[Minamiyuki’s fanfic] Gunsword Series: Renai no Tsuzuki Saga – The Forgotten Blue Sky Arc: Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: Leidensweg

Note: Leidensweg is a German for “Road of Sorrow” or “Path of Suffering”

One week ago

Central Conference Room, Solar System Alliance Self-Defense Force (SSASDF) Main Terran Headquarters, Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan, Earth, Solar System, PW-148 Universe; Terran Calendar August 13, 2136, Monday, 9:00 am

The room was filled with holographic monitors showing on real-time images, communication equipment on standby and high-powered supercomputer. The table, which is in the center of the room, has also mentioned technologies. On the side of the table, girls are discussing about the incident.

“Our scanners from the Threshold Tower detects an unusual presence in this universe. Most likely one of the transdimensional artifact.” Gemini Field Marshal Sashihara Rino explained.

“A transdimensional artifact? Like similar to Tesseract or Chronowheel?” Aquarius Fleet Admiral Matsui Jurina asked.

“Yes. In addition, there’s a current war in that universe. This is the live image came from the Threshold Tower.” The holographic monitors showed a live feed from the other universe.

“Cybernetic war?” Cancer Sky General Shimazaki Haruka asked.

“Yes. This is the war between terrestrial humans and extra-terrestrial cyber mechanical organisms.” Rino answered.

“Well then. Libra Fleet Admiral Watanabe Mayu, you should go to this world. Since among all of us, cybernetic technology is your specialty.” Leo Sky General Takahashi Minami said.

“Shouganai na. Then, I will accept it. Is there anything else, Takamina?” Mayu sighed.

“You could choose your companions. You want to bring another Marshal?” Minami asked.

“No thanks. Two Lieutenants are enough for me.” Mayu shrugged Minami’s offer.

“Then which of the two Lieutenants would you like to bring?”

“My assistant, Maritime Force Captain Watanabe Nezumi. And Haruppi’s assistant, Ground Force Lieutenant Colonel Tanaka Miku. And also, Sakuratan’s assistant, Air Force Major Sakaguchi Nagisa.”

“Eh~? Atashi?” Miku pointed herself in confusion.

“Wow, I’m being chosen.” Nagisa reacted.

“Yes, this will serve you as your training, Miku-chan. You would like to test your newest arsenals, right?” Mayu winked.

“Then, it will be my honor to accompany you in this mission, Fleet Admiral Watanabe Mayu.” Miku bowed to Mayu.

“Well then, we have one hour of preparation.” Mayu said. Then Takamina dismissed everyone.

Quantum Gateway, Threshold Tower, SSASDF Main Terran Headquarters, Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan, Earth, Solar System, PW-148 Universe; Terran Calendar August 14, 2136, Monday, 10:30 am

One hour have been passed since the preparation. Mayu, Miku, Nagisa and Nezumi are standing in front of the Quantum Gateway, an interdimensional transporter that allows them to travel to other dimensions, planes, surfaces and universes within a short amount of time. It is currently powered by Tesseract, the Space Component, one of the seven Singularity Components.

“Take care, Miku-chan.” Colonel Yabuki Nako hugged her twin sister.

“I will, Nako-chan. I’m strong as you, you know that right?” Miku hugged Nako.

“I know.” Nako smiled.

“Armageddon, check. Chronowatch, check.  Smile, perfect!” Nagisa said.

“Why did you include your smile?” Her close friend, Major Nakano Ikumi, asked to her.

“Well, there’s a high possibility that I would meet strong opponents right? And the first thing you need to do is to smile at them before anything else, right?” Nagisa asked her with a smile.

“Those opponents would be cautious to you instead. More when they know how scary you are.” Ikumi smacked her head.

“Don’t worry, Ikuumin. I’ll promise that I will not show that to them. Okay?” Nagisa smiled at her innocently.

“Okay desu.” Ikumi smiled.

On the other group, Scorpio Sky General Kashiwagi Yuki was talking to Mayu’s assistant, Brigadier General Watanabe Nezumi.

“You already know that Mayuyu always not giving up, even on the direst situation. So please, if she can’t be stop, guard her until she’s fully satisfy. Take care of her if she exhaust all of her energy from her work.” Yuki begged.

“Wakatta.” Nezumi bowed like a butler to her princess. Miku and Nezumi walked to the gateway platform, where Mayu was waiting.

“All ready?” Mayu asked. Her two favourite weapons, Denel NTW-20 and Cheytac M200 Intervention, are suspended on her back by the attached slings.

“Hai!” Miku and Nezumi said. Mayu, Miku, Nagisa and Nezumi went to the center of gateway platform then they formed a circle. After that, they stack their hands together, were their Chronowatch was worn.

“Sasshi, initiate Hypertachyonic Transportation.” Minami ordered.

“Wakarimashita~.” Rino typed on the keyboard at faster rate.

“Target destination: PW-146 Universe

Cosmological Name: Sakamichi Universe

Cosmological Distance: 350 Teraparsec or 1.14155 Quintillion Light-years

Cosmological Time: August 14, 2136, Monday, 10:40 am, Earth Calendar

Estimated Time of Arrival: 2 hours, 26 minutes, 38 seconds and 45 milliseconds

Arrival Point: Shinagawa Ground Zero Ruins, Tokyo, Japan”

The bridge that connects the gateway platform to the main platform has retracted. Then the four pillars that surrounds the gateway platform revolved around it at accelerated rate.

“Tesseract is now on the oversaturation state. Emission of tachyon particles are in the supercritical condition. Coordinates are in place. Trajectory calculations is now complete. Anti-obstruction Quantum Barrier are in perfect state.”

“Takamina, whenever you’re ready.” Rino showed Minami the red holographic button.

“Kuukan Ryokou: Hassha! (Space Transportation: Launch)” Takahashi Minami tapped the red button.

On the gateway platform, their Chronowatch resonated and emitted beam of light. Then the beam connected to each other, creating a triangular pattern, and later coincides to the center then it went upward to the large lensed object. The pillars revolved faster than speed of sound followed by the lense generated high density of light.

“Sakamichi Universe, here we come.” Mayu said. The three officers disappeared from the gateway platform in a flash of high luminance of light. After the transportation was complete, the pillars slowly decelerate. Minami looked on the blue sky.

“Goodluck, guys.”

JGSDF 1st Division Headquarters, Camp Nerima, Nerima, Tokyo, Japan, Earth, Solar System, PW-146 Sakamichi Universe; Earth Calendar August 13, 2136, Monday, 1:06 PM

A girl in mid-twenties is sitting on the watchtower’s roof, still with her metal case lying beside her. She’s currently inspect the surrounding with her blue-ringed pupil glowing unhumanly.

“So, you’re here on the usual place, Maiyan.” She heard an adorable voice coming from behind.

“I like this place, Hoshimina. You should know that.” Lieutenant General Shiraishi Mai said.

“Hai~ Hai~. By the way, Maimai will come here in a second to visit you.” After she finished the sentence, General Fukugawa Mai suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

“Really, Maimai? Chronosphere out of nowhere?” Lieutenant General Hoshino Minami pouted.

“Hehehe, I always do this.” Mai rubbed her own head. Two other girls appeared from below, possibly jumping high from the ground.

“Oh, General Fukugawa. What are you doing here?” Lieutenant General Akimoto Manatsu asked.

“Oh, I just want to breathe fresh air. Tired of several meetings, all relates about Cybrions.” Mai sat on the roof.

“You should take a rest for a while, Mai-chan.” Lieutenant General Eto Misa gave a cup of tea to Mai.

“Arigatou na, Misamisa.” Mai drank her tea. Before she finish the tea, her instinct detect an unusual phenomenon. The five girls saw a pillar of light appeared from the sky that shot down to the ground.

“What the?” Minami said.

“Cybrion attack?” Manatsu asked. She pulled out her sword that was slung on her back.

“No, it’s not a Cybrion attack. Cybrions can’t generate tachyons.” Mai said.

“Tachyons? You mean those faster-than-light particles?” Misa asked.

“Yes. Cybrions can fire beams like mine. However, those are just photon particles. While that pillar of light, is made of highly dense of tachyonic wave. No Human technology, even Cybrion’s, can’t emit tachyon particles. Not even astronomical phenomenon can’t able to generate such high density of beam like that. Well unless, you count Gamma-ray bursts, which is not a tachyonic beam.” Mai explained.

“Akimoto Manatsu, Eto Misa, Hoshino Minami, Shiraishi Mai, I want all of you to go to the site and investigate it. By Mai’s explaination, there’s a possibility that it would be something else other than Cybrions. There would be also possibility that you will have an unavoidable skirmish with the Cybrions, so try to manage to get here without any deaths. Is that clear?”

“Ma’am, yes, Ma’am!” The four shouted.

“Very well, dismiss!” As soon as she said that, the four Lieutenant Generals are jumping from the roof to the ground. Right the instant their feet touched the ground, they suddenly disappeared followed by a shockwave appeared from their wake. Mai looking at the pillar of light with interested look.

It’s strange. My Chronosphere didn’t affect that pillar. The Chronosphere, when activated, can alter the time within. At below average level, my Chronosphere can cover the whole region. At first, I thought that the tachyon particles are the reason, due that those things can able to move faster than light. However, at my power, I can stop even the light itself. I can able to slow down tachyon particles too. But how that the pillar of light still moving normally in the middle of the Chronosphere’s Shutdown, neither stopped nor slowed? It’s like something, or someone prevents me from affecting it.

Cybrion Main Headquarters, Tokyo, Japan, Earth, Solar System, PW-146 Sakamichi Universe; Earth Calendar August 13, 2136, Monday, 12:50 PM

Inside the training room, a young girl, wearing a pair of bladed skates, tried to attack another girl.

“More, Asuka. Attack me with all of your might.” The older girl commanded.

“Hai, Nanase-san!” Asuka tried to axe kick Nanase, only hitting the ground. The ground she kicked created a gigantic crater.

“Good job, Asuka.” Nanase patted Asuka’s head from behind. “Your speed and strength improves greatly. Soon you can able to catch me.”

“Eh? That’s all?” In an instant, Asuka delivered a hypersonic kick, only to be caught instantly by Nanase by holding the skate blade in two fingers. Asuka’s kick, despite being caught, generated shockwave on its wake.

“You should improve your speed more. You’re the only Juggernaut who possess the same trait as mine, a kicker-type.” Nanase smiled then she patted Asuka’s head.

“Come on, let’s go.” Nanase said.

“Hai!” The two Sturmjäger went out to the training room. As they walked on the hallway, they saw a beam of light striking down to the ground. The distance to them is more likely farther, but the intensity is enough for anyone with a naked eye to notice it.

“What’s that? Our reinforcements?” A girl, with yellow-colored iris, asked. Her yellow-bladed scythe glows the dark hallway.

“Did you really ever think that our species can generate tachyon wave, at that kind of density, Yumi?” The girl, with red-colored iris asked. She’s currently standing beside her.

“Well, how about humans? Nanami, do you think they did that?” Yumi asked.

“No. They may have possess cutting-edge technology similarly to ours. But they don’t have that kind of technology to emit exotic matters. Neither to us too.” A girl named Nanami, with blue-colored iris, explained.

“It would be a possibility a third-party would join in this conflict. We should check it out. Erika, let’s go.” She said.

“Nanase, we need the Queen’s permission for that.” Erika said.

“Then you have my permission.” The voice echoed from the hallway. From their peripheral vision, the screen appeared, revealing a silhouette with iridescent iris glowing.

“Erika, Nanami, Nanase and Yumi, go there and search for any clues regarding of that phenomenon. There would be any possible advantages if we manage to get something from the pillar of light first. Also, be careful, humans also try to reach the site.”

“I sensed General Fukugawa Mai’s aura from here, trying to test the pillar’s might. Unfortunately, her aura rebounded from the pillar.” Their Queen said.

“That Fukugawa. I still have some revenge for her. That humiliation 2 years ago.” Yumi gritted her teeth.

“Like when she kicked you 200 times despite you moving at the speed of lightning? Oh I like that part.” Erika chuckled. She managed to parry an incoming scythe slash despite moving at high speed.

“Don’t you dare to make fun of me, Dreadnought Sturmjäger Erika.” Yumi angrily said.

“Ooohhhhh, Blitzkrieg Sturmjäger Yumi is very angry. I’m scared.” Erika continuing to tease her.

“Why you~?!” Yumi swung her scythe so fast, that Erika can’t able to react it. In an instant, the tip of the scythe didn’t touch Erika’s nose, in millimetre away.

“Wew, thanks Nanase.” Erika said.

“Asuka, go without me. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Nanase-san!” Asuka walked to the end of the dark hallway until she disappear.

“That’s enough. Now, go!”

“Yes, your majesty!” The four bowed down then they instantly disappeared, leaving a dust on their wake.

“Just who are you, outsiders.”

Shinagawa Ground Zero Ruins, Tokyo, Japan, Earth, Solar System, PW-146 Sakamichi Universe; Earth Calendar August 13, 2136, Monday, 1:06 PM, same time

The pillar slowly diminished, revealing the three girls.

“And now we’re arrived.” Mayu said.

“With a couple of attendants coming to greet us.” Nezumi’s cybernetic vision shows eight targets with their distance decreasing at high speed.

“Okay guys, what should we do? Greet them with a smile?” Nagisa held a sword handle.

“Wow, so many fans. As much as we want to greet them, should’ve we hide now?” Miku asked. She’s reaching something from her hip holster.

“I agree with you, Miku-chan. We need to hide as fast as we can. And I have an idea.” Mayu smirked while she looked at the mountainous debris.

Shinagawa Ground Zero Ruins, Tokyo, Japan, Earth, Solar System, PW-146 Sakamichi Universe; Earth Calendar August 13, 2136, Monday, 1:09 PM

Mai, Manatsu Minami and Misa finally arrived at their destination.

“I can see the residue of tachyon particles here.” Minami said.

“Anyone~! Whoever you are~! We just want to meet you peacefully~!” Mai shouted. A minute have been passed and no one replies to her call.

“That strange, I definitely felt the presence of organism here a couple of minutes ago. After we arrive here, the presence is gone.” Misa said. Manatsu suddenly arched her eyebrow.

“This presence. Sturmjägers!” Manatsu unsheathed her sword, revealing a blade made from plasma energy.

“No, Manattan~! We mustn’t do any commotion here. Let’s go, no one’s here.” Mai adviced. Then she went to the opposite direction from the Sturmjägers. Her instinct suddenly felt something, that she instantly fire her bow, generating plasma arrows, to the mountainous debris.

Eh. No one? But I definitely sense it. How that person can manage to hide himself from my senses. Aside that my agility is highest among all of the Generals, all of my senses are highest too, that I can see, hear and feel a walking ant two kilometres away. Yet I can’t sense anyone here, aside of four Sturmjäger and my three comrades. I have a glimpse of it, and then later it’s gone. Just who are they?

“Maiyan?” Minami pat her shoulder.

“Nevermind, it’s just an ant. Let’s go.” The four Lieutenant Generals walk away from the scene. Several minutes later, the four Sturmjägers arrive at the scene.

“This is the last location where the pillar of light located before it slowly diminished.” Erika said.

“But I can’t see anyone from here. Aside of those Generals running away from us.” Nanami said.

So Maiyan came here first. It’s very lucky that we avoid skirmish fight here. Aside from that

“Yumi, can you sense someone?” Nanase asked.

“Muri da. Not even my sonar echolocation response to anything, aside from those four and all of debris here.”

Something’s wrong. No one, not even Lieutenant General Eto Misa, who is specialized in assassination, nor Lieutenant General Shiraishi Mai’s enhanced senses, can able to detect this presence. It’s not also invisibility; Yumi can locate invisible objects, no matter how transparent they are.’ Erika said on her mind.

“Let’s go, no one’s here. Even if there’s a person in there. It’s probably that they’re fast enough to hide themselves.” Nanase said.

“These humans, they’re became more pesky than we thought.” Yumi said then running away from the site. Erika, Nanami and Nanase followed her. Several minutes later Mayu, Miku and Nezumi burst out from the debris.

“Luckily I tilted my head slightly to avoid that girl’s arrow shot. That thing can pierce through mountains!” Miku exclaimed. ‘That girl can fire arrows in hypersonic speed. Furukawa-san can also do that, although she using crossbow.

“That girl holding scythe, she just use echolocation.” Nagisa said.

“Radar scanning complete. I sense no one, not event small drones, are here. The coast is clear.” Nezumi said.

“Ok, now we’re done on hiding. Let’s find some place to rest.” Mayu said.

4 days later

Abandoned Apartment, Meito Ward, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan, Earth, Solar System, PW-146 Sakamichi Universe; Earth Calendar August 17, 2136, Friday, 3:00 pm

“Well, this is all the information from this world that we have. Apparently, there’s a war between Humans and Cybrions. It all started 150 years ago, after World War II when Cybrions came to this world. After that, hell break loose causing a global war against Cybrions. 125 years ago, Humans lost the war, causing the Cybrion to rule the world. 75 years ago, the Humans did a major breakthrough that it allows them to fight Cybrions on equal manner, similar to your condition Mayu.” Nezumi explained

“Cyber-transformation project?” Mayu asked. She review the documents that her two subordinates tried their best to get.

“Yes, Fleet Admiral Watanabe. The only major drawback is they need to find a compatible human to get the full benefit of the cybertechnology without any disadvantages, such as short lifespan. 15 years ago, after long decades of experimentation, they finally found eight of them. The eight of them are currently the leaders of Japan Ground Self-Defense Force.”

“The chief of staff for JGSDF, General Fukugawa Mai. Her four subordinates, known as Shitennou with all them having a rank of Lieutenant General: Akimoto Manatsu, known as Lightning Queen; Eto Misa, known as Gaea Queen; Hoshino Minami; known as Blade Queen of the Razor Road; and Shiraishi Mai, the Avalanche Queen. Lastly are their assistant, all of them having a rank of Colonel. Ito Marika, Matsumura Sayuri, Ozono Momoko, and Sasaki Kotoko. Their powers gained from cybertechnology are highly classified.” Miku explained.

“Blade Queen of the Razor Road? Mikurin…” Mayu’s sentence didn’t continue her statement.

“Lieutenant Colonel Tanaka Miku, known as Snow Queen of the Blizzard Road. Right?” Nagisa asked.

“Well, in this world, motorized roller blades are known as air treck or AT. Hoshino Minami, as a King-level storm rider, has a Regalia, much like Hyacinthum Sky General Kizaki Yuria-san and me. Hoshino Minami’s Regalia is known as Blade Regalia: Caladbolg.” Miku said.

“How about Cybrions?” Mayu asked.

“We managed to get their information though it takes hacking through their Cybrionian database. Cybrions are non-terrestrial cyber mechanical lifeforms. Cybrions, like humans, have also hierarchy base on power. The highest is the Kaiser, german for ‘emperor’, kinda like a queen, because the Kaiser is a female.” Miku said.

“Ok, go on.” Mayu said while drinking her green tea made by her assistant, Nezumi.

“Cybrions have four classifications base on their specializations: Juggernaut, Blitzkrieg, Dreadnought and Armada. Juggernaut possessed immense brute strength, Blitzkrieg has immense speed, Dreadnought possessed immense firepower and Armada has immense energy output. Juggernaut, are technically the powerhouse of the entire Cybrionian force. Blitzkrieg are the fastest ones, they can instantly wipeout the entire squadron without being seen. Dreadnought has number of armaments, ranging from small calibre up to large cannons, using for defence and offence. Armada is known for their specialty of summoning drones for support and their energy harnessing skills.” Miku continued.

“For their ranks, it’s all base of acquiring the four specializations throughout of their life. The lowest rank is Korsar, german for ‘Corsair’, having only one specialization. The second lowest is Schwalltempler, german of ‘Gust Templar’, having two specializations. The third lowest is Kreuzritter, german for ‘Cross Knight’ or technically ‘Crusader’, having three specializations.” Nezumi explained.

“Now this is where the real challenge lies. Acquiring all of the four specializations, you’ve became a Sturmjäger. There are two subdivisions based on number of mastered specializations. If the Sturmjäger mastered two out of four specializations, the Cybrion is a Sturmjäger Leutnant translated as ‘Storm Hunter Lieutenant’. If he/she mastered three out of four specializations, the Cybrion is a Sturmjäger Kommandant or ‘Storm Hunter Commander’. Finally if the Cybrion mastered all of the specialization, that Cybrion is known as Kaiser or ‘Emperor’.” Miku explained.

“According to your investigation, Cybrions have one female Kaiser, eight female Sturmjäger Kommandant and eight female Sturmjäger Leutnant. And due to their mastery in four specializations, they created their own techniques, right? And they can also manipulate elements too, is that also right?” Mayu asked.

“Hai, Mayu-san. Juggernauts has wind manipulation, Blitzkrieg has electric manipulation, Dreadnought has heat manipulation and Armada has cold manipulation. However, no Cybrionian specie can manipulate two or more elements. More likely, it’s a very rare to find one of them manipulate two elements.” Miku said.

“And that’s all of our report, Fleet Admiral Watanabe Mayu.” Nezumi said.

“Ehh~ Only one element on each individual.” Mayu put her two fingers between her chin, like a scientist thinking of her next hypothesis.

“Well then, you three shall have a rest. Let’s continue with our investigation later. You may now dismiss from your duty.” Mayu shooed them with her hand in reverse swing.

“Arigatou Gozaimasu~” The two bowed down, then they leave from Mayu’s room. When she’s currently alone, she immediately jump on the couch.

“Interesting, I want to fight those four Sturmjäger Commanders. However, what makes me more interested is those two auras coming at us. That Kaiser Girl trying to analyse us; and that General Fukugawa trying to stop time. However, Quantum Barrier is repelling both of them. It looks like we have two Omega-level right coming at us.” Mayu smiled.

“Oh, there’s something that you need to hear.” Miku said.

“What is it?”

“The Calamity Empress and the Swarm Princess are here.”

“Eh?! Since when?” Mayu stood from her seat.

“Since 5 minutes ago. They relayed the message after their disengagement from the quantum drive. And their landing point is totally weird.” Miku explained.

“What is the location of their landing point?”

“100 kilometers above the ground.”

Mesospheric Atmosphere Region, 100 kilometers above Japan airspace, Earth, Solar System, PW-146 Sakamichi Universe; Earth Calendar August 17, 2136, Friday, 3:00 pm

On the coldest region of the atmosphere, two girls appeared in the dissipating light of tachyons.

“Not the best place to landing. Of all in the world.”

“YEAH! NOT THE BEST PLACE TO LAND!” After they said their reactions, the two girls fell down at increasing speed.


Tsk. I have no ideas left. Well, except one. Let’s try it.’ Nanami pulled out her two Armageddon Equipment and put their pommel together, then she switch it to Bow Mode.

Dual Force, Engage’ ‘Bow Mode. Input Complete. Initializing Form.

After her Armageddon Equipment transformed into a bow, she pulled the electromagnetic string, which generated electromagnetic arrow. She placed her butterfly knife as arrowhead. She fired it below her then repeating what she did until she fired three arrows.

“NANA! HOLD MY HAND!” Nanami shouted. After Nana held her hand, Nanami looked to her knives falling faster than her.

“HIRAISHIN!” Both of them instantly disappeared and reappeared on the arrow that Nanami fired.

By using my gift of Blink Mark continuously, our terminal velocity will be decelerated by few meter per second squared, allowing us to descend slowly. By my calculation, our theoretical falling speed should be 25 meter per second, neglecting air resistance, and wind speed and direction. Well that also excludes any interferences.

Nanami took the knife and fired it below. She repeated the process until they’re 10 meters above the building.

“NANA, NOW!” After she retrieved all of her knives, she threw one, which it hit on the roof. She saw Nana used her nanobots to propel herself.

“HIRAISHIN!” Both Nana and Nanami instantly landed on the rooftop at the same time. Suddenly, Nanami dropped to her knee.

“Nanami! Are you alright?” Nana went to Nanami.

“Blinking 5000 times without any breaks? Yeah, definitely not alright.” Nanami smiled. She tried to stand but befire she could put a strength on her feet, Nanami fell from her knees.

“Finally, you able to land safely, although with some difficulties. Naval Commander Yamada Nana and Army Colonel Yamada Nanami.” They heard a voice coming from behind. When they turned around, their eyes went wide.

“Gemini Fleet Admiral Watanabe Mayu!” Nana saluted to her senior officer while holding Nanami. Nanami also salute despite weakened.

“How did you able to find us, Ma’am?” Nanami asked.

“We tracked the signal of your watches. Plus, I’ve calculated the trajectory of your movement.” Mayu smiled.

“Miku, Nezumi, help Nana and Nanami. I’ll cover both of you on the back. Nagisa cover the front.” Mayu loaded her sniper rifle.

“YES MA’AM!” Nezumi and Miku went to Nana and Nanami and helped them to stand while Nagisa guided them on the stair. Mayu looked to the scope and saw some Cybrions on the rooftop of the other building, about 70 kilometers away.

“Twin Blitzkrieg Sturmjäger Kommandant, Yui and Risa. Both of them are Kaiser Reika’s left hand. To see Cybrion Commanders in this city, I wonder what they are up to.” Mayu looked somewhere via her scope, in which she found something.

“Akatsuki Cyberweapon Headquarters, JSDF’s main cyberweapon supplier. Wait a minute.” She zoomed her scope until she saw a clear vision on the two Cybrion Commanders.

“Spying on that building means one thing.” Mayu put her rifle on her back as she walk away.

“They’re planning to assault the JSDF’s main supplier of technology.”



[Minamiyuki’s fanfic] Gunsword Series: Renai no Tsuzuki Saga – The Forgotten Blue Sky Arc: Prologue

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A/N: Supposedly, I should focus on the next update. But due to my friend’s motivation and request, I decided to write this Sakamichi story arc. So here it is. Enjoy reading!

Spoiler: This is the 3rd arc of the Renai no Tsuzuki Saga and the 7th arc of the entire series. The recent work is the Shikaku Kankei Saga: Psychosomatic Tower Arc (1st arc). Due to the great gap, there are some characters, especially on 48G members, and other things appeared in this arc that are not currently present on the recent work. Hence, if you felt you’ve being spoiled by this arc, I suggest to read the 1st arc, which is the link below, and wait for the next update.


Prologue: Versprechen

Note: Versprechen is German for “Promise”

Tokyo; August 20, 2136, Monday, 7:00 pm

The night’s cold winds blew upon the buildings of Tokyo. City lights sparkling like millions of stars from the sky. Outskirt of the city is a ruin of rocks and woods. A war happened a year ago turning the capital city of Japan into a bloody mess. However, not only Japan that suffered from the war; the whole world itself faced the mayhem. A conflict between two races.

On the small alley in the ruined village, a girl running very fast. Her speed is inhuman, that several small shock waves appeared around her while running. She’s carrying a small sleeping child on her back, while the child also carrying a metal case. The girl shows no sign of fatigue despite running in constant supersonic speed for an hour, running away from the pursuers.

The girl felt a familiar sensation that made her stop her tracks.

“Come out. I know you’re there.” She said. Then another girl appeared behind the ruined building

She placed the small child leaning to the wall. She kissed the sleeping child.

“Mama~” The child mumbled cutely.

“Sayonara, my cute daughter.” The girl with blue-coloured eyes kissed the sleeping child’s forehead.

The child, still sleepy, slowly opened her eyes in partial. In her vision, she saw her mother standing in front of another girl. The child slowly closed her eyes. When she partially opened her eyes again, she saw two silhouettes clashing each other, then she closed her eyes again. Opened her eyes again, she saw the girl release a punch to her mother’s torso, which followed by an explosion coming from the inside and appeared on the back. Her mother coughed a red fluid while putting her hand on the girl’s shoulder.

“Mama~” Tears appeared on the child’s eyes while helplessly watching her mother slowly succumbed to her death. She want to shout, scream, anguish; however, the sleepiness reigned her thoughts. She closed her eyes again. She opened her eyes for the last time, and saw the girl appeared in front of her. The girl’s eyes glowed green, looking at her with sympathy. She saw the girl’s hand approaching to her for the last time before the child slept deeply.

23 years later, Tokyo; August 20, 2159, Monday, 3:00 pm

Her eyes slowly opened. The first thing she saw was the fluffy of green leaves with the sunrays shone on each holes.

“That dream again. When this ever stop?” She rose and sat beside the tree trunk. She sighed deeply then rubbed her hair.

“Everytime I sleep, I always dreaming that thing. I can’t understand myself anymore.” She looked at her right and saw a metal case, lying on the grass. She tried to reach out her case, but stopped before her skin contacted to the metal surface.

I will avenge you, Mama. Soon, I will able to find someone who murdered you.’ She closed her hands.

Her senses suddenly kicked in as she felt someone slowly walking from behind. The limbal ring (ring around the iris) of her eyes glowed blue. She picked the metal case and lifted it above her shoulder. The case’s handle generated a focused laser to scan her hand’s pattern. After the case recognized her biometric signature, its body splitted into two. After 2 seconds, the case transformed into a highly advanced cybernetic recurve bow.

The most noticeable feature on the bow, aside from cybernetic parts is it has no bowstring. Instead, an invisible gravitational force emitted from the edge of the limb will act as a bowstring. Hence, many of her colleagues called it, Gravity Bow.

A blue arrow made of plasma energy materialized from the bow. Drawing the arrow, she prepared to shoot the perpetrator. As soon as she turned around and released the hold, her arrow suddenly stopped halfway before it left to the bow, causing her to widen her eyes.

“What the?” She saw a black metal with yellow edge made contact to the point of the arrowhead. Then she slowly raises her head to look the owner of the sword. Her blue-ringed eyes made eye contact to the owner’s yellow-ringed eyes.

“Oh, it’s you.” Her eyes stopped glowing when she lowered her guard. She spun her bow from her palm and when she stopped it by holding the handle, her bow transformed back into a metal case. Then she clipped the case to the holster that hung from the belt on her back.

“’Oh, it’s you’, my ass. I’m trying to surprise you and your reply was to shoot me with an arrow? If I didn’t stop it before it leaves to the bow, you’ve almost killed me.” The girl exclaimed while she sheathed her long sword back to the scabbard. Her yellow-ringed eyes stopped glowing.

“Hahaha. Gomen, gomen, Manattan. Will you forgive me?” The girl put her hands together in praying gesture, and then she winked adorably at the short girl.

“Mou~. You’re always like that, Maiyan.” Manatsu pouted.

“Kawaii~.” Mai hugged the short girl while patting her head.

“By the way.” Manatsu showed a gift box to Mai. “Happy birthday, Shiraishi Mai.” She smiled.

“Manattan~” Mai gasped from the present she received. “Arigatou~.” She hugged her. Pulling out the content of the gift, revealed a headband with flower insignia. She wore it, making her more adorable.

“Thank you, Manattan. I almost forgot mine too.” Mai took a gift box from the tree branch and presented it to Manatsu. “Happy birthday, Akimoto Manatsu.”

“Arigatou~.” Manatsu opened the gift, revealing a brown hat with black ribbon.

“Maiyan, i-it’s beautiful~.” Manatsu wore the hat in which it perfectly fits. “Honto ni arigatou, Maiyan.” Manatsu hugged Mai. Mai smiled while replying the hug to Manatsu.

Shinagawa Ground Zero Ruins, Tokyo; August 20, 2159, Monday, 3:15 pm

A girl stood in front of a granite tombstone that was erected on the small clear field of the ruins. She’s holding a bouquet of red and white roses, in which she placed it right on the tombstone.

“Happy birthday, Mai.” The girl said with a Kansai accent.

“If you’re still alive, you’re currently 2050 years old.” Her green-colored eyes looking at her friend’s grave with sadness. She tightened her fist while her tears flown from her eyes, remembering something. Her rage built up that followed by a gust of wind whirling around her. Right before she reached the boiling point, the girl saw something beside the tombstone, which her one of her memories started to make her reminiscing.

This is my favorite flower. In human’s flower language, it symbolizes eternal happiness. I also know that you really like this flower, because you want to experience happiness. Right, Nanase?

In an instant, she channelled all the wind generated to her right hand and punched it in air to her side. Her fist emitted a blasting shockwave, destroying the ruined building upon the collision.

Yokatta.’ She saw a dandelion, sitting beside the tombstone, remained standing.

“Wow, Nanase. You suddenly rage out of nowhere.” She saw a girl, with red-colored eyes, from her right side, walking to her. She wore a black dress over her brown slimmed leather jacket, a black denim pants and a headband. Her long rifle was slung on her back, which it almost touches the ground.

“Erika, what are you doing here?” Nanase asked.

“I know you always come here.” Erika stood beside Nanase, giving her a deep sigh.

“And I know you’re still not moving on, even today. You should know that is the queen’s order. And the queen’s words are the law. So, it’s not your fault that you’ve done it.”

“Even it is queen’s order, that doesn’t change that I killed Mai. I killed my bestfriend.” Erika sighed deeper from Nanase’s statement.

“Though you are like this, depressed, for more than two decades, you’re still one of the eight Sturmjäger (German for ‘storm hunter’) Commanders, and the strongest Juggernaut class among the Cybrion race. Even the Asuka, your lieutenant and a potential Sturmjäger Commander, admitted that she couldn’t replace you. No one in the Juggernaut class is powerful enough to challenge you. Losing you means losing the fraction of Cybrion’s strength.”

“I already know that. I wanted to end this war, without more bloodshed.” Nanase said.

“Our queen wants end this war too, by decimating the entire human race. She said that the humans are the obstacles for our survival.” Nanase wanted to retort that statement, but before she opened her mouth, a ring suddenly echoed from their mind, which Nanase and Erika open the channel, showing a shorthaired girl in a video screen.

“What do you want, Yumi.” Nanase angrily spoke to the Sturmjäger Blitzkrieg Commander.

“Wow, did I interrupt your conversation with Erika?” with her yellow-colored puppy eyes, Yumi innocently asked.

“If you call me for asking me that, maybe I should disconnect this call.” Nanase threatened.

“Oh, is that a threat?” Yumi smirked. “Before you do that, a small band of human rebels attacked one of our small bases not far from you. I suggest to stop that attack. We don’t want our queen getting mad, you know that.” Nanase gritted her teeth.

“Fine. Anything else?”

“The queen wants us, the four commanders, along with our lieutenants, to assault the Akatsuki Cyberweapon Headquarters, the human’s main cyber technology supplier, located in Shinjuku, by tomorrow.”

“Also, we will expect some oppositions from the mission, especially those four queen generals.” Nanase slightly flinched.

“We understand, Yumi. We’re on our way now.” Erika said.

“Ok, good luck guys.” Yumi smiled before the call was disconnected.

“Well then, Nanase. Let’s go.” Erika pulled the rifle from her back. Then she loaded bullets to the magazine while walking. Nanase started to walk while her fist tightened.

It’s unavoidable, Mai. I will face her tomorrow. I have no choice, but to fight her.’ She glimpsed on the tombstone for a while before leaving the place. The writings in the tombstone was written in German. Translated, the writings said:

‘In the memory of my bestfriend, Shiraishi Mai.’

[Louise-sama] Babysitting (MariHaru OS)

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Sets after Tasty and Thin WallsPlain Ceiling series, Mariko and Haruna (who is now married to Yuko) wonder why their relationship ended while babysitting Jurina’s and Mayu’s daughter.

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[Atsuko_love’s Fanfic] The Ultimatum – Chapter 18

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Chapter 18 : Goodbye Dear Friend

Takamina remained kneeling in front of Romeo’s dead body. He was still laying on top of the patch of dirt in front of a tombstone made for him. His body was a little out of shape as the ribs were completely broken into tiny pieces by Sayanee. Takamina still hadn’t gathered enough courage to bury her dear companion yet.

Seeing Takamina kneeling there motionless, Atsuko sighed. “You’ve been kneeling here for about an hour, Minami.. It’s time to bury him.”

“Just give me a few more minutes! Don’t rush me.” Takamina obviously wasn’t ready to bid Romeo goodbye just yet.

Rena too knelt beside Romeo’s dead body. But of course she wasn’t just kneeling there motionless like Takamina. She was poking Romeo again and again.

“Leave Romeo alone, Rena.”
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[Atsuko_love’s Fanfic] The Ultimatum – Chapter 17

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Welcome to Chapter 17~
This chapter is concentrated with fighting.. I hope you guys don’t mind


Chapter 17 : Three Way

Sayanee hopped off Bahamut’s head and confronted Atsuko. “I have no interest in any Cybers today. You’re the one I want.. And that Rena..”

Atsuko was immediately alerted by Sayanee’s statement. From what Atsuko saw, the only ones left in the cave were Romeo and Rena. Nobody else was with them. “Damn.. Why now of all times..”

“I sensed some anxiousness from you, Atsuko.. Afraid of something?” Sayanee locked eyes with Atsuko for a long time without blinking.

Atsuko stepped back a little from the danger she sensed from Sayanee. “…”

Sayanee bent her body forward a little and with a kick on the ground, she suddenly appeared right in front of Atsuko. The latter was startled from the speed. Despite Sayanee’s leap being really fast, Atsuko still managed to tilt her body side ways to avoid her. To Atsuko’s surprise, Sayanee wasn’t aiming for her at all. She kept running towards the direction behind Atsuko, which happened to be the direction where the cave was.  “Crap!” Atsuko immediately pursued Sayanee who was heading towards the cave.
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[Sleepingneko’s OS] The Beginning of the End (Majisuka Gakuen 5 Short)

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A/N- This is just a little something set after ep 9 of Majisuka Gakuen 5. In my opinion, the best episode all season. A lot of emotion, among other things, that you probably don’t want to read about here. I’m always open for discussions so feel free to pm me or whatever. ANYWAY, major spoilers alert, so don’t read unless you’ve caught up to what’s happening now.

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[Atsuko_love’s Fanfic] The Ultimatum – Chapter 16

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Thank you everyone for supporting this fic~
I now present to you chapter 16 of Ultimatum~


Chapter 16 : Enemies of another level

Paru blinked again and again. “That has to be the most bizzare story I have ever heard in my entire life….”

“Probably.” Yuki shrugged.

Paru then nudged Yuki playfully. “So Yuki sensei does this mean you once had a crush on Takamina sensei?”

That was when Paru was met with Takamina glaring back at her silently. “….”

“Ok, got it. Not the best timing in the world.” Paru stood up and slowly walked over to where she thinks she would feel more welcomed. She stood in front of Jurina holding onto Rena tightly and looked at the unconscious lady. “…”

Jurina looked back at Paru and asked. “What?”

“She’s gonna survive, right?” Paru asked.

“What a load of crap. Of course she will.” Jurina scoffed.

Paru then kept looking at Rena with her eyes gleaming brightly. “…”

Feeling uncomfortable with Paru’s stare, Jurina voiced out. “Why are you staring at Rena like that?”

“Well… It’s kinda a large contrast isn’t it? Based on the story, she was a very cute person.. I just feel a lot has happened to her..” Paru kneeled down beside Rena and brush her bangs to the side to get a better look of Rena. There were some scratches and wound left by Mocchi from the fight earlier on her forehead. “She looks calm.”

To Jurina’s surprise, the scratches and wound closed up on the spot from Paru’s single touch. Jurina literally had her eyes wide open. “What did you just do?”
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