in both sense of the word, though not often “homosexual”).” I thought you were going for the pun here. I guess you don’t use that slang.

      • That was completely unintentional XD I guess you learn something new everyday 🙂

  5. you’re so fast you update the first chapter. I love it 😀
    I laughed so much at first when the teacher said that she looks like she had been dragged through a car wash I can imagine it it’s really funny xD
    I think this personality fit Jurina very much. she is funny .She is like has her head in the clouds and it’s make me laugh so much.
    about Rena her personality is not the same as I always see neat and shy. Maybe she is shy here too but she is more open and she is made me laugh when she started teasing Jurina and when she was in the way to go back to home.
    I’m not really a YukiRena shipper I’m a Mayuki xD and I really don’t like Yuki at all here LOL she looks a jealous girlfriend
    your fic here Jurina is talking about her friend’s girlfriend who is Yuki but Jurina doesn’t look like she loves Rena or something.
    at last you make me scary when Yuki called Jurina at the end !! something happened to Rena or what?! nori update I want to know what happened @.@

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the teacher’s comment Jurina, my English teacher actually said that my friend once XD Although its true that Rena tends to be shy towards people I think she can actually be quite open with people she’s close to so considering the main characters are her best friend and girlfriend there’ll be less shy Rena in this story. As for you being a Mayuki shipper I’m sorry about that though there may be cameo from Mayu >< Hopefully you're opinion on Yuki will change soon^^ Thank you for the comment and I'll try to update as soon as I can 🙂

  6. awesome! 😀
    lol yukirin is such a jealous person xD ,
    i was feeling a bit weird about rena and jurina being just friends since im a wmatsui shipper lol but yukirena is good too *U*
    love the end part makes me very curious @__@
    whoa there yukirin i understand your jealousy at first since well rena just said ‘shes the world worst kisser’ lol could really give misunderstanding xDD , i hope she doesn’t change to black mode = o = , ( i actually hope she does) LOL , thanks for the update ♥
    there’s not much yukirena fics i have read so im excited for this ;~;

    • I’m also a big Wmatsui shipper so you may think why I’m righting this XD Hopefully the special nature of their friendship will make it seem less weird. Also that scene of jealousy from Yuki might be the close we get to Black appearing (I’m still not 100% sure) I’m glad that your excited and hopefully I can match your expectations 🙂

  7. I finally had time to read *.* I don’t think it was slow. It had a nice peace and it’s really nice that you decided to not rush things.
    Yuki is too much jealous for a recent date. I`m really curious about why Yuki had called Jurina.
    This is becoming even more interesting. And again I learned few new words with you ;D

    • Glad you enjoy the new words 🙂 I’m also happy you think this is an ok pace since it won’t speed up much until the very end and even then it won’t be much^^ Yuki is a bit jealous there but she will change, or rather Jurina learns more about her XD

  8. Sorry for the late reply, this has been my only free time actually *sighs. Anyway, on to the update…I love how the titles of the chapters will be based on a line from the song~! ヽ(´ー`)ノ About the poster though, YukixRena pics are so rare so all is good. Ahh—I have like this giddy giddy happy feeling while I’m reading this. It feels like I’m watching a movie and all excited to know what happens next. I wasn’t expecting to see Mariko here either, so it was nice to know she was their teacher ‘xD Rena seems sprung but her relationship with Yuki seems like it’s moving along pretty fast almost as abruptly as how she just suddenly introduced the girl to Jurina from out of the blue..I wonder how they met? At this point I’m still not sure about how Jurina feels but I guess we’ll see hehe. AHh, then that phone call at the end…is that drama I sense already?! ‘:D

  9. I wanna rad this but it sounds like a threesome

    I am not into threesome!

    But…The amount of YukiRena will change my mind…perhaps

    So, should I or shouldn’t I?

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