[nori’s Fanfic] “Tomodachi no Koibito” 友達の恋人 | Prologue


A/N: I’ve finally made an attempt at writing a fic! I apologise for the generic theme of the story but I’ve based it on a song, which is also where I stole the title from. Also a big thank you to Max, BbSis & mo-chan for their suggestions and putting up with my pestering. m(_ _)m


The tranquil street was lined with auburn trees all slowly swaying in the wind, waving goodbye to the leaves. These leaves were the very same ones that gave the towering existence such wonderful life and vibrancy; yet every year, when it reaches its most beautiful prime, it is simply let go. Released to gradually flutter down to the ground, its final resting place where it would be forgotten beneath the footprints of the distracted students. However some may escape such a lonely end and instead be saved by the passing breeze, left to dance together in complete ignorant bliss of the melancholy fate that the others have suffered from.

I stood there, a solitary statue amidst the swirling shards of ruby, leaning against the grey stone walls of my school gazing up at the lone cloud drifting across the crimson sea in an attempt to pass the time.

“Hey, Jurina!”

I peered round the gate to notice two figures emerge from within the school; one of them had their slender arm outstretched franticly waving towards me. As Rena hurried closer I could see the goofy grin across her face mouth something at me but I was busy trying to work out who the other girl was. She was just taller than Rena and they both had the same dark black hair except the stranger’s raven locks flowed down beyond her shoulders and over the cute maroon scarf that was cuddled closely to her warm rosy cheeks.

“I’m so sorry we took so long Jurina.” Rena spoke up as she approached me.

“No worries, it wasn’t that long a wait but er…” I gestured toward the other girl “Aren’t you going to introduce her?” It was then that I noticed both the girls’ faces turn bright scarlet as they shared sheepish glances at each other.

“Well…erm…” Rena stuttered before announcing “Yuki this is Jurina…” She took a nervous pause “and Jurina I’d like to introduce you to Yuki, my girlfriend…”



A/N: I apologise for it being extremely short and poor but I was eager to get started XD Also I think I should mention that the title translates to mean “Friend’s Lover”


~ by nori on January 16, 2013.

25 Responses to “[nori’s Fanfic] “Tomodachi no Koibito” 友達の恋人 | Prologue”

  1. The prologue was short, but pretty good. I look forward to read the rest of the story although I have a feeling this might be a sad fic.

    • Sorry about it being so short T^T I was just so desperate to get started writing XD You’re feelings spot on about the fic but hopefully if all goes well you’ll be smiling as you cry 🙂

  2. you have no idea how long i have been craving for some yuki/rena vs wmatsui fic!! thank you so much for writing this. i must say, i like the way you describe the scenery, which is something i could never do perfectly T^T I’m loving this fanfic already even if its just a short prologue. aaaahhh my yuki/rena heart <33 please update soon!

    • I’m glad you like the YukiRena pairing, I’ve always seen them as the BlaGeki pair so I wanted to try out the pairing simply as Yuki and Rena^^ Only thing is, strictly speaking, this isn’t a YukiRena vs Wmatsui but hopefully you’ll stick around long enough to find out what I mean by that 😛

      • black/geki is too mainstream yo hahaha. are you kidding theres no way i will ever stop getting interested in this fic. at this rate, i dont even care if there wouldn’t be any wmatsui. its because you’re such a good writer T^T

      • You’re words are far too kind m(_ _)m And don’t worry there ‘s certainly a Wmatsui element but let’s say its at a slightly different angle 😉

  3. Welcome! It was a pleasure! I see you already decided on what to do^^ As I said before, I liked the way you described things, and you used words that I had to look at the dictionary hauahuahauhua I can’t wait for chapter 1 o/

    • Sorry about that but your suggestions helped me with the first chapter, so again a really big thank you m(_ _)m Also definitely check out the song it might spoil the story a bit but its such a good song, you have to listen to it XD

  4. the prologue is interesting, I like it. The beginning of the prologue is really poetic, lol.

    • I’m happy that you like the poetic style of first part^^ I’m probably better at poems than stories so hopefully you’ll enjoy the other descriptions 🙂

  5. Now, I can comment like how a normal reader would^^ First of all, I reread this while listening to the song you based this fic off of–it took me forever to find it! It wasn’t on youtube or anything but it fits nicely with the mood of the story ahah. Thanks for introducing the song and band to me! I like them~ ‘xD Like I said, I could picture the scenes very nicely. You’ve already introduced to us the problem of this fic already however, I’m really interested in how everything will turn out and what romantic drama there is to come ahah–Update soon~~I’m excited yo!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the reread 🙂 As for the song and band I didn’t realise it would be so hard to find. It might be cause they disbanded recently T^T but then that’s also a huge reason for why I decided to start writing this^^ Also you’re right the I have already introduced part of the problem but I wonder if we’re thinking of the same problem XD First chapter should be on its way soon and thank you for all the help you gave me m(_ _)m

  6. don’t thank me nori we’re friends and friends help each other
    I’m happy you updated the prologue 😀
    I already feel drama is coming so fast lol
    I love the way how you discribe I hope I ll be able to write like you someday T_T

    • It should be me saying those words, not you your a far better writer than me^^ I hope the drama is fast enough for you cause I actually think it maybe a little slow XD Also with the description I’d love to help you, friends help each other right 😉

  7. Ouch! I will wait for this… The title interesting 😀

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